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Russian bear dog facts about the mountain dog breed.

Russian bear dogs are one of the biggest dog breeds to exist in present times. This dog breed is also called or referred to by various other names including Caucasian shepherd dog or Caucasian ovcharka.

They originated from the Caucasus mountains and were originally bred as huge guard dogs that were used to protect livestock.

They are still used as guard dogs in the Caucasus mountains in regions of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

It is actually believed that the Caucasian mountain dog breed is around 2,500 years old and has expert hearing and sighting skills that make them the best guard dogs. The Russian bear dog breed had also been recognized as purebred by the American Kennel Club a long time ago.

They are also known as Russian bear hunting dogs as in the past, as these working dogs were used to hunt bears. This working dog makes for an excellent family dog as they will never be aggressive towards humans unless provoked. Their double coat offers them protection against adverse weather conditions.

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Russian Bear Dog Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Russian bear dog?

Russian bear dogs are a very famous dog breed that are considered to have existed for 2,500 years. They are counted as one of the biggest dog breeds to have existed in present times.

Caucasian mountain dogs were bred in order to form a dog breed that is huge enough to protect the livestock and also loyal enough to be used as a pet dog in Caucasus mountain regions.

What class of animal does a Russian bear dog belong to?

Russian bear dog, or Caucasian shepherd, belong to the class of mammals. Just like other dog breeds they give birth to their offspring directly.

How many Russian bear dogs are there in the world?

It is not known as to how many Russian bear dogs there are, since it is very difficult to calculate. Still, they are nowhere near being extinct, and they are recently very popular among pet owners as well as dog breeders.

Where does a Russian bear dog live?

Russian bear dogs, or Caucasian shepherds, were bred with the motive to protect and defend animals on farms and safeguard the livestock. Because of this, Caucasian shepherd dogs are known to live in farms, mountains, and houses. Apartments or small flats would not be appropriate for these dogs.

What is a Russian bear dog's habitat?

These dogs are also known as mountain dogs, because they were mostly found in the mountain regions of Azerbaijan. Mountain regions are considered the ideal habitat for a Caucasian shepherd dog.

Who do Russian bear dogs live with?

These dogs can be found living with families and children, as well as other pets. This is because they are very friendly, but can be difficult to train due to their large size. They can fit into any environment provided they are getting a good amount of exercise and food.

How long does a Russian bear dog live?

A Russian bear dog has a comparatively shorter lifespan when compared to other dog breeds. If taken care of properly, they have an average life span of ten to 12 years and can live up to 15 years too.

How do they reproduce?

A male and a female dog must be acquaintances first, as they can sometimes end up fighting one another. Once the reproduction is over, a female dog gives birth to a cute puppy. A female dogs tend to to give birth only once a year.

What is their conservation status?

They have gained immense popularity recently and are counted among one of the greatest guard dogs . They have been really popular among pet owners as well as breeders, so they are bred frequently as they are excellent among farms and houses. Due to this, their conservation status is listed as Least Concern.

Russian Bear Dog Fun Facts

What do Russian bear dogs look like?

Russian bear dogs, or Caucasian shepherds, gained their names as they were specially bred to adapt to mountain regions. Russian bear dogs are a very large dog breed.

Due to their huge size, they are very intimidating, and have a broad, stocky build with visible muscles, large paws and short legs. They also have a large skull with a flat forehead, medium-sized eyes that are oval-shaped and usually brown in color with high triangular ears.

Russian bear dogs also have a double coat, with the outer coat being long and coarse as suited to their environment. They can have various color coats including grey, tan, white and fawn.

A chow chow closely resembles the Russian bear dog.

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How cute are they?

They are huge, fluffy mountain dogs that like to cuddle with you, so are absolutely considered cute. They are really great companions and partners that are protective of their owners as well as their families.

How do they communicate?

Caucasian dogs are large mountain dogs that are really intelligent. They make barking noises to communicate or display certain things.

They are really stubborn as well, and due to their big size, they can be difficult to train. If they are properly trained, they can be excellent pets. But they are really dangerous and defensive towards their owners and could seriously hurt strangers.

How big is a Russian bear dog?

Russian bear dogs are one of the largest dog breeds to exist, and are also one of the biggest amongst the category of guard dogs.

They are really huge, but their female species is comparatively shorter and lighter than the males. A male Russian bear weighs around 110-200 lb (49-90 kg) with a height of 28-35 in (71-88 cm) whereas, a female weighs around 100-180 lb (45-81 kg) with a height of 26-31 in (66-78 cm).

They are almost three times the size of a pomeranian and ten times the size of a mouse.

How fast can a Russian bear dog run?

These dogs are quite heavy and huge. Owing to this, dogs of this giant breed can’t run that fast, but they can cover great distances due to their stamina and high energy levels.

How much does a Russian bear dog weigh?

As we have already seen, this breed has been believed to be amongst one of the largest dog breeds to exist. They are really huge, and a male Russian bear dog has an average weight of around 110-200 lb (49-90 kg) whereas, the females are comparatively smaller, and their size ranges from 100-180 lb (45-81 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no specific names given to the male and female species of Russian bear dog. Russian bear dogs are generally called dogs for the males, and bitches for females.

What would you call a baby Russian bear dog?

A baby Russian bear dog would be known as a puppy.

What do they eat?

Caucasian shepherds, or Russian bear dogs, do not reach their maximum size until they are two years old. These giant dogs eat high quality dog food with the calories and calcium that they require.

It is advised to get a suggestion from a vet as to what these requirements would be. They are also suggested to eat protein-rich dog food. According to their age and size, they are known to consume 20 calories per pound of bodyweight every day to take care of their energy requirements.

Are they slobbery?

Yeah, they are quite slobbery balls of fur. If you are looking for an excellent guard dog, this is definitely the best you can opt for.

Although if you are allergic, a Russian bear dog might not be your best choice as they are slobbery and shed a lot. They can especially shed a lot in the summer which might be an inconvenience for people that do not like dogs that drool or shed.

Would they make a good pet?

Caucasian ovcharka are not considered the first choice for families that have small kids and live in apartments, due to their large size. They need a lot of space to walk around, which is not possible in the case of apartments.

Russian bear dogs are not very great for small children as they have guard dog qualities which can make them vicious.

At the same time, their big size can be intimidating. Caucasian ovcharka are not considered great for pet owners who have no previous experience with big dog breeds But their low energy level means that training and socialization is easier than you might think.

Overall these dogs are very loyal to their owners and will have a great bond with their family. They can be excellent watchdogs or guard dogs for families.

As these dogs are susceptible to various health problems, taking care of a Russian mountain dog involves a lot of effort. You must make sure that you get them from a reputable breeder only.

Did you know...

Russian Bear Dogs have both long and short hair, and they need regular grooming of their coat and hair to avoid any knots. You must get this gentle giant dog from a reputable breeder only, so that you can be made aware of any health issues that they might be susceptible to.

Caucasian shepherd dogs can suffer from various health problems like hip dysplasia. Caucasian shepherds are heavy shedders and are known to shed really heavily during the summer which can be controlled by giving them warm baths.

They need regular baths, brushing, and grooming along with regular vet check ups. They have really good energy levels which make them fit for long walks and hikes.

This gentle giant can be aggressive towards dog owners, if proper training is not provided to them. Regular exercise is a must for these dogs to prevent any risk of disease and obesity.

Characteristics and health issues

Do not let their guard dog behavior and large size fool you. Caucasian mountain dogs are sometimes very laid back or lethargic and have been described as being lazy by their owners.

They are very protective, which is a trait gained by them through their history as guard dogs. They are known for their protective dog temperament towards their families and can be noisy or vicious towards strangers.

Overall a full grown Russian bear dog is a healthy breed but like other dog breeds, they might have some genetic health problems, including hip dysplasia, cataracts, elbow dysplasia, obesity, gastric torsion, and luxating patella. It is important to take your dog for regular vet check ups.

Can you own a Russian bear dog?

Russian bear dogs, or Caucasian shepherd dogs, easily qualify and the largest and biggest breeds among dogs, and need extra care and caution.

They are usually advised to be professionally trained by experts and be extensively socialized in order to make them suitable as family pets. These magnificent dogs need professional guidance and are better suited to anyone who have had past experience with giant and protective dog breeds.

However, there are various other dog breeds that are much more suited as family pets and can be a better option for you to choose.

Russian bear dogs are legal mostly all around the world and there are no specific laws banning or preventing anyone from owning or having a Russian bear dog as a pet.

It is usually advised to take professional help or work in different rescue centers where you can gain familiarity with this dog breed. Even though you may be put off by the large size of these dogs they are very gentle giants when trained properly, as they are one of the kindest and loyal guardian dog breeds.

Russian bear dogs (or Caucasian mountain dog) can be bought or adopted from verified and professional dog breeders and trainers. A Russian bear dog puppy roughly costs in the range of 1,500 to 2,000 USD. They can cost much more if bought or adopted from reputable dog breeders.

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