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Standard poodle facts and information are fun to read

Poodles are one of the oldest dog breeds, native to Germany, trained for hunting. They are known for their intelligence and attributes of a quick learner.

They may have derived from Germany but they have established themselves as a distinct breed in France. It is said that Germans derived poodles by crossbreeding several water dogs. On the other hand, some believe that The African Barbet is the forefather of this breed.

Poodle dogs are known as good hunting dogs and easy-to-train dogs. In France, they are called 'caniche' which means duck dog.

With proper training, there are very few breeds that can surpass poodles as a companion. Their intelligence makes them a good companion. They are also France's national dog!

Poodles come in three varieties, based on three sizes; standard poodles, toys, and miniature poodles. The standard poodles are more than 15 inches (38cm) tall at the shoulder and the toy and miniature poodle stand around 10 inches (25.4cm).

To learn more, we have collected a set of interesting information about this amazing group of dogs for you to read. You can also learn more about dogs by reading up more articles on the toy poodle and the snorkie.

Poodle Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Poodle?

Poodle is a breed of water dogs with three varieties based on sizes and more than 40 crossbreeds. Three size varieties are a standard poodle, miniature, and toy poodle.

Standard poodles that are a bit shorter than their usual size, are also known as medium poodles. Crossbreeds include havapoo, Maltipoo, saint berdoodle, Irish doodle, sheepadoodle, bernedoodle, French poodle, Maltese poodle, teacup poodle and more.

What class of animal does a Poodle belong to?

Poodles belong to the Mammalia class of the Animalia kingdom.

How many Poodles are there in the world?

The total strength of the poodle population in this world is not counted. They cannot survive in the wild and they are raised in households as domestic pets and kennels as well.

Few owners tend to breed their poodle dogs with help of a trained breeder and the number of offspring is not always recorded officially. Thus making it difficult to have a total count of this dog breed in this world.

Where does a Poodle live?

Poodle dogs can't survive in the wild. They have been raised in households with proper care, attention, training, medication, diet, and grooming.

What is a Poodle's habitat?

Poodle lives in households and kennels, where they receive proper care and attention. Poodles can grow up in any type of shelter, be it a two-story house or a mansion, or a penthouse, as long as they receive regular exercise and attention. They tend to be happy Inside of the house.

Who do Poodles live with?

Poodles live with their owner and their family. They are known as great family dogs and they are extremely loyal as well.

Once they form affection, they do not tend to leave the side of their favorite human. With proper training, poodles can be friendly with other dogs, be it of their breed or some other. However, these dogs can be extremely moody and mean, when they observe that being angry or upset can get them anything.

Sometimes it depends on their human companions though. That's why poodles need proper training from reputed and experienced breeders.

How long does a Poodle live?

The average life span of a poodle is 12-15 years. Apart from old age, they can die because of heart failure and other critical health issues. It is important to make them go through routine check-ups by well-trained veterinarians.

How do they reproduce?

Breeding should be done under the watchful eyes of an experienced breeder. Owners must be prepared with finance, time, commitment, emotional strength, and a trained breeder.

Owners should keep that in mind that your poodle must be two years old and above for breeding. It is better to stop breeding after she hits the age limit of five or six years, as producing too many pups may ruin her health.

Both the male and female should be examined thoroughly before breeding to avoid infection and other diseases.

For better results, pair them 11 days after her heat cycle begins. Though this period differs from breed to breed. Pair them every alternate day for a week. The sperm will stay alive for seven to 10 days in the female body. On average three to four sessions can ensure successful breeding.

What is their conservation status?

This dog breed is marked as Not Listed by International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN.

Poodle Fun facts

What do Poodles look like?

(Poodle haircuts are very tricky.)

Poodles are one of the most gorgeous groups of dogs. They have a square-shaped outline, a straight back, a long elegant-looking neck, a docked tail, and dropped ears.

They come with brilliant two-layered coats, a dense wiry topcoat, and a wooly undercoat. Poodle colors can be grey, white, cream, walnut, or dark brown color. There more than 50 styles of coat clips spotted on poodles, with the continental clip being the most famous one.

How cute are they?

Well, we don't believe there's any unit that can truly measure poodles' cuteness! They look so elegant and sophisticated when they walk and there is no better treat to the eye than seeing a happy and active poodle, playing with kids.  

How do they communicate?

Whenever our pet dogs bark, growl or whine at us, don't we all think what exactly are they trying to say? Every dog expresses their emotions and tries to communicate by making sounds, eye contact and gestures.

There are some known and varified examples as to when they stare at you with the wide-eyed gentle look, it means they want your attention and some pats or belly rub maybe. Wagging their tail when it's lowered means they are simply enjoying your company and feels safe.

Showing the belly means they want some cuddles. When they are not liking something or simply wants you to backs off, they show their teeth less aggressively.

They show you their paw when they want to greet or wants something from you.

They bring their lash to their owners when they want to go out for a walk. When they are triggered or angered or about to attack they raise their tail high and when they are scared they tuck their tail in between their legs.

How big is a Poodle?

There are three poodle sizes. The standard poodle size is 24.5 - 32 in (62 - 81 cm) in body length and standing height of 24 - 32.5 in (61 - 83 cm).

The miniature is 11 – 14 in (28 – 35 cm) and the toy poodle, being the smallest of all, is 9.4 – 11 in (24 – 28 cm) in body length.

Among the crossbreed dogs, the golden doodle is the largest of all of them and the micro poodle being the smallest one.

How fast can a Poodle run?

Poodles are one of the fastest dog breeds in this world. They can achieve speed up to 30 mph (48.2 kph). In terms of running speed, they can rival dog breeds like German shepherd!

How much does a Poodle weigh?

Poodles' weight depends on their diet and breed standard. If given proper nutrition, a poodle can weigh up to 70 lb (31.7 kg).

A male standard poodle weighs from 45 - 70 lb (20 - 31.7 kg) and a female 45 - 60lb (20 - 27 kg).

A miniature poodle weighs about 26 - 31 lb (12 - 14 kg).

And toy poodles, being the lightest in weight out of all of them, weighs around 14 - 17lb (6.5 - 6.7 kg).

Among the crossbreeds, the Shihpoo is the lightest in terms of body weight. They can be as light as 7 lb or 3.1 kg

What are their male and female names of the species?

Like all dogs, a male poodle is called a dog while a female poodle is called a bitch.

What would you call a baby Poodle?

Baby poodles are called pups.

What do they eat?

Poodles are omnivorous. The standard poodle diet should include cooked meats, as they can't consume raw meat.

Meats of turkey, duck, beef, bison, moose, and sheep can be given to them. Boiling and steaming are considered to be the best method to cook meat for dogs.

Adult dogs should be fed one or two times a day and poodle puppies four or five times a day in smaller quantities, as the puppies can't digest too much food at one shot.

The quantity of food given to an adult poodle dog depends on their routine activity, health, body mass, metabolism rate, and age. Just like every breed, poodles should not be overfed, otherwise, they will put on a lot of weight and that may bring about health issues.

The diet of an active poodle dog will be much different than that of a poodle who doesn't like to leave the couch! The quality of food given will also affect the health and build of your dog.

It is also suggested not to leave the food in front of your dog to be eaten all by himself.

Take out some time and help your dog to eat. This way you can have better control over their diet and health.

Are they slobbery?

Poodles don't drool much. However, tooth decay, gum infection, tartar buildup, and oral tumors will make them drool a lot. So if your dog is too slobbery, then you must consult a veterinarian, as it may lead to serious health issues.

Would they make a good pet?

Poodles are considered one of the best family dogs. They are smart, energetic and they bark moderately, and easy to train.

With proper training, this dog can be just another family member of yours. Training in social interactions should start at an early age. Another reason for this dog being a good pet is they don't shed much, so you don't have to be worried about cleaning their mess much.

Did you know...

In the 19th century, American Kettle Club (AKC) listed this dog breed as a non-sporting breed.

Poodles are known as a very efficient hunting dog breed.

Poodles can be excellent show dogs by having one of three hairdos: English saddle, continental clip, and modified continental clip.

Cafe au lait is one of the most gorgeous color variants of poodles.

Apricot poodle is one of the rarest of their breed.

Mini poodle is a more hyperactive dog, comparing to other dog breeds.

Red poodle is one of the not so easily found poodle breeds.

Black poodle is one of the most common color variants of poodle breeds.

There is some standard poodle who can grow more than their standard measurements with proper nutrition and exercise. They are called giant poodles.

Having your Poodle

You can adopt or buy poodles anytime you want. Poodle owners just have to be prepared with finance and a lot of commitments! A standard poodle cost ranges between $700-$5000 and other size varieties can cost between $1000-2200.

Poodle owners take pride in the elegance of their dogs. This dog can melt anyone's heart in no time! They just need your unconditional love and some training of course.

Poodle grooming

Poodle dogs don't shed much and that's why poodles can be a great choice for allergic people. The hair of this dog is curly and dense and it can be trimmed, shaped, or clipped. It can be manipulated into any desired shape.

Grooming of these dogs is tricky, therefore it's not for someone fainthearted. It takes a lot of training for them to behave properly and preparing them for dog sports is a whole different level of commitment. They are the winners of many prestigious dog sports.

These dogs are quite high in maintenance. Poodle dogs require regular grooming sessions every 3-6weeks. That's why it is wise to hire a professional groomer.

Even then you need to brush your dog regularly. Check their ears regularly for any sign of infection.

Trim their nails once a month. Brush their teeth two or three times a week. While brushing their coat, check for redness, cuts, or other signs of infection.

Don't use cold water while washing them as they are vulnerable to cold water. Don't overfeed them. They should not weigh more than 70-80 pounds.

Take them to a veterinarian for routine checkups. A few common diseases of this dog are Addison's disease, hypothyroidism, and more. Take them out for a walk and prepare an exercise chart to increase their energy level and last but not least, love them with all your heart.

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