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Here are French Brittany facts that you will love to read.

If you are a dog admirer, then you must be familiar with a French Brittany spaniel dog. A French Brittany, which is a popular gundog breed, originated in the city Brittany of France, and so it got its name French Brittany.

This dog is an excellent bird hunter, and birds are always on its mind. With their high energy levels, these Epagneul Breton dogs require regular training and exercise to avoid various health problems.

The French Brittany spaniel breed is regarded as one of the smallest pointing breed. Being an extremely brave breed, this species makes for great hunter dogs and is most suitable for the outdoors despite their relatively small size.

If you want a sweet and loving dog who is sweet-natured, energetic, and an excellent companion dog, then a French Brittany spaniel is the best dog breed for you. Their popularity and uses encouraged breeders to follow different breeding programs.

Still, having doubts? If yes, then you don't need to worry, because this article will provide you with all the relevant information about a French Brittany.

French Brittany dogs have been intentionally bred to be of a small size. After checking this interesting information on French Brittany dog breed, do check out our other articles on Norfolk terrier and Australian terrier.

French Brittany Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a French Brittany?

A French Brittany is a breed of pointing dogs that originated in the city of Brittany of France. This dog breed is a very popular pointing and hunting dog breed and is popularly known as Epagneul Breton in France. Their high energy levels allow them to cross any field in quick time to catch the prey.

What class of animal does a French Brittany belong to?

A French Brittany belongs to the mammal class of animals. This breed was bred in France by professional breeders and it became more popularly known as Epagneul Breton.

How many French Brittanys are there in the world?

French Brittany dog breed is not a very rare hunting dog breed. The population of this Epagneul Breton dog breed is stable and not endangered as breeding these dogs is common.

So, we can say that there are thousands of French Brittanys in the world. It's not possible to state an exact figure of the Epagneul Breton population as not enough information is available.

Where does a French Brittany live?

French Brittanys are kept as gun and pet dogs, so they usually reside in residential areas. They can be seen protecting their loved ones as they are highly-alert dogs.

What is a French Brittany's habitat?

French Brittanys do not require any special kind of habitat. They can easily live in houses and apartments. However, the environment they live in must be of their taste and should be spacious for exercising and training.

Who do French Brittanys live with?

If a French Brittany is being kept as a pet dog then it will live with its owner and his family. However, if the dog is homeless, they might live alone or in a very small group. Generally, dogs don't like to live with other dogs, and that's why most homeless dogs will live alone.

How long does a French Brittany live?

The average lifespan of a French Brittany is 10-13 years. If proper care is taken care of their health, then their age can be enhanced by several years. As the years keep on passing, regular grooming, check-ups and companionship is required by this breed which was originally bred as a hunting dog.

How do they reproduce?

Dogs reproduce by sexual reproduction, which means that both male and female French Brittany will go through the process of sexual mating. The gestation period of a French Brittany is approximately 63 days long. And after one gestation, they can give birth to five to eight French Brittany puppies.

What is their conservation status?

French Brittany dog breed is not a very rare dog breed. The population of this dog breed is stable and not endangered. Hence, the conservation status of French Brittany is of Least Concerned.

French Brittany Fun Facts

What do French Brittanys look like?

The French Brittanys have sloping shoulders and graceful body stature. They manifest grit and celerity.

The tail of a French Brittany can either be very short or almost non-existent. The coats of this breed come in orange and white, liver and white, black and white, and other color combinations. There are also tri-color Brittany dogs, which can display the combination of any three colors mentioned above.

A French Brittany is a medium-sized dog.

How cute are they?

If a French Brittany is to be rated on the basis of its cuteness then it will surely get 10 out of 10. Despite being tough and powerful dogs, a French Brittany puppy appears extremely cute and attractive to most dog lovers.

How do they communicate?

For communicating, these dogs use different sounds such as growl, howl, bark and whimper. Apart from making these sounds, dogs can communicate by using gestures as well. For example, a dog can turn his face away if he is reluctant to do something.

How big is a French Brittany?

A French Brittany can be 19-22 in tall, which means that it is almost four times bigger than the smallest dog Chihuahua.

How fast can a French Brittany run?

French Brittanys are impressive runners. They are observed running at a top speed of 45 miles per hour. This speed makes them one of the best bird hunting dogs to catch the prey across any type of field.

How much does a French Brittany weigh?

The average weight of a French Brittany dog is 35-44 lb. Regular exercise and grooming is necessary for this breed as it will ensure their better health and ensure different health problems do not manifest.

What are their male and female names of the species?

A male French Brittany will be called a dog and a female French Brittany will be called a bitch.

What would you call a baby French Brittany?

A baby French Brittany will be called a puppy or a French Brittany puppy. A Epagneul Breton puppy is regarded as extremely cute and endearing by pet parents.

What do they eat?

French Brittany can eat small animals such as rabbits, mice and birds. Apart from these, they can also eat dairy products, raw vegetables, and cereal grains. As the years keep on passing, more attention should be paid to their diet as it is directly related to the over all health of these bird hunting dogs.

Are they hypoallergenic?

No, Brittany dogs are not hypoallergenic. This is because they are moderate shedders and their bodies produce a lot of dander as well.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, French Brittanys can make a good pet if they are supervised and properly trained. They are friendly, cheerful, and good with children. Their sweet and cordial nature makes them good family and companion dogs who will stay with you for many years.

Did you know...

A French Brittany dog is an intelligent, cheerful, agile, attentive, adaptable, and quick dog. Their attentive and quick temperament is the reason why they are considered the best gundogs.

Brittany dogs are intelligent, attentive, and obedient dogs. They are good at taking commands. So, the training session with these dogs is likely to be easier.

French Brittanys have an excellent ability of scent tracking. They can easily smell a flock of birds present nearby.

A French Brittany price can vary and can cost you somewhere between $700-$1000.

Can French Brittanys be left alone?

A French Brittany can be left alone in the house, but this should be done in a situation of emergency only. Dogs are more social and outgoing creatures.

They do not like to be locked alone in one space. If due to some unavoidable reasons it is not possible for you to take him with you then you can leave them alone at home.

But this can make them quite anxious, and in response, they may bark a lot or chew off stuff like sofa, pillows, and rubber toys. So, it is advised that you keep the dogs in good company.

Do French Brittanys make good dogs?

The answer to this question depends on various factors. Brittanys are excellent gundogs, and they can make a good hunting companion.

They are also very friendly and sweet-natured dogs, which makes them good family dogs as well. They are enthusiastic and active dogs who do not like to sit in one place. So if you prefer not having a dog that requires a lot of physical exercise daily, then the Brittany might not be a good dog for you.

Brittanys require attention and a lot of training. They are not good outdoor or kennel dogs. So, if your requirement is to have an outdoor or kennel dog, then these dogs might not be suitable for you.

So, the qualities which you want your dog to have will matter, and these qualities will decide whether the dog is good for you or not.

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