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Lagotto Romagnolo facts give us interesting information about this cute water dog.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a cute, fluffy, and loyal ancient Italian dog breed that originally resided in the marshlands of Italy's Romagna sub-region.

It is a small to medium-sized dog with a history of being an Italian or Romagna hunter and water dog thereby helping people in hunting as well as fishing. As per historians, this dog breed is considered to be the first breed of water dogs.

This breed, being a part of a sporting group, is very loyal, adorable, and easy to train as a pet with a high energy level.

If you decide to adopt this dog, you have to take them out for regular walks and help them in mental stimulation too. Nowadays these dogs are used for hunting truffles because of their highly sensitive sense of smell making them experts in this area.

Their dense curly coat keeps them warm during the cold winter season.

A male Lagotto Romagnolo's weight is around 28.5-38 lb and a female Lagotto Romagnolo size is around 24 - 32 lb.

On average, the Lagotto Romagnolo's price range is $2000-$2500 USD. Usually, the life expectancy of this dog breed ranges from 15-17 years but it has excellent health throughout its life.

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Lagotto Romagnolo Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Lagotto Romagnolo?

Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed of dog.

What class of animal does a Lagotto Romagnolo belong to?

Lagotto Romagnolo belongs to the class of Mammalia. It is also known for hunting truffles.

How many Lagotto Romagnolos are there in the world?

The number of Lagotto Romagnolos present in the world has not been assessed so there is no exact figure.

Where does a Lagotto Romagnolo live?

This breed is originally from the eastern region of Italy. Lagotto Romagnolo is considered a purebred dog and it lives in the home of its owner. With proper grooming, training, and exercise, it can be one of the most intelligent and affectionate breeds.

What is a Lagotto Romagnolo's habitat?

Earlier, this breed used to live in the marshlands of Italy but now they can live anywhere, preferably in a moderate to cold climate because of its thick coat, in a friendly and loving home.

Who do Lagotto Romagnolos live with?

Laotto Romagnolos are very friendly and easy to maintain dogs and they are bred to live with people and search for truffles.

How long does a Lagotto Romagnolo live?

Usually, a healthy Lagotto Romagnolo dog has a life expectancy of about 15-17 years. This dog breed is usually quite healthy but it needs regular visits to a veterinarian to be aware of common health problems like juvenile epilepsy, hip and elbow dysplasia.

How do they reproduce?

A Lagotto Romagnolo dog, like any other dog breed, can usually mate twice a year although, like any other pet dog, it does not have a specific breeding season. Two months after breeding, the female gives birth to a litter of puppies consisting of two to twelve puppies.

When they are born, the babies are blind and deaf and depend on their mother for security and milk. When puppies are three to four months old, they become more self-reliant.

What is their conservation status?

This dog breed is quite rare in the United States, though it has been listed as of Least Concern by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Lagotto Romagnolo Fun Facts

What do Lagotto Romagnolos look like?

The Lagotto Romagnolo has a strong body with dense curly hair all over

Lagotto Romagnolo is a small to medium-sized dog breed with dense and curly hair all over its body as well as tail except the eyes.

It has a powerfully built body and the coat color can be in different shades like brown, cream, or golden, and they can either be solid-colored or have patches of any of these colors in combination.

Some of them even have a brown mask on their face.

Moreover, their coats are hypoallergenic which saves people suffering from dog hair allergies. A male Lagotto weighs around 28.5-38 lb and a female Lagotto weighs around 24-32 lb.

How cute are they?

It is a cute family dog breed with curly dense hair coat all over the body and tail and is cuddly. It is loyal, adorable and its training can also take place quite easily. Lagotto Romagnolo's colors are brown, off-white, orange, and sometimes golden. The Lagotto Romagnolo needs to be groomed and exercised regularly to ensure its good health.

How do they communicate?

These dogs, like any other dog, communicate through howl, bark, whines, and whimper. They also have a strong sense of smell which helps them to track truffles.

They also communicate through the wagging of tails.

For example, if the tail is tucked under its body, the dog is ready to surrender in front of the other dog. If the tail enthusiastically wags in a circular motion, it means that he is happy and if it wags in a slow and controlled manner with a stiff body, it usually means he wants to attack.

How big is a Lagotto Romagnolo?

The height of a male is 17-19 in (43-48 cm) and the female is 16-18 in (41-46 cm) which is almost half the size of a Great Dane dog breed where the male is 30-32 in (76-82 cm) and the female is 28-30 in (71-76 cm).

How fast can a Lagotto Romagnolo run?

Although these dogs were considered hunter dogs and have excellent speed, it has not been assessed how fast they can run.

How much does a Lagotto Romagnolo weigh?

A Male Lagotto weighs 28.5-38 lb and a female Lagotto weighs 24-32 lb.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Like all dogs, the male is called a dog while the female is called a bitch.

What would you call a baby Lagotto Romagnolo?

A baby Lagotto Romagnolo is called a puppy. The cost of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy is usually $2000-$25000 USD.

What do they eat?

These dogs eat high-quality dog food sometimes mixed with canned food, broth, or water. But since these dogs are natural diggers, they can dig fruits and vegetables from the garden and sometimes also love cottage cheese and well-cooked eggs.

Are they hypoallergenic?

Yes, they have a hypoallergenic coat which means the hair does not shed, even though it has dense hair all over its body which is an advantage for people with allergies.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, they belong to the sporting group and are lovely and faithful companions but they require proper grooming, exercise, and training for good health. They have high energy levels and are easy to train too.

Did you know...

If it can learn how to bark when it is necessary, Lagotto Romagnolo can make an excellent watchdog. They can end up barking excessively if they are not well trained.

The ideal way to pronounce this dog's name is laˈɡɔtto romaɲˈɲɔːlo.

What purpose was the Lagotto Romagnolo originally bred for?

This breed is considered to be the ancient water dog of Italy which was bred for hunting and fishing but in recent times, it is trained to find truffles because of its high sense of smell.

Do Lagotto Romagnolos like to dig?

Yes, since they are truffle hunters, these dogs also have a strong instinct to dig. Therefore, the owners have to train them by giving them specific digging grounds so that the gardens and flowers are not harmed.

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