Farmyard Facts Explained: What Is A Group Of Pigs Called?

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Young piglet on hay at pig breeding farm
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Pigs belong to the Suidae family (even-toed ungulate). They are omnivorous mammals that have stout-body and short legs. They have thick skin with sparsely coated short bristles.

Pigs are intelligent and friendly animals that live together in a herd. Their biological structure is quite similar to humans; therefore, scientists usually perform medical trials on pigs before experimenting on humans.

Most pigs in the wild survive on plant-based food such as roots, fruits, leaves, and flowers. They often consume small fish and some insects.

Pigs in farms feed on soybean meal and corn along with vitamins and minerals for nourishment. Traditionally, crop farmers and dairy farmers used all wasted agri-products to feed pigs. Hence, they are called mortgage lifters as additional expenses are not required to rear these animals.

Farm or domestic pigs are categorized based on weight and the commodity they cater to.

A domestic pig that weighs 220 lb (100 kg) is used to source lard. A domestic pig that weighs up to 150 lb (68 kg) is used for making bacon. A domestic pig that weighs around 100 lb (45 kg) is used for consumption purposes (pork).

Here are few fascinating, fun facts about farmyard pigs.

Pigs are smart animals; they exhibit high intelligence compared to dogs and other higher primates. They also have good memories and can remember things for a long time.

Pigs have a thick layer of fat and no sweat glands; therefore, to regulate body temperature, they roll in mud swamps to cool their bodies. Although they roll in the dirt for biological reasons, they are very clean animals as they never excrete near living or feeding areas.

A pig's snout has high dense tactile receptors. Its sense of smell is 2000 times more sensitive than humans.

These curious animals love cuddles, massages, and relaxation while listening to music.

There are different collective nouns for groups of pigs depending on their ages and geographical location. Read on to know more exciting terms used for a herd of pigs.

Are you wondering why animals stay in groups? Animals prefer to stay in groups for safety, and to search for food, and breeding.

There are unique names for different animal groups. For example, herd or flock for sheep, crash for rhinoceroses, congregation for alligators, and crocodiles group on land is called a bask and float if they are in the water.

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What is a group of pigs called around the world?

Pigs are the most social and valuable farm animals. They are easily domesticated as per farm requirements.

They are bred for meat, skin, medical experiments, lard (that is used in processed foods and cosmetics). Pigs have an excellent sense of smell; farmers use them to search for truffles in the wild. Do you know that different groups of pigs are called with different names?

A group of older pigs is called a drift or drove.

A group of young pigs is called a litter.

A passel or team is the name of a group of hogs.

A swine group is called a sounder, and singular is the name for a group of wild boars.

Next time, if you have bacon for your breakfast, try recollecting different words for pig for fun.

Why is a group of pigs called a sounder?

A wild or domestic pig in English is called swine. A male swine animal is called boar, and female swine is called a gilt or sow, and a herd of swine is called a sounder. Piglets group is often referred to as a litter.

A sounder is the primary social team consisting of a boar, a couple of sows, and their piglets. The older boar tries to mate with a sow and move on to another sow within the same sounder.

Mother pigs nurse and shoats after piglets wean. Once male piglets grow older, they may leave on their own and return or rejoin during mating season.

The word 'sounder' in general English means 'a person or thing that makes a sound or noise'. Have you ever heard a pig distress call? Then you would have known that pigs are loud animals.

Can you imagine how an entire team of pigs sounds like? Yes, it will be head wreaking; therefore, the collective noun sounder is an apt name for the swine group. Other names for sounder are parcel and team.

Herd of young piglet at pig breeding farm

What is a group of young pigs called?

Hogs are prolific; a sow can produce 12-14 piglets in a single farrow (birthing of pig) and it can breed twice a year. The female pig has a high protective maternal sense; it nurses, and shoats after weaning of young pigs.

Baby pigs are called piglets, and the group of young pigs is called litter. Their average litter size is around 11. Pigs have different names for adults and babies because it would be easy for farmers to have an official form of address for these animals.

Difference Between A Group Of Pigs And Boars

Based on the regional linguistic difference, the animal's name and its collective noun are also different. In UK English, a pig is called swine, while in American English or in the west, it is called hog.

A group of pigs or pigs herd is called a drift or drove. A swine group is called a sounder, whereas, a hog's group is called a passel or team.

A wild boar is different from a regular pig. The collective noun for a group of boars is 'singular'. Due to the boar's solitary, untamed nature, its herd got named as singular.

A wild boar has a large head that takes up to one-third of the entire body length. Its head, skull, and neck muscles are very strong, which helps to upturn a heavy amount of soil. Male boars have well-developed canine teeth protruding outside. In recent decades, wild boars cross-bred with hogs producing hybrid feral pigs.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for what a group of pigs is called, then why not take a look at what do pigs eat or bearded pig facts?


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