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Interesting Pomfret fish facts to learn more about this species of fishes which is called palmburo or halwa in the USA.
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Pomfret is a casual classification of fish containing more than 20 known species that are all members of the Bramidae family. Pomfrets come under the Perciformes order of fishes.

Perciformes are bony fishes that have two almost separate fins, including a dorsal fin close to the head and a butt-centric fin close to the forked tail. The dorsal fins on Perciformes are almost in every case a lot bigger than the hind-centric ones.

They prefer to live in schools and their school is called a Pomfret school.

They are a very popular food in various parts of the world because of their buttery, fleshy meat, and rich taste. In addition, the pomfret is known to be very rich in proteins and omega-three fatty acids.

We've gathered many interesting pomfret facts for you to enjoy. If you like these, do also read our mackerel and catfish facts too.

Pomfret Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Pomfret?

A Pomfret fish is a Perciform fish and a member of the family Bramidae, which includes 20 species across six genera and are usually found in deep-sea waters, swimming in schools.

What class of animal does a Pomfret belong to?

A Pomfret fish belongs to the Actinopterygii fishes class with various types of sub-species like the silver Pomfret, black Pomfret, and grey Pomfret.

How many Pomfrets are there in the world?

The Pomfret fish is a very common fish species found everywhere in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. For this reason, the exact population of these fishes is hard to estimate as the number could be in the thousands or millions.

Where does a Pomfret live?

The Pomfret is a very commonly found species in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean regions. They are also found in the deep-sea waters of Japan, the Mediterranean region, and the Norwegian region in their schools.

What is a Pomfret's habitat?

Various species of this fish prefer diverse living spaces. In general, the Pomfret school is normally found in benthic territories or regions in deep waters. A few fish categories in the school favor living in incredibly profound waters, while others live along the mainland shelf fairly near to the shore.

Who do Pomfrets live with?

Pomfret fish live within their schools which is generally referred to as a Pomfret school.

How long does a Pomfret live?

A Pomfret fish has a lifespan of about nine years.

How do they reproduce?

Very minimal research has been done about the reproductive rates and the copulating behavior of this fish. Overall, this school of fish breeds via spawning. In the mating interaction, females discharge their eggs, and males fertilize the eggs outside of the body. The measure of eggs differs on the size of the individual fish and the species.

What is their conservation status?

The Pomfret fish is categorized as Least Concern by the IUCN Red List, meaning they will not be vulnerable anytime soon. Furthermore, they do not require any conservation as these fish are abundant in number.

Pomfret Fun Facts

What do Pomfrets look like?

Pomfrets can be recognized by their flat bodies and the long dorsal fin that runs along the fish's whole body. Pomfrets are Perciform fishes, but in contrast to other Perciformes, the dorsal fin on a Pomfret tightens to turn into the butt-centric blade without an unmistakable division between the two fishes.

The upper tip part of the dorsal fin on these fish regularly extends far back towards its tail.

Pomfrets fish with flat bodies

How cute are they?

Pomfrets, with their slim body, are quite unique-looking fish. However, they do look cute when compared to other fish of the sea like the barracuda or the Moorish idol.

How do they communicate?

Not much information is available about the process of communication among Pomfret fishes, but it is fairly possible that they also communicate with the use of vibrations produced by their fins or bladders in seawater.

How big is a Pomfret?

An average Pomfret is about 11.8 in (30 cm) in length and is just a little bit smaller than the silver Pomfret, which is the most common species of this fish. The silver Pomfret can grow up to 12.9 in (32.7 cm) in length.

How fast can a Pomfret swim?

The average range of speed of a Pomfret fish is not estimated yet by scientists. It is said that these species of fish are very good swimmers and swim at a high range like every other fish.

How much does a Pomfret weigh?

An average Pomfret can weigh up to 2.2-13.2 lb (1-6 kg) which is almost 15 times less than the average weight of a dolphin which is yet another beautiful sea creature.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Adult Pomfret fish do not have specific names for male and female fish. They are referred to as male Pomfret and female Pomfret.

What would you call a baby Pomfret?

A baby Pomfret fish does not have any specific name for itself. An infant fish is called a baby Pomfret.

What do they eat?

Pomfret fish have carnivorous eating tendencies. Their size ends up being a natural limitation in their prey determination. However, the species and the area that they live in additionally causes individual dietary variations. All in all, the school ordinarily benefits from worms, little fishes, microscopic fishes, giant squids, shrimps, and different cephalopods and sea scavengers.

Are they eaten by humans?

Pomfrets are one of the most popular edible fishes in the world. The color of their meat is white, and it is enjoyed around the world.

As far as business fishing is concerned, the Atlantic Pomfret (Brama brama) is the most popular one. Otherwise called angelfish or black seabream, this fish is a well-known menu item in India, China, and other parts of southern Asia. The Pacific Pomfret is also a very popular species of fish to eat.

Would they make a good pet?

No, you would not have any desire to keep any of these fishes as pets. They may be aesthetically pretty but prefer to live in moderately deep waters which you may find hard to recreate.

Also, they like to live in their own schools and feed on carnivorous food like other small fishes. It is advisable not to keep them as pets.

Did you know...

A Pomfret is an incredible source of B vitamins, including B12 and Niacin. In every 3.5 oz (100 g), this fish gives 127% of the RDI of nutrient B12.

Pomfrets are called Pomfrets in the USA and are confused eith Pompanos. They can be bought at Asian stores across the USA.

Where do Pomfret fish come from?

White, silver, or even black Pomfrets are usually found in the waters of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.

How do you eat Pomfret fish?

Pomfrets are the most popular consumable small fishes and sell at the highest prices in fish markets. Their high cost comes from the perfect silver-white appearance of their body and the solidness of tissue and flavor.

They are an inshore species, typically found in schools over sloppy bottoms. Silver Pomfret fish is one of the principal categories of table fish. It is a seawater fish comprising a single bone.

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