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Discover American Water Spaniel facts about the active and energetic pet that loves to play and swim

A dog is traditionally known to be the best companion for human beings. Dogs always greet you with enthusiasm and they are so cute and loyal that every family member loves them, especially children.

American Water Spaniel is no exception. It is a good pet dog, and its origin can be traced to the United States of America.

This breed was developed in the Fox and Wolf River valleys of the state of Wisconsin in the 19th century. The American Water Spaniel is an alert, lively, friendly, and obedient dog. American Water Spaniels are even-tempered, easy to train, and playful dogs.

If you are excited to make an American Water Spaniel your next pet or simply just want to know more about it, then check out this article, full of American Water Spanielfacts. You may also consider taking a look at these guides to the Blue Lacy dog and the Lab Chow mix.

American Water Spaniel Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an American Water Spaniel?

The American Water Spaniel breed was developed from the Irish Water Spaniel, the curly-coated Retriever, and other spaniels. They closely resemble the Irish Water Spaniel, but the Irish breed is generally heavier than American Water Spaniel.

In 1940 the American Water Spaniel was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. Dogs of this breed are medium-sized, and they are excellent swimmers, just like their closely related breeds: the English Water Spaniel, the curly-coated Retriever, and the Irish Water Spaniel.

American Water Spaniels were first bred as hunting dogs in Wisconsin and Minnesota as they can quickly retrieve waterfowl that have been shot. The American Water Spaniel is therefore interested in a variety of dog sports, unsurprisingly they have particularly good water retrieval skills. . The American Water Spaniel also loves human companionship, so they make great pets.

What class of animal does an American Water Spaniel belong to?

American Water Spaniels belong to the Mammal class. The American Water Spaniel dog's litter size is between four to six puppies, all of which are fed by milk produced by the mother after birth.

How many American Water Spaniels are there in the world?

The American Water Spaniel dog breed was made state dog of Wisconsin in 1985, but still, it is considered a rare breed. The existence of this species is believed to be at less than 3,000 in the world.

Where does an American Water Spaniel live?

As American Water Spaniels are pet dogs, they typically live with their pet owner in their home. The American Water Spaniel (AWS) is a breed that originated from the Great Lakes region of the United States and is considered a rare breed.

The American Water Spaniel is lively, intelligent, alert, and cheery, so they can make a great bond with all family members. Generally, an American Water Spaniel develops strong attachments with its owners and is greatly affectionate. It would make an excellent choice as a family pet.

What is an American Water Spaniel's habitat?

As long as American Water Spaniel gets their daily exercise, they will happily live in homes with humans. Ideally, they should be kept in a house with a fenced yard so that they can explore outside during the day in a safe, enclosed space.

It is worth noting that, if they are not given enough enrichment activities or attention, they will begin to feel very stressed and can become destructive.

Who do American Water Spaniels live with?

The American Water Spaniel is a friendly dog breed, and so they live happily with humans beings. Many dogs see their purpose as to protect the owner, so they will bark a lot to alert the owner if they see something or someone they don't recognize around them or in the owner's house.

How long does an American Water Spaniel live?

The average life expectancy of an American Water Spaniel is between 10 and 14 years. The breed doesn't have significant health problems, but it can suffer from eye issues. Their life expectancy can be improved and maximized with a proper diet, regular exercise, and regular health check-ups. All these steps will help to keep any health problems at bay.

How do they reproduce?

The American Water Spaniel is a rare breed. They reproduce by sexual reproduction and follow the same estrus cycles that every dog breed follows. The female American Water Spaniel's reproductive cycle lasts for between 60 and 64 days. An American Water Spaniel mother's litter size is generally between four to six.

What is their conservation status?

The American Water Spaniel has remained a rare breed. As per the American Kennel Club, only 233 dogs of the breed were registered in 1998. They are officially Not Listed in the ICUN red list of threatened species.

American Water Spaniel Fun Facts

What do American Water Spaniels look like?

The American Water Spaniel is medium-sized, and it can range in color from dark chocolate to lighter brown or solid liver. Sometimes white patches can be found on their toes.

Their eye shape is slightly rounded, and the color of their eyes is bright yellow. They have brown or black noses and long, wide ears.

They have a medium-length tail, that is curved and tapered but not typically docked, and a hairy double coat skin type. The shape of the body and thick covering helps when hunting in fast-flowing water, and the breed has webbed toes which are useful for hunting in the water.

American Water Spaniels have a water-resistant double coat.

How cute are they?

The American Water Spaniel is a charming and happy pet. They are friendly and playful with every family member. Its colored, curly and hairy coat makes its overall look very appealing. If are looking for the cutest dog breed, this would certainly be a contender!

How do they communicate?

Like other dogs, the American Water Spaniel communicates through barking. They can bark a lot and are very loud dogs.

They may bark to communicate feelings of happiness or excitement, or they may bark for attention. They might also bark because it’s lunchtime or because they are happy you’re playing with them. Learning to control this barking is an important part of being a dog owner.

How big is an American Water Spaniel?

The American Water Spaniel is a medium-sized muscular dog, it has a height of 15-18 in (36-46 cm) and its weight is usually between 25-45 lb (11-20 kg). They are smaller in size than Irish Water Spaniel.  The Irish Water Spaniel has a height of 21–24 in (53-61 cm) and its weight is around 45-65 lb (20-30 kg).

How fast can an American Water Spaniel run?

The American Water Spaniel runs very fast and hence it is a good hunting dog and is very good at dog sports. The dog's exact speed is unknown, but it is a natural swimmer, skilled retriever, hunter, and is specialized in catching waterfowls.

The breed is also very flexible, so an American Water Spaniel is good at many activities and dog sports like hunt tests, tracking, agility, and even search and rescue.

How much does an American Water Spaniel weigh?

American Water Spaniel males weigh around 30-45 lb (13-20 kg) and females weigh around 25-40 lb (11-18 kg). Females are smaller compared to their male counterparts.

What are their male and female names of the species?

There is no specific name for male and female American Water Spaniels, they are both simply called the species name.

What would you call a baby American Water Spaniel?

A baby American Water Spaniel is called a puppy. A three-month-old American Water Spaniel puppy weighs around 16-21 lbs (7-9.5 kg) and six-month-old puppies weigh around 29- 35 lb (13-16 kg).

It is important to make sure that American Water Spaniel puppies get plenty of playtime and other activities. American Water Spaniel puppies will be fully grown when they are around 16 months old.

What do they eat?

The American Water Spaniel is an active dog, so they need high-quality dog food. They need good quality food to have a healthy body and happy life. This food can either be homemade or commercially obtained.

The amount of food required is determined by their activities, size, and age. An adult should generally be fed three cups of dog food in three portions each day.

This should, of course, be increased or decreased according to their activity level. Some American Water Spaniel pet owners suggest that their dogs love bananas, which are a great low-calorie treat for any dog.

Are they slobbery?

The American Water Spaniel is not slobbery, they do not drool much at all. This makes them the perfect pets for those who want to keep their house clean and free of any dog dribbles!

Would they make a good pet?

The American Water Spaniel makes a perfect pet. They love water and long walks so would be best suited to an owner with an active lifestyle who loves the great outdoors.

They are compassionate by nature, fun-loving, skilled, versatile, and assertive. If they are introduced well and appropriately trained from a young age, they can get along well with other household pets.

They are sharp and brilliant animals, making it relatively easy to train them and teach them some impressive tricks. Their energy level is high, so it needs a run, walk or play daily!

Did you know...

The American Water Spaniel does not shed much. Their shedding is seasonal, increasing during spring, but regular brushing can keep the shedding under control.

If you are looking to buy an American Water Spaniel puppy, you can expect to pay an average price of between $1,200 and $1,500.

The American Water Spaniel dog breed was made the state dog of Wisconsin in 1985. Dr. Fred J. Pfeifer saved this breed and his work led to the breed being recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1940.

Characteristics and health issues

American Water Spaniels are obedient, smart, and affectionate. They are friendly with other animals and children and make very good watchdogs. Their friendly and easy-going characteristic makes them excellent family pets. You will likely find that they become very attached to their owner and are always craving companionship.

Generally, the American Water Spaniel is healthy and lives a long life. They do not have significant health issues, but some common health problems include eye issues like progressive retinal atrophy and cataracts.

Some other common health concerns are epilepsy, allergies, glandular disorders, which may cause baldness, and diabetes. Proper grooming, a balanced diet, and regular health checkups can keep these common health issues under control.

If you want to get a healthy American water spaniel, buy a puppy from a responsible American Water Spaniel breeder. Make sure it is a reputable breeder who can show that they have tested the parent dogs to ensure they are free of genetic disorders that might be passed onto the puppies.

History of the American Water Spaniel

The American Water Spaniel originated in Wisconsin, United States, in the 19th century. This state dog of Wisconsin is one of the rarest breeds.

They are medium in size, have a doubled layer coat, and can be found in various different shades of brown. The American Water Spaniel's dense, curly coat is water-resistant, which helps it to swim even in cold water.

This ability to swim well is probably the most famous thing about the American Water Spaniel. Its muscular body and strong legs allow it to move effortlessly through water.

Even though the American Water Spaniel was recognized as the official state dog of Wisconsin in 1986, it is still rare today. But despite being a rare breed, it has an important place in the history of the state and the Great Lakes region.

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