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Read these Burmese cat facts to know more about this exotic animal.

Burmese cats are very affectionate and friendly cats. They have a round face, ears, feet, and chin.

They love receiving pets from their owner and are very active and observant. Their favorite pastime could be sitting near the window and watching nature outside. Burmese Bombay cat must be involved in physical activities, or there is a chance that they might become obese.

Their diet must be controlled and regulated, and a well-balanced diet must be served in limited portions. Burmese cat hypoallergenic status means that they do not shed much but their coat requires regular grooming. Burmese cat temperament is docile and they are not loud compared to Siamese or Oriental cats but have strong bones which make them heavy.

The defining Burmese cat characteristics are intelligence and a love for jumping and climbing. The Burmese cat breed requires a healthy diet to stave off various health problems.

Long haired Burmese cat can adapt to any environment and are easy-going as well as low maintenance. Older cats turn lethargic and do not seem to enjoy physical activities. After reading these Burmese cat facts, do check out our other articles on Maine coon and Egyptian Mau as well.

Burmese Cat Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Burmese cat?

The European Burmese cat is a species of cat native to Burma. They are born with a wide range of colors, from warm beige to lilac.

They are great pets and are friendly towards human beings. They can be tamed easily and live in the company of other Burmese Cats. It is in fact the only natural brown cat breed.

What class of animal does a Burmese cat belong to?

Burmese cats are mammals and first appeared in the United States along with Dr. Joseph Thompson, who then generated hybrids of the Burmese cat and the Siamese cat. These dark brown cats would make adorable house pets as they are tolerant and friendly towards children.

Burmese cats are very curious and follow their owners everywhere they go. They also are attention-seekers and love being petted by their humans.

How many Burmese cats are there in the world?

There are many Burmese cats in the world, plus hybrids with Siamese and Oriental cats. Their population has been growing since they first appeared with Dr. Joseph Thompson in 1930.

Their appearance is innocent and sweet, and their fur can be found in a variety of colors like sable, chocolate, fawn, lilac, and champagne. These species of cats can be found all over the world.

Where does a Burmese cat live?

Burmese cats can be found in many households as they are easy-going and low-maintenance. Though Burmese cats love attention, they can easily be taken care of. Their fur needs to be brushed on a regular basis and their diet must include limited portions of meat as well as greens to keep health woes away.

What is a Burmese cat's habitat?

A Burmese cat can easily adapt to a household environment and can make the best pet as it has a sweet and curious personality. The Burmese breed can tolerate children well and would not cause them any pain. Compact cats of this breed are very social and love to use their vocals to express their affection towards the owners.  

Who do Burmese cats live with?

Burmese cats live with humans, and due to their increasing popularity since 1930, their demands have sky-rocketed. Burmese cats are very loving towards their owners and compassionate around children. They cannot be left alone for a longer time.

How long does a Burmese cat live?

The Burmese cat lifespan is of 13-18 years if the living conditions are suitable, and the cat is fed a nutritious diet accompanied by lots of physical exercises. Caring and loving owners also affect the health of the cat, making its personality happy and sweet.

Health conditions like obesity, skeletal muscle weakness, and diabetes are common in Burmese cats which can shorten their lifespan. A healthy diet and active routine can enhance their life span meaningfully.

How do they reproduce?

Usually, cat breeders breed these cats through copulation. The female Burmese cat attains sexual maturity after it is four months old.

After reaching this point, regular heat cycles, also known as estrous cycles, begin. All-female Burmese cats are induced ovulators which means that cats of this breed only release an egg when bred. Female cats are normally called queens and give birth multiple times.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of Burmese cat breed is not listed, but their population is growing through breeding and crossbreeding since 1930, the year it first appeared.

Burmese Cat Fun Facts

What do Burmese cats look like?

Burmese cats can be found in various colors. One can find a red Burmese cat, platinum Burmese cat, chocolate Burmese cat, dark brown Burmese cat, gray Burmese cat, Russian blue Burmese cat, champagne Burmese cat, white Burmese cat, sable Burmese cat, lilac Burmese cat and black Burmese cat.

Overall, cats of this breed have a round body with a cute round face. Some Burmese cats have long hair, while the length of the fur in common Burmese cats is medium to short.

Burmese cat long hair proper grooming is required to retain their shine. Their coat has a shiny trait and is hypoallergenic in nature.

The American Burmese cat has a different appearance as compared to Burmese cats. These dark brown cats with rounded eyes are truly adorable.

How cute are they?

Burmese cats are very cute and sometimes act like kittens jumping and running in the house trying to catch their owners’ attention with their characteristics. Their round head and eyes add to their cuteness.

Wong Mau love winning attention and would follow their owners everywhere. Their curiosity is boundless, and they love physical exercise. Cats of this breed are gentle towards children and can be easily trained.

How do they communicate?

Burmese cats love to communicate with their owners using the power of vocalization. Wong Mau frequently utter chirping meows which are sweet to listen to. This breed also emits soft rumbling noises around their owners. They love playing fetch, going on walks, and running with their owners.

How big is a Burmese cat?

Burmese cats are small to medium-sized cats weighing around 6.6-13.2 lb. The usual body length for Wong Mau is 15-18 in. Their height is anywhere between 10-12 in. The Burmese cat has body dimensions similar to a regular cat.

How fast can a Burmese cat run?

Burmese cats can run at a speed of 30 miles per hour. The Wong Mau can run at such a great speed if there is a dog chasing it or when it needs to catch prey. Burmese cats love engaging themselves in physical activities and are very active.

How much does a Burmese cat ​weigh?

The usual Burmese cat breed weight is 6.6-13.2 lb. The Burmese cat is prone to diabetes, and hence its diet needs to be regulated. Cats of this breed also might suffer from obesity due to lack of exercise or if fed with excessive portions of food.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Like all other compact cat breeds, a female Burmese cat is called a queen but the male Burmese cats do not have a different name.

What would you call a baby Burmese cat?

Burmese cat babies are called kittens. Burmese kittens are extremely adorable and cuddly.

What do they eat?

Burmese cats are omnivores and eat both vegetables and meat. Cats of this breed eat turkey, pork, chicken and lamb.

Vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, cranberries, and fruits which have less sugar content can be fed to these cats. Burmese cats must be fed a healthy diet to keep them away from various health problems. Although, specific cat food is the best.

Are they rare?

The Burmese cat breed is not rare and can be found in the United States as well as Britain. This breed is transported everywhere due to their popularity and their ability to be great house pets. Crossbreeding and breeding of the Burmese cats have shown an increase in population in their numbers.

Would they make a good pet?

Burmese cats would make excellent pets as this breed are very friendly towards strangers as well as children. The Burmese breed is loved by all cat fanciers. These Siamese cats are playful and sometimes act like kittens.

They are very demanding and love playing with their owners. Burmese Siamese cats like getting their bellies rubbed and are very affectionate towards their owners. These Siamese cats also require proper grooming and nurturing.

Did you know...

The Burmese cat personality is that of an extrovert, unlike other cat species. Burmese cat breeds love socializing. This breed is heavier than they appear to be. Burmese cats have given rise to different cat breeds such as the Burmese Bombay Cats and Burmilla Cats.

Getting your own Burmese cat

If you want to own this cat breed, make sure the breeder is legitimate and is registered. The parent cat breeds should be healthy and fit while breeding.

Only then will the offspring be free from any health conditions. This cat breed can be found in adoption centers as well as animal shops. Burmese cat price can vary from breeder to breeder but usually Burmese cat cost ranges between $600-$1000 while the adoption charges can only amount to only $65-$70.

Why do Burmese cats meow so much?

To grasp the attention of their owners, Burmese Siamese cat will meow or rub the face against the owners’ feet. Cats of this breed like to cuddle with their owners and can make good lap cats. They also make soft rumbling sounds to grab their human’s attention.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Burmese cat coloring pages.

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