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Glen of Imaal Terrier facts about the small and cute dog who instantly wins hearts
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The Glen of Imaal Terrier is gentle in nature and at the same time boldly spirited as well and often confused with various other species of fluffy dog species.

It originates in a remote valley in Ireland. Farmers in the land were looking for some badger hunters to perform odd jobs on their farms like chasing away insects and pests as well as other tasks in the field.

The workers named them Turnspit dogs because they were used in the kitchen as hamsters to turn the meat over an open fire.

The terrier had to wait 42 years before being recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1975. They were then solely bred to hunt.

By the 1930s, they migrated to America however they gained recognition there many years later and paved the way to formulate the Terrier Club of America. They are not really ideal as a watchdog, service dog, or detection dog.

Glen of Imaal Terrier breeds rank 174 on the American Kennel Club AKC breed popularity list and belongs to the terrier group of species.

Read on to learn about this terrier group breed. If you like this article then visit Irish terrier and Boston terrier facts too.

Glen Of Imaal Terrier Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Glen of Imaal Terrier?

Glen of Imaal is a type of dwarf dog who is recognized by the Terrier Club of America and is small in stature and built. Getting in touch with professionals or existing breeders will be the best way to gain more knowledge about the breed.

What class of animal does a Glen of Imaal Terrier belong to?

The Glen of Imaal Terrier can be classified under the mammal species and is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the 153rd breed.  

How many Glen of Imaal Terriers are there in the world?

The exact population of Glen of Imaal Terrier is not known since it is ideally a pet. They originated in Ireland and now are present in various regions of the United States and other parts of the world as well.

Rescue groups including the Glen of Imaal Terrier Rescue Foundation, Glen of Imaal Terrier club and other rescue groups are where they can be adopted from and fostered.

Where does a Glen of Imaal Terrier live?

The Glen of Imaal Terrier lives in a house with owners, in rescue groups, pet shops as well as with a Glen of Imaal Terrier breeder. The Glen of Imaal Terrier originated in Ireland hence it's suitable for those weather conditions although they were transported to other locations as well.

They don't adapt well to other dog species and specifically cats.

What is a Glen of Imaal Terrier's habitat?

It can survive in cold weather conditions. On the other hand, survival in hot weather conditions may be difficult because its body may get overheated.

They live in a house, in rescue groups, and in a pet shop. As a pet, they do not mind living indoors or outdoors given that they get a good environment and basic accommodation needs like a place to rest, eat, and exercise.

Who do Glen of Imaal Terriers live with?

Glen of Imaal Terrier lives with their own and with people i.e. their owners or along with a Glen of Imaal Terrier breeder.

They are friendly, loving, and loyal companions and protective about their territories. They are not therapy dogs hence adopting them solely for that purpose would be futile.

Imaal Terrier temperament is largely seen as an active and loves digging, a loyal, gentle yet spirited dog. Regular exercise is sufficient for this dog breed and it is perfectly suited to live in apartments and barks less which is an additional benefit if you do not want to trouble the neighbors and own a friendly and loyal pet.

How long does a Glen of Imaal Terrier live?

Glen of Imaal Terrier dogs usually live for a minimum of 12 years up to 15 years depending on their environment, dietary pattern, and exercise, and sports even though they require a bare minimum amount of this. They are most likely to go behind small prey animals if there are any in the house as well.

They also are accommodative while moving from one place to another or traveling to places as long as you carry adequate food and water supplies.

How do they reproduce?

Reproduction for the Glen of Imaal Terrier takes place similar to other dog species since they are purebred. However, mix breed and variants of the species are also popular choices available to adopt and ideally reproduce once a year or more.

The first period is called proestrus and lasts up to nine days. During this time females attract males.

The gestation period is from 3-11 days when they are expected to mate. The female Glen of Imaal Terrier mates with the male to give birth to puppies. The initial few weeks are critical for the puppy to make them strong and agile.

In most instances when you adopt these pets it's important to understand the history of the pet before adopting as frequent breeding is not healthy for this breed. In puppy mills for example mothers are not fed adequately and breed multiple times throughout the year.

What is their conservation status?

The Glen of Imaal Terrier dog species is considered as a Not Evaluated species by the International Union For Conservation Of Nature (IUCN), this is not necessarily because of any specific reasons.  

Glen Of Imaal Terrier Facts

What do Glen of Imaal Terriers look like?

Glen of Imaal Terrier has small brown eyes and ears that fold over its head. The Glen of Imaal Terrier has a double coat on its body including a soft undercoat and a rough overcoat and requires weekly brushing and grooming as well.

They have soft hair around their ears, neck, belly, and their legs. this dog breed has a short tail and is docked in nature.

Glen of Imaal Terrier is gentle in nature

How cute are they?

Glen of Imaal Terriers are extremely cute because of their small stature. They are playful, have a controllable temperament, and are friendly dogs towards kids and senior citizens. Kids would instantly fall in love with them, without a doubt. Their shape and size make them accommodating and a cute dog to be around.

How do they communicate?

All dogs primarily communicate via barking although this is slightly less in the Glen of Imaal Terrier species, though they still make use of barking when necessary. With ample training, they learn to follow commands from their owners and other family members too.

They are an excellent choice for first-time pet owners as they learn to adjust and accommodate. If you are not familiar with training a dog to understand commands, you could consult a professional in the field.

How big is a Glen of Imaal Terrier?

Glen of Imaal Terrier is 12-14 in long on average if measured at the shoulder, which is five times bigger than the smallest breed of dogs, the Chihuahua, which is six to nine inches tall or even smaller in size. They are a fairly medium-length dog.

How fast can a Glen of Imaal Terrier run?

Terrier breeds are small in stature with short legs in front hence they don't run in most instances and even if they do their speed is at a slow pace compared to other species of dogs.

When the terrier dog is tired the dog shows signs of this by lying down for some time. If overly exerted these dogs are prone to various health problems like hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), cone-rod dystrophy among other health problems.

Hip evaluation, elbow evaluation are among the recommended health examinations for this terrier dog that can be conducted regularly.

How much does a Glen of Imaal Terrier weigh?

The average Glen of Imaal Terrier dog has a minimum weight of 32 lb up to a maximum weight of 40 lb and is of medium length.

If they are any less or more than their assigned bodyweight it can lead to health issues later. This can be monitored by maintaining a healthy diet as well as a minimum level of exercise like going on walks.

If they are exerted too much while it may also lead to other complications hence one needs to be careful while taking care of these dwarf breeds.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The male and female of the dog species are not named differently and look similar as well however, to differentiate between the two you can consult a veterinarian to identify the basic reproductive functions.

What would you call a baby Glen of Imaal Terrier?

Glen of Imaal Terrier puppies are just referred to as puppies. When born, the Glen of Imaal Terrier puppy looks extremely cute in size however it takes time for the short fur to develop fully.

The breed standard does not determine if the dog's coat will be of any particular color.

Glen of Imaal Terrier has curved front legs so it's essential to ensure that the dog does not jump off a great height or climb up or down steep stairs to avoid too much strain to the legs.

This does not mean they cannot do this but this is a precaution that needs to be taken specifically when they are young puppies up till the age of nine months of age as their growth plates are still developing. They tend to bite onto things during this stage but are not always aggressive dogs in nature.

What do they eat?

The Glen of Imaal Terrier requires high-quality dog food throughout all stages of their life. Other food items safe for dogs to consume are bread, cheese, honey, yogurt, eggs, fish, ham, pork cashews, corn, milk, peanut butter, wheat, and other grains as well.

This needs to be supplemented with timely treats if the owner wishes to train the dogs well. Water should be within the reach of the animal at all times to avoid dehydration. Their diet should be such that it ensures a balanced weight.

Are they hypoallergenic?

Although you might consider a Glen of Imaal Terrier hypoallergenic in nature, it is not so. The dog breed does not adjust well with people who suffer from allergies.

Some Glen of Imaal Terriers may not respond well if they are surrounded by people with allergies as they too will showcase an allergic response. They have a tendency to stink from bad smell and this will be primarily due to infections caused by a bad tooth, ear infections, and or gas attacks.

Would they make a good pet?

Glen of Imaal Terrier cost approximately somewhere between $1500-$2200, this may vary depending on the region and popularity of the breed as well. You can buy them from Glen of Imaal Terrier breeders, pet shops, or even rescue groups.

They are extremely affectionate dogs. Imaal terriers can be left alone in an apartment or a home without worrying about it being destructive to property, however, they do not adapt to office environments.

This dog breed is small and adjusts to smaller living spaces. They are easy to train and are quick learners and they are not as hyperactive as different pet dog breeds.

They require a medium amount of exercise and activity given that they are dwarf breed and their energy level is relatively low. This makes them great house dogs.

The Imaal terrier quickly identifies the difference between commands given and actions taught. To ease the process of training Glen of Imaal Terrier, you can use positive reinforcements like treats on regular basis.

The Imaal terrier once taught is smart enough to remember them throughout their life. If you are a first-time dog owner and live in a warm to colder weather region then this is a perfect choice for you.

In terms of care, Glen of Imaal Terriers are a short bowed pet who sheds occasionally and requires weekly grooming and brushing. Their teeth need to be brushed two to three times a week to avoid cavities or build-up of bacteria.

The terrier dog's ears too need cleaning on a weekly basis which can be done using a dampened cotton ball to prevent ear infections. Regular clipping of nails and ear examination and cleaning is essential to avoid any formation of wax build-up.

While grooming them it's advisable to keep them on a table to ensure the process is easier for both.

Stripping them twice or three times a year also ensures minimized shedding. They need to be made accustomed to hygiene practices as they might not always welcome grooming needs but making the process fun and positive will encourage them to participate without rebelling.

Did you know...

Glen of Imaal Terrier mix-breed dogs exist as well like the Glen of Imaal pitbull terrier breed, and bull terrier among others. The exact number of breeders is uncertain however there are various other clubs like the Imaal Terrier Club, and Irish Kennel Club that also recognize them.  

The Glen of Imaal Terrier breeder is crucial in aiding the birth of the puppies. One such breeder is the Glen of Imaal Terriers Liberty Kennel since 1989 at Montgomery County among various others responsible for the breeding.

If you want to adopt them you could visit such facilities. Every year Glen of Imaal Terrier is a breed sure to be seen participating in the American Kennel Club (AKC) rally founded in the year 1884 but started in the year 2005 and takes place each year.

Various books have been written on pet dogs as well as on Glen of Imaal Terrier species who are a popular dog breed to adopt.

Mary Brytowski has written a book on Glen of Imaal Terrier breed based on her life and experience with these small and cute beings titled 'Glen Of Imaal Terrier: Special Rare Breed Edition: A Comprehensive Owners Guide.'

It is ideal for a first-time owner to give this book a read to get a better idea prior to considering adopting Glen of Imaal Terrier as a pet.

Another book is written on the Imaal terrier dog titled 'Glen Of Imaal Terrier: A Complete and Comprehensive Owners Guide To Buying, Owning, Health, Grooming, Training, Obedience, Understanding, And Caring For Your Glen The Imaal Terrier' written by Michael Stonewood.  

Who bred the first Glen of Imaal Terrier?

The first Glen of Imaal Terrier was bred in Ireland's Wicklow mountains by crossing the native Irish dogs with the hounds of Flemish.

Some legends suggest that the origins of the Glen of Imaal lie in crossing native Irish breeds with the hounds of Flemish by lowland soldiers who were sent to Ireland by the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, in the 1570s.

What is the largest breed of terrier?

There are various types of terriers that exist as a result of the mix as well as purebred ones. The largest breed of terriers is the Airedale terrier who looks similar to the Imaal terrier but is different in terms of height, weight, and length.

The Airdale terriers are also referred to as the 'king of the terrier' species and worked in times of the first world war.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Glen of Imaal terrier coloring pages.

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