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The green imperial pigeon (Ducula aenea) is a species of phylum Chordata, order Columbiformes, and genus Ducula. These large pigeons are one of the most beautiful birds you can ever see.

The green imperial pigeon has metallic green wings and slightly pale white underparts and heads. They have a bronze color on the back of their neck and a large plump.

The pigeon of this family is quite large, around 17.7 in (45 cm) in length. The juvenile is duller than parents and has less pink on its head. The distribution of these pigeons can be seen in southern Asian countries like India, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Many Indian states also have a vast population. The habitats of dense forests and lowland moist forests of tropical and subtropical areas are preferred.

During the breeding season, regions of less forest cover are preferred because this make nest building easy. They have many subspecies like D. a. sylvatica, D. a. pusilla, D. a. andamanica, D. a. consobrina, D. a. oenothorax, D. a. polia, D. a. palawanensis.

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Green Imperial Pigeon Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a green imperial pigeon?

This large plump pigeon is a type of bird that prefers to live in habitats like forests and thick tree cover with a dense canopy. They are commonly seen breeding in tropical south Asia, Nepal, India, and east Indonesia. These birds have several subspecies and their diet consists of fruits and berries.

What class of animal does a green imperial pigeon belong to?

These birds belong to the kingdom Animalia, class Aves, genus Ducula, and the order Columbiformes. The green imperial pigeon is metallic green and white in color with black wings. Their scientific name is Ducula aenea.

How many green imperial pigeons are there in the world?

The exact population of this green pigeon is not known, but they are found in abundance in Indonesia and South India and can be spotted easily. Though their population size is large, the population trend of this species is continuously decreasing.

Where does a green imperial pigeon live?

The habitat of this species includes tropical and subtropical mangrove forests and most shrublands. Their distribution can be seen in many countries like India, Indonesia, the Philippines,  Brunei, Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia. These birds also live in the Indian states of Goa, Tripura, Mizoram, Nagaland, Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar.

What is a green imperial pigeon's habitat?

The green imperial pigeon (Ducula aenea) is a forest species. The regions of open country and mangroves are also preferred habitats. They can also be seen in lowlands. In India, they can be found in an elevation range of 98.4-19.7 ft (300-600 m) and 32.8 ft (1000 m) in the Sulawesi Islands.

Who do green imperial pigeons live with?

These birds can live with other species as well as human beings. They sometimes live in a flock but also enjoy living solitary lives. They are sweet social birds and often form groups to go on food searches.

How long does a green imperial pigeon live?

The exact lifespan of this region is not known, but it must be very similar to that of a different species of the same family Columbidae which is the rock dove. The rock dove lives for about five to six years under the best conditions of living.

How do they reproduce?

These pigeons have varied breeding seasons, but the green imperial pigeon (Ducula aenea) prefers to breed during summer or at the beginning of the rainy season. They both build nests for the egg using dry leaves, sticks, twigs and place them at a height of 393.7 in (10 m) above ground.

Females lay only a single egg but both sexes take care of the baby.

What is their conservation status?

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), these green imperial pigeons of genus Ducula are classified as a Least Concern species. These birds are very common in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Green Imperial Pigeon Fun Facts

What do green imperial pigeons look like?

The description of the green imperial pigeon (Ducula aenea) is very impressive. These pigeons have a wide range of colors on their body which makes them very magnificent and they are native to Indonesia. They have faded green metallic wings and a blue bill.

The eyes are red and have some white feathers around them. The head, underparts, and neck are pale white to pink in color. The feathers near the tail and the feet are reddish in color, and the eyes have a white circle around them.

Even at rest, the colorful wings of this pigeon makes them look spectacular.

How cute are they?

They are very colorful and the metallic look of their wings are totally mesmerizing. They are definitely a cute species of birds.

How do they communicate?

These birds communicate by calling each other using sounds. They produce a range of high-pitched sounds to communicate with other group mates. They have deep calls like 'koo kooo' and 'oom' which they often use during courtship displays to reveal their territory or to warn predators.

How big is a green imperial pigeon?

The green imperial pigeon (Duculs aenea) is a large bird 17.7 in (45 cm). They are almost two times the size of the German nun pigeon, which is 10 in (25 cm) long.

How fast can a green imperial pigeon move?

The exact flying speed of the green imperial pigeon (Ducula aenea) is not known, but these pigeons are very active at flying and also fly very fast. They do not like being on the ground unless it is for eating and drinking purposes. They often fly above the canopy.

How much does a green imperial pigeon weigh?

The green imperial pigeon (Duculs aenea) weighs around 12.8 - 22.5 oz (365-640 g). The largest pigeon in the world, the Victoria crowned pigeon weighs around 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)

What are the male and female names of the species?

A male of this species is called a cock and a female of this species is called a hen. The sexes are look similar.

What would you call a baby green imperial pigeon?

The baby of a green imperial pigeon is called a squab and is very adorable to look at.

What do they eat?

The green imperial pigeon (Ducula aenea) is a herbivore and their main diet consists of vitamins. They feed on fruits, eatables from tropical trees, vines, bushes, wild fruits, berries, flowers, leaves, and figs. They like to feed in dense canopies of trees but come near to the ground to forage on small trees.

Are they dangerous?

No, these birds are not dangerous and they are not an aggressive species. However, they can transmit various diseases to humans through their waste that they excrete.

Would they make a good pet?

The green imperial pigeon (Ducula aenea) flies very fast and does not like being on the ground unless it is for food, water, or for mating purpose. Keeping them as a pet means keeping them indoors or in cages which stops them from flying around.

Although pigeons make good pets, you will disturb their natural behavior as this particular species of pigeons is not much of a fan of staying still.

Did you know...

The first mention of this pigeon was in the 'Ornithologie' book by the French zoologist Mathurin Jacques Brisson in 1760. The description was not accepted until Linnaeus updated the description and cited the work of Brisson.

Why are they called green imperial pigeons?

The scientific name 'aenea' came from the Latin word 'aeneus' which means 'bronze' or 'copper'. The feather of these birds are metallic green in color.

What noise does a green imperial pigeon make?

These green imperial pigeons are very vocal in speech. They have a deep voice and produce a 'oom' noise while lowering the head.

Many people have heard the deep disyllabic call of this pigeon which sounds like 'curr-hoo' or 'koo koooo'. These are very similar to each other and they differ in frequencies and are different reactions a particular situation. Indian pigeons give a longer call than any of other pigeons.

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