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Find some interesting facts about the Husky Wolf mix here.
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Over centuries dogs and wolves have been crossbred to create wolf dogs. Wolf dogs were initially bred as racing and adventure-trekking dogs in the Arctic region and these wolf like dogs are scattered throughout Europe and North America.

The husky wolf mix is the combination of a wolf breed with a Siberian husky and an Alaskan husky. It is a crossbreed.

The husky wolf mix, also known as the hybrid wolf dog, is undoubtedly gorgeous and highly intelligent. This dog wolf mix has an agile build, thick coat, pointy ears, and prominent teeth.

Its inheritance of either the wolf's golden-brown eyes or the bright blue eyes of the husky makes the breed look even more beautiful. The behavioral characters of huskies and wolves mean that this dog hybrid breed requires a lot of physical strength to handle.

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Husky Wolf Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a husky wolf mix?

The husky wolf mix, or wolf hybrid, is a strong-wild dog their characteristics and temperament are like wolves to an extent. Even though these husky wolf mixes evolved from wolves, they have a life cycle and physiology similar to that of a domesticated dog.

The husky wolf mix is a more intelligent dog breed as compared to the husky, but still they can't be trained as quickly as a domesticated dog. However, it is unpredictable to estimate their physical and mental development until they reach maturity.

What class of animal does a husky wolf mix belong to?

The husky wolf mix is mammal-like, its parents being a wolf, primarily bred with a Siberian husky. It is much larger than its parent Siberian husky and smaller than a wolf. These husky wolf mixes are not suitable for everyone, but each breed has something unique to offer in both appearance and temperament.

How many Husky Wolf mixes are there in the world?

Over thousands of years, wolves and dogs have had similar genes found in them. This part wolf dog is part of breeding projects that aimed to breed dogs to create a more wolf-like appearance and aimed at making the domestic dog a more exotic pet.

Still, there are not many available mixes of this dog. The Siberian husky wolf mix and an Alaskan husky wolf mix are the best known breeds today.

Where does a Husky Wolf mix live?

This part wolf can be significantly challenging to have as a pet as these are more energetic and athletic. They require a more spacious farmhouse to roam as they need to walk around 20 acres a day to keep fit.

This dog breed can be wild and is not suited for apartment living.

It is an essential task of hybrid owners to understand the unexpected and unmanageable behavioral traits of the wild wolf and the domestic dog. A hybrid mix with two distinct behavior patterns may prove to be challenging to raise and may have any degree of territorial and testing behavior.

What is a Husky Wolf mix's habitat?

Earlier, these dogs were chosen for their personality and their strength, so they could become draught animals in the polar region. These dogs are also adopted for polar races, including relatively short distances of four miles to long-distance races 1000 miles.

In modern days, this part wolf, part dog is bred for speed and endurance and to be chosen as an exotic pet, being better built than a husky. This makes the habitat of this dog varied, from a significantly lower temperature to a more moderate one.

Who do Husky Wolf mixes live with?

Though these domestic dogs are bred to be exotic pets, they need much physical strength and mental stamina to be make good pets. Unfortunately, these wolf dogs end up being homeless every year as owners feel unable to handle the responsibility of them. Typically they should live with their owners and have lots of space.

How long does a Husky Wolf Mix live?

Similar to the husky, under ideal, healthy conditions, these wolf dogs have a life span from 12-14 years.

How do they reproduce?

Huskies are bred with wolves to produce offspring. From the age of two years, the wolf dog becomes mature. Initially, it is important to find a good breeder in order to own wolf dogs. Later, a female hybrid can reproduce independently upon mating with a male hybrid.

What is their conservation status?

The hybridization of wolves with huskies has brought this new species of wolf dogs to face climate changes and habitat changes.

According to Endangered Species Act, it is essential to understand that removing these hybrid animals from the wild is not ideal as they should remain in their natural habitat; however, the wolf dog is not on the endangered list.

Husky Wolf Mix Fun Facts

What do Husky Wolf mixes look like?

Amazing wolf dog facts to make them the ideal family pet

The wolf dog is undoubtedly a stunning animal that carries a wilder look resulting from its part dog part wolf parental genes. They are very energetic and can be destructive dogs, it can be dangerous if they are not appropriately trained.

How cute are they?

Wolf dogs look gorgeous and cute with thick coated fur, pointy ears, and a thick, sickle-shaped tail. These dogs are big with either brown or blue eyes. Hybrids can take their genes either from wolves or dogs. Their wild ancestry produces their appearance, influencing the build, color, and skin. This also explains their power, speed, and endurance.

How do they communicate?

As both wolves' genes and dog genes are present in the wolf dog, they are not that easy to be communicated with. A wolf dog howls instead of barking like domestic dogs to show its temperament.

Hybrids were bred to be good working dogs and intelligent. Their trainer needs to be both physically and mentally stable to handle these husky wolf mixes.

Hybrids use a combination of signals to communicate with their masters as do the husky parents to communicate with their beloved pet.

Trainers need to learn how to interpret your dog's message; trainers should also learn the meaning of body postures and facial gestures to draw an accurate conclusion as to their dogs behavior. These bright dogs learn to repeat things as their trainer does and must be trained early to communicate in this manner.

How big is a husky wolf mix?

Husky wolf mixes can have both the wild look of their wolf parent and the domesticated look of the dog parent as the wolf dog is part wolf and part domestic animal. A male wolf dog hybrid will weigh 85-155 pounds, whereas a female wolf dog hybrid weighs between 75-130 pounds.

Male wolf dog hybrids will be 26-33 inches tall while female wolf-dog hybrids will be 25-32 inches tall.

How fast can a husky wolf mix run?

A husky wolf mix needs at least three to four hours of running and walking per day to keep it fit as it is affected by obesity.

An average Siberian husky can run fastest at 30 mph ; with a dog breed stronger than a Siberian Husky, it can also cover 150 miles (241 kilometres) a day with a minimum speed of 9-10 mph (14-16 kph).

How much does a husky wolf mix weigh?

These husky wolf mixes sometimes resemble wild animals because of their well-built bodies. An average male husky wolf weighs between 85-155 lb (39-70 kg), and the female husky wolf weighs between 75-130 lb (34-59 kg).

Hybrids will reach their full-grown height and weight by two years of age. Their weight needs to be periodically and continuously monitored in order to avoid obesity and related health issues.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Pet owners generally refer to these husky wolf mix dogs as male hybrid and female hybrid. A male wolf hybrid needs intense training but can develop a good relationship with their owner. Female wolf hybrids are a bit shy, and with consistent training, can be easily trained like male wolf hybrids.

What would you call a baby husky wolf mix?

Owning a wolf mix from young is a unique experience. A husky wolf mix baby is generally known as a pup, but they are not that easy to handle as they grow very fast.

A husky wolf mix puppy with wild genes can show an aggressive temperament right from three months of age, therefore it is highly recommended to keep them under constant supervision and continue training to ensure these animals become good pets.

What do they eat?

The diet of these mixed breed dogs is a major concern. It is essential to keep your eye on a feeding scale as these dogs quickly put on weight.

Raw meat or meat-based dog food is recommended to strengthen the muscular body of these dogs every day.

It is crucial to give additional nutritional supplements, usually like multivitamins, and glucosamine to these bigger dogs as these hybrids usually suffer from a genetic predisposition known as hip dysplasia. A regular ophthalmologist check is also much required.

When a purebred red husky and a wolf are crossed bred to get red husky wolf mix, a red coat color with blue eyes is likely.

Their diet should include fish-based foods that are rich in zinc in order to eliminate skin problems like dry skin and fur loss. Keeping these husky wolf mixes on an optimal diet and regularly getting health check ups done for them is more expensive than the costs incurred over any other dog breed.

Are they slobbery?

The husky wolf hybrid slobbers or drools in a similar manner as their husky parent. They excessively drool in anticipation of food, when they are anxious, when it is too hot, or in the case of some dental and gum problems.

These dogs also drool when they find something that is causing them harm. It is important to check why your dog is drooling to avoid any health issues.

Would they make a good pet?

This dog is a breed between a wolf and a Siberian husky. Wolves are wild animals, and dogs can be domesticated.

This wolf hybrid can be wild but it is possible for them to be domesticated if appropriately trained. Before owning a hybrid wolf, you need to know that these dogs have complex behavior and temperament. This breed is definitely not for children to handle as this wolf hybrid belongs to the gene pool of a wild animal.

Did you know...

Husky wolves are heavy shedders throughout the year, and despite being self-cleaning dogs, these hybrid wolf dogs also enjoy grooming sessions. Pet owners should brush this wolf hybrid regularly to maintain their gorgeous look. Remember to bathe these dogs only when they get dirty.

History of the husky wolf mix

Dogs have been considered good companions for humans over the centuries; hence there are many ever-changing crossbreeds of dogs to accompany us according to our wants and needs. When we look closely, we find wild wolf genes in lots of domesticated dogs.

Huskies are a mix of wild wolves and the domestic dog, this breed is fast gaining popularity due to their athletic looks and adventurous tendencies. They have double fur covering their skin that serves two purposes, allowing them to comfortably live in cold regions and making this breed absolutely gorgeous.

There are different huskies, from the Alaskan husky, Akita Husky, Samoyed husky, Greenlands husky, American eskimo dog, and all wolf dog hybrids.

The Siberian husky is among the most popular breed and vastly a part of the human family. The wolf and husky mix, although challenging, is worth it!

Are husky wolf mixes legal?

The husky wolf mix is an expensive pet as it costs up to $5000, but you can get a hybrid pup for around $800 -$1000 dollars. It would be best to think about your decision before deciding whether you want to own a wolf husky mix.

These hybrids make complicated pets as they are wilder than any other domestic dog and need extensive training in order to make them good pets.

One needs to check the local laws about owning these wolf mixes as they are not legal in every state. However if you are interested in adopting one of these wild beauties, you can adopt them through funding an organization like Wolf Sanctuary and Howling Woods.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our wild dog coloring pages.

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