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Lab Chow mix facts about the excellent guard dog, also known as a Chabrador or Lab Chow Mix

A Lab Chow Mix is a very adorable cross between a Chow Chow and a Labrador retriever. They are also called a Chabrador, Labrachow, and have multiple other nicknames.

They are medium to large dogs and have a well-built body structure. They are best described as fluffy human companions who are excellent watchdogs.

They have a lifespan of 9-12 years. They can have unpredictable temperaments but if trained well, they can be no less than angels.

Lab Chow Mix dogs are susceptible to a range of health problems like hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Lab Chow Mix dogs are very easy to train with positive reinforcement behavior and make for excellent human companions.

They exhibit the traits of both the parent breeds but it is not possible to tell the exact appearance of a Lab Chow Mix dog until it has been born. A Lab Chow Mix puppy is also very adorable and cute to look at.

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Chow Lab Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Chow Lab Mix?

The Lab Chow Mix is a designer breed of dog as it is a cross between a Chow Chow and a Labrador retriever. However, it is a different kind of mix since both its parents are very different from each other.

This breed is very loving and is an excellent human companion like the Labrador, and it also has some traits of the Chow Chow. Proper behavior and obedience training is a must for this breed.

What class of animal does a Chow Lab Mix belong to?

The Lab Chow Mix belongs to the Mammalian class because of their ability to give birth. This Lab-Chow Mix is the first generation cross of Labrador retriever and a Chow Chow, whose parents have been around for a long time now.

However, this breed is relatively new. The origin of the Lab Chow breed traces back to the United States of America.

How many Chow Labs are there in the world?

Since both the parents of the Lab Chow Mix, the Labrador and the Chow Chow, are very common family pets, the Lab Chow is also very popular. However, there is no exact number of how many Lab Chow Mix dogs are present in the world.

Where does a Chow Lab Mix live?

The Lab Chow Mix is a human companion and always lives in a sociable environment. It constantly requires human attention and human warmth. This Chow and Lab mix breed hates it when it is left ignored.

It requires a big space and loves playing. It is important for a Lab Chow Mix to get proper exercise and mental stimulation. These Lab Chow Mix dogs are unique designer dogs with adorable temperaments, and the right training is necessary for a happy and healthy stay with families.

What is a Chow Lab's habitat?

A huge space, fenced backyard, proper exercise, and healthy meals are the fundamentals of a Lab Chow Mix dog's habitat. Although it adjusts itself to an apartment, living in cramped and small places is very difficult for this Chow and Lab Mix.

The Chow Chow Lab Mix requires free time without the leash and at least an hour of exercise daily. Apart from this, proper meals with adequate nutrition are a must for the Labrador Chow breed dogs.

The territory of this breed must be clean because they are prone to skin infections. Their dense skin coat and hair fall can turn their space into an unhygienic area which risks the breed of ticks and other bacteria.

Who do Chow Labs live with?

A Chow Lab often lives as a pet and they are excellent human companions. They are very friendly and loyal. All in all, it is a cute fluffy breed. Lab Chows are used to human warmth and constantly require human attention.

How long does a Chow Lab Mix live?

The life expectancy of a Lab Chow Mix is about 10-13 years. Lab Chows live longer if they are exposed to the right habitat. Adequate nutrition in every meal and proper exercise can increase their life too.

How do they reproduce?

The heat cycle of the female dog and the age are important for the reproduction process. The heat cycle of the female dog lasts for about 18-21 days.

In order for the reproduction to start, the female dog should be of age and the heat cycle should have started. On the other side, the male dog should be of age and tall enough to be able to mount the female.

The reproduction process starts between a male and a female dog when the male dog tends to mount the female from the rear side. The pregnancy period can range between 58-68 days and thereafter, the female will give birth to a litter size of between five to eight puppies.

What is their conservation status?

Both the parents of the Lab Chow Mix, the Chow Chow parent and the Labrador retriever parents, are very popular pets. As a result, the Chowbrador is also a famous pet. The population of this breed is high and this puts it in the Least Concern list of the conservation status.

Chow Lab Mix Fun Facts

What do Chow Labs look like?

The Chow Chow Lab Mix is a medium-sized breed as both its parents, Labrador retriever and Chow Chow are medium to small sized dogs. They are extremely fluffy and have a thick coat of either yellow-brown or black colors.

They have a height of about 18-24 in. They weigh between 50-70 lb depending on the meal portion and the exercise the black Lab Chow Mix puppy is exposed to.

They have a longer muzzle and a head like that of their Labrador parent. They have a blue-black tongue like their Chow Chow parent. These distinct features of this crossbreed make it very recognizable.

Their ears are upright and dropped and they have a very long tail. The color of their eyes is typically brown or blue.

*Please note this is an image of a black Labrador, one of the parent breeds of the Chow Lab Mix. If you have an image of a Chow Lab Mix, let us know at

Chabrador is one of the oldest dog breeds.

How cute are they?

The Lab Chow Mix or the Chabrador are best described as fluffy. The first thought of humans when they see this breed is “cute”. Mix Lab Chow puppy is as adorable as both the parents, the Labrador and the Chow Chow.

They are friendly and loyal like a Lab and a little sturdy like the Chow Chow. However, they require good maintenance.

In order for their aggression to be under control, proper behavior training must be given. They have brown-blue eyes which makes them look magical. All in all, the Chabrador is a very cute breed.

How do they communicate?

Being a family dog, the Chabrador is very good at communicating and understanding human emotions and commands. Chabrador dogs use the common auditory methods for communication, like whines, howls, barks, whimpers, and so on. This breed also communicates using scents and marking territories.

How big is a Chow Lab Mix?

The Chowbrador is a medium-size dog. It is around 18-24 in tall and weighs between 50-70 lb.

How fast can a Chow Lab Mix run?

The Labrador, one of the Chabrador's parent breeds, is a very fast and swift runner. They run at 35 mph and have great endurance and stamina. They are more of a distance runner.

Chow Chows are also sporty dogs. They have dense fur which sometimes makes it difficult for them to run but all in all, they are study dogs. Therefore, as both its parents are swift and fast, so is the Chow Lab Mix.

How much does a Chow Lab Mix weigh?

The Lab and Chow Mix (Chabrador) weighs between 50-70 lb.

What are their male and female names of the species?

They have no distinctive names for different sexes of the Chabrador breed. The male Mix Lab Chow is known as Chabrador dog and the female of the breed is called a Chabrador bitch.

What would you call a baby Chow Lab Mix?

A baby Chow Lab Mix is called a Chabrador puppy.

What do they eat?

A Chow Labrador Mix is an omnivore breed. They feed on soya milk and at times fish. They eat raw or cooked food. Packaged dog food with adequate nutrition can also be their meal. It is also better to visit a veterinary doctor and feed the breed prescribed meals and medicines.

Are they aggressive?

The Chow Labrador Mix is a fluffy and cute breed of dogs. The Labradors are friendly and loyal dogs, they are swift runners and have maximum endurance. Chow Chows have a strong temperament so they must be trained well.

It is recommended for inexperienced pet owners to not opt for Chow Chows. These traits can be seen in the Chow Labrador Mix as they retain traits from both their parents. They are very friendly and with proper training and behavior lessons, the Chowbrador can make an excellent pet.

Would they make a good pet?

This cross breed makes a very good pet. They are friendly, loyal, attentive and are excellent watch dogs. They are fluffy and cute. However, they require proper training from an early age.

Did you know...

They have either black or blue eyes. Apart from black, brown, and yellow, some Chow Labs are also silver and gray.

They have many funny nicknames, like Chabrador and Labrachow, among others.

Chow Labs love swimming.

Common health problems of a Chow Lab Mix

A Labrador Chow is considered as a healthy dog. They sometimes inherit problems from their parents, either the Chow Chow or the Labrador. This makes it important for the owner to schedule regular veterinary appointments. They suffer from some common health problems like cerebellar abiotrophy, cataracts, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia.

Looking after your Chow Lab Mix

The Chabradors require moderate exercises. Around 60 minutes of exercise will suffice for this breed. They also require intelligent and interactive toys during their playtime.

Special attention to the Chabrador's ears must be given since they get dirty often. Nails must be trimmed at regular intervals.

Since a black Lab Chow Mix puppy has dense fur, regular brushing is a must to prevent matting and tangles. Giving this breed a bath every month or twice a month is advisable. It is also important for the owner to get potty training done for their black Lab Chow puppy.

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