Dog Losing Hair On Tail: Here Are The Reasons And What You Need To Do

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Originally Published on Nov 15, 2021
Adorable, cute Welsh Corgi Pembroke biting its own tail.

Dogs are cute and playful, but they need to be cared for just like a baby.

Keep a close eye on the fitness and health of your dog to enjoy its companionship for a long time. This best friend of yours may face health issues. You must pay close attention to the fur coat on your dog's body.

A dog generally loses hair all year-round. Hair fall is normal all over a dog's body. It is seasonal.

Dogs shed in the winter to get a thinner coat for the summer, while, in the fall season, they shed to get a thicker coat for the winter ahead. However, if you notice patchy hair loss or redness on your dog's tail, consult a vet.

You may find a bald spot on your dog's tail as well as on its body.

When dogs lose hair, it can be related to a weak immune system, incorrect food, or laziness. A dog may also be chewing on its tail for fun's sake.

But, if you see aggression or that your pet dog is angry, there can be hidden causes. A dog's tail could be itchy due to infections or allergies. You must get it checked by a veterinarian and get it treated.

An alteration in your pet's food or the application of medications may help you reduce your pet's hair loss. It is necessary to know what causes hair loss so that it can be treated properly and in time.

A lack of information on the owner's end may also lead to the loss of a tail. This will be very sad for a dog.

There are many well-known dog hair loss home remedies that you can try if the problem has not stopped. If you suspect your dog has a skin allergy, you can try coconut oil. In warm weather, there is a possibility of fleas, worms, or mites. These are parasites that cause a dog to lose hair all over its body.

Apple cider vinegar can be used with 50% dilution, but this must be avoided if there are too many wounds. It will cause even more itching rather than treat the problem. You must give your pet dog a good diet and all the supplements that have been prescribed by the vet.

An oatmeal bath can help relieve any itching due to an allergy. You can also give one spoon of sugar-free yogurt to a puppy or two spoons of sugar-free yogurt to an adult pet dog. Massage coconut oil onto the area to give it relief from allergic scratching, yeast, eczema or an insect bite.

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Why do dogs lose hair on their tail?

If you notice that your pet dog has not been chewing on its tail, still there is hair loss, then one possible reason could be Cushing's disease.

Cushing's disease is basically related to hormonal problems. Hair loss mainly occurs on the body and the tail. Dogs become inactive or lazy most of the time. They may have weight issues as well.

Dogs with this disease lack any interest in going out to play and have some exercise. All they wish to do is to eat and sleep. Cushing's disease is accompanied by problems like skin infections as well. It can be detected by a veterinarian.

The vet may recommend a few blood and urine tests to confirm the problem. A hormonal imbalance can be determined by the results of these tests. An ultrasound may also be required.

If this is the case, then there are medical treatments possible to reverse the imbalance. Hypothyroidism can be treated by giving a dog a thyroid supplement. While Cushing's can be treated with medication, a dog may need surgery.

If excessive chewing had caused hair loss, then there should be regrowth of a dog's hair when it stops. Bald spots can be massaged with coconut oil.

It shall penetrate your dog's skin and soothe the itching. The fur of your dog will become shiny and smooth when the problem that causes the hair loss has been resolved. It may take time, but you need to follow the prescribed treatment for the betterment of your pet dog.

There is a possibility of mange on your dog's skin. You may notice gaps in your dog's fur. You may also be able to notice mites.

Mites are tiny parasites that live and feed on the skin of a dog. There will be blisters or red bumps, and your pet may be itchy. They are similar to flea infections. This is highly dangerous for you as well.

It is contagious from dogs to humans by contact. A healthy person can catch mange from a dog. The most common form known to us is scabies, so proper diagnosis is needed, and immediate medical treatment must be started as suggested by a veterinarian.

Is it normal for dogs to shed tail hair?

A dog's hair loss can be due to food allergies as well. It is called atopy.

It is very normal for all dogs to shed hair. Also, having skin and hair falling out is common in all breeds. Breeds that are adapted to certain weather conditions may have issues when humans keep them in a different environment.

This may cause skin issues and allergic reactions. You can search for a dog house that suits them. It will reduce the allergic outbreak to a large extent.

A dog who has a weak immune system tends to have such skin conditions. These can be easily treated with the help of medication or therapeutic food. The vet can recommend a special diet to help a dog recover and avoid such situations again.

One of the reasons why dogs chew their tails can be the presence of tapeworms. When they come out, it is very irritating for a dog. A dog may keep licking and biting around its tail. The symptoms include noticing rice grain-like creatures attached to the bum of your dog.

They are generally associated with fleas. So, if there are fleas, there is a possibility of worms as well. You must get treatment for both from a vet.

A dog may be chewing or licking its tail in response to pain. If there is a broken bone or arthritis, a dog may need medication. Another possibility is the presence of intestinal parasites. In this case, deworming may be recommended by the vet as well as flea control if there is a tapeworms diagnosis.

What To Do If Your Dog Is Losing Tail Hair

A dog losing hair at the base of its tail can be due to many reasons, like atopy.

Atopy is allergies due to environmental factors affecting a dog's skin. There can be flea allergies as well. In this case, a vet will need to treat your beloved pet. The treatments can include medications like antibiotics, steroids, local application ointments, and some food supplements. You will have to take special care of your dog's diet.

One more possible reason for dogs losing hair on their back legs could be anal gland issues. Dogs tend to chew on their back legs and anus due to sores on their skin.

You may see signs of scratching, biting, or licking when they scoot. Their butt will look swollen. If you see these symptoms, then it is definitely a problem with the anal gland, and your dog needs a vet to treat it soon.

The causes of falling hair in dogs can be many, but they are common across breeds. All breeds can suffer from thyroid problems, mange, fleas, and allergies, among other things. They try to scratch against posts and could hurt themselves.

It is a sign of health issues when you see a dog scratch frantically. You may notice bald spots that are red in color. The health of your dog is your responsibility.

Treatment For Bald Spots On Dog Tails

Dogs losing hair on the tips of their tails can be due to underlying skin infections or allergies.

When skin irritation and problems arise due to hormonal disturbances it is called hypothyroidism. The thyroid hormone has a reduced level in a dog's blood.

This may be noticed through the falling of hair from the tip of your dog's tail. After noticing these symptoms, your vet can give you a proper diagnosis. The vet may carry out a few blood tests to determine the cause of your dog's problems.

When dogs lose hair, they feel itchy. This health issue may be alopecia.

It can be related to thyroid hormonal changes or any other cause. Let a vet search your dog for sores and any bald patches so that they are sure of what to treat your pet with. They may prescribe anti-parasitics, antibiotics, or anti-fungal medicine to promote your pet's health and remove any bad symptoms.

You must keep a check on fleas or mange to keep your dog healthy. The bald spots must be treated with coconut oil to relieve the dog.

However, be careful in case it is mange, as it is transferable. It spreads from pets to owners. So, you must consult with a vet as soon as you have seen any sign of it.

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