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Check out these interesting Corydoras axelrodi facts.
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The pink corydoras are also known as the cory axelrod's. Its binomial nomenclature is Corydoras axelrodi. They are also called Axelrod's cory.

They are small tank fishes that grow to a long range of around 1.7 in (4.2 cm). These small fishes are bottom dwellers who feed on foods present at the bottom of the tank.

They are omnivorous fishes that eat both insects, larvae, and plant particles. Some of their most favorite food is blood worms and brine shrimp. The pink corydoras are community fishes to live in groups of a minimum of six to eight members.

Their spawning happens in cool water. During spawning, the female holds her eggs between her pelvic fins where the male fertilizes them.

These eggs after fertilization are kept in secured areas. These eggs go through an incubation period of three to four days. It is easy to trigger the breeding process in pink corydoras.

This was just the beginning! Further in the article, there are many interesting and funny facts about this fish. Check it out!

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Corydoras Axelrodi Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Corydoras axelrodi?

The Corydoras axelrodi, or pink corydoras, is a fish species native to the freshwater habitats of South America.

What class of animal does a Corydoras axelrodi belong to?

The pink corydoras belongs to the class Actinopterygii, order Siluriformes, family Callichthyidae and genus Corydoras. Their scientific name is Corydoras axelrodi.

How many Corydoras axelrodi are there in the world?

The exact number of pink corydoras in the world is yet to be known. Their exact population count is not yet available.

Where does a Corydoras axelrodi live?

The pink corydoras is a freshwater fish found in its natural habitat in the Meta River basin in Colombia. They are also kept as pets in the community aquarium.

What is a Corydoras axelrodi's habitat?

The pink cory fish inhabits the freshwaters of South America, in the Meta River basin in Colombia.

Who do Corydoras axelrodi live with?

The pink cory fish are social fish species in nature. In their natural habitat, they live and play in groups. While purchasing them for your aquarium, always keep in mind to pair them with at least six to eight similar species.

How long does a Corydoras axelrodi live?

Pink corydoras have a normal life range. With proper care and nurturing in the aquarium, a pink corydoras can live up to an average of five to six years.

How do they reproduce?

Spawning in pink corydoras species occurs in freshwater. They have no fixed breeding season.

Corydoras axelrodi breeding occurs when they feel they are ready for it. During the process of reproduction, the female holds her eggs between her pelvic fins where the male comes and fertilizes them. After the eggs have been fertilized, the female searches an appropriate area and sticks her eggs there.

The eggs go through an incubation period of three to four days and then the fry comes out. To artificially trigger the spawning, the aquarist needs to keep some things in their mind.

The aquarium must be well decorated with small plants at the bottom. The gravel and plants give the fish enough space to spawn freely. Water with a lower temperature triggers spawning quickly.

After the eggs are been laid, it is better to remove the parents from the tank. In the cool temperature after few days, the fry can be observed.

What is their conservation status?

Pink corydoras have no conservation tag. They are freshwater fish species from South America. It can be said that they are not in any immediate danger of extinction as they have a good population size.

Corydoras Axelrodi Fun Facts

What does Corydoras axelrodi look like?

Pink corydoras and cory catfish are similar fish species

Corydoras axelrodi are known by their common name, pink corydoras. Pink corydoras are small aquarium fish species that live in communities. They have a small body length.

Corydoras axelrodi's size range is around 1.7 in (4.2 cm). They belong to the class Actinopterygii, who are known to be ray-finned species.

Pink corydoras have beautiful fins. The dorsal fin is quite large and has vibrant colors on it. The dorsal fin is mostly black colored with a transparent upper part.

They have two sets of ventral fins, pectoral and pelvic fins, which are pinkish and mostly transparent. There is a broad black line on their body over their lateral line segment organ.

The head is big and narrow with another black stripe over their eyes on the forehead area. The rest body is almost light pink in color. Over their gills and on some parts of their body, there is a glittering golden shine.

How cute are they?

They are small fish who are very cute. These fishes can be good companions to have.

How do they communicate?

Fish do not communicate through vocal sound rather they use body language to communicate with each other. Some fishes also release chemicals from there to mark their presence.

Fishes have their lateral body organ ranging from their gills to the tail on both sides of their body. This special organ helps them to detect even the minute disturbances that happen in water.

How big is a Corydoras axelrodi?

Pink corydoras are small species of fish. They are very small length-wise. Their body length range is around 1.7 in (4.2 cm).

How fast can a Corydoras axelrodi swim?

The Corydoras axelrodi, or pink corydoras, are freshwater origin fishes that are also kept in aquariums. They are small and agile in nature but their exact swimming speed has never been recorded.

How much does a Corydoras axelrodi weigh?

The small pink corydoras are fishes that have a very small body length of around 1.7 in (4.2 cm). Their weight is estimated to be negligible because their exact weight has never been measured.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There is no specific or particular name that has been given to the male or female of this species. These fishes show sexual dimorphism. The female pink corydoras are bigger in size than the male ones. The male corydoras have a more flat body where the female corydoras have a more round-shaped body.

What would you call a baby Corydoras axelrodi?

Like all other fish babies, baby pink corydoras are also called fry or young ones.

What do they eat?

Corydoras axelrodi, from the family Callichthyidae, are primarily omnivores. They tend to eat anything and everything that happens at the bottom of their habitat.

And because of this food habit, they are easy to feed in the aquarium. In their natural habitat, they consume food such as worms, shrimps, larvae, insects, planktons, aquatic plants, or any fallen fruits or veggies.

And while in the tank, they take their food irrespective of its state. Their food can be frozen or dried or even in a normal state. And if the aquarist wants to give them an extra treat, they can serve them blood worm or brine shrimp.

They eat foods found in the bottom, mainly insects. They do not eat other fish.

Are they aggressive?

No, they are not at all aggressive. Rather they are fishes of calm and peaceful behavior. And these fishes cause no trouble to the owner.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, they would make a very good pet. They are calm and peaceful fishes who spend their time casually swimming in their tanks.

They are not at all aggressive and cause no tantrums. But in order to keep them in a good condition, it is very important to keep them in a group of a minimum of six to eight fish with a regular supply of foods.

Did you know...

Pink corydoras and the cory catfish are similar species. The cory catfish are not like actual catfish.

Cory catfish do need bubblers in their tank. All aquarium fishes require a bubbler to refill the dissolved oxygen.

It is a myth that cory catfish die easily. Cory catfish are long-living aquarium fishes if taken good care of.

Different types of Corydoras

According to various studies, there are around 160 Corydoras species in this world.

What fish can live with Corydoras axelrodi?

Pink corydoras are compatible with small fishes like congo tetras, neon tetras, barbs, danios, and guppies.

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