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Japanese Bobtail facts are interesting for kids and adults alike.

The Japanese Bobtails are a species of domesticated cats that originated in Japan. The most distinguishable feature of the species is its short and kinky tail.

Even though they originated in Japan, these cats can be found all over the world today as they are one of the most expensive and rare breeds. The Japanese Bobtail size is medium-sized.

Their coat is mostly calico or mi-ke but they can come in other different color variations as well. They are native to Japan and Southeast Asia. Not only did they originate from Japan but they also can be found in a lot of Japanese folklore.

Their tail is their most significant feature, as it is both shortened and kinked. But it is different from the Manx gene as the short tail of Japanese Bobtails is not the result of a skeletal disorder.

The cat breed also lacks an undercoat which makes them very easy to groom. The coat of this cat breed is very soft and silky.

These cats were very famous in Japan and were considered to bring good luck. To this day, they are one of the most famous breeds in the world. They were accepted by the Cat Fanciers' Association in 1969.

They gained Championship status in the CFA in 1976. The Japanese Bobtail prices can range from $600-$1,600 depending on the breeder. Read in to know more.

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Japanese Bobtail Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Japanese Bobtail?

The Japanese Bobtail is a type of domestic cat. They have an unusual bobbed tail that distinguishes them from other short-tail cats and earns them their name.

What class of animal does a Japanese Bobtail belong to?

Japanese Bobtails belong to the Mammalia class of the Animalia kingdom.

How many Japanese Bobtails are there in the world?

The number of Japanese bobtail cats alive today is unknown. However, they are a pretty rare breed. For this reason, they are also very expensive. The Japanese believe that these cats bring good luck with them.

Where does a Japanese Bobtail live?

The Japanese Bobtail is a domestic cat breed. Thus, they live in houses with their owners. Japanese Bobtails are an active breed, so any place with space to exercise suits them well.

What is a Japanese Bobtail's habitat?

The Japanese Bobtail is a domestic cat breed and thus needs a place they can live in. It can be a house or an apartment. They do not have very many specific needs other than some space to exercise in.

They are naturally playful and active. They also like to climb higher places. So a tree or a high cat castle might be good for them.

Who do Japanese Bobtails live with?

Since they are a breed of domestic cats, the Japanese Bobtail cat can live with people. They are usually very friendly and can mix with a family very well.

Not only they are good with people, but they are also very gentle and playful with kids and other pets the family might own. Their coat is short and they do not shed all that much, which makes them pretty easy to keep.

How long does a Japanese Bobtail live?

The Japanese Bobtail cat is a very healthy breed of cats. They tend to live for 9-15 years on average. They do not have any breed-specific spinal abnormalities either. They tend to live long and healthy lives if taken care of properly and thus make for great pets.

How do they reproduce?

Like any other mammal species, Japanese Bobtails reproduce through mating. The male and female mate and after almost two months, the female Japanese Bobtail gives birth to a litter of three to four kittens.

Japanese Bobtail kittens have larger bodies than most other cat breeds. This may be the reason why they learn to walk faster than other breeds as well.

What is their conservation status?

The Japanese Bobtail is not an endangered species. It is, however, pretty rare. According to the Cat Fanciers Association, they are one of the oldest naturally occurring domestic cat breeds. Thankfully, they do not have any breed-specific health problems that are incurable.

Japanese Bobtail Fun Facts

What do Japanese Bobtails look like?

The Japanese Bobtail is a rare and expensive breed of short-haired cats, who are known for their bobbed tails. They are a medium-sized cat breed with a very short tail that earns its name.

They have a symmetrical triangular head and high cheekbones. Their ears are large and they have a wide muzzle. They have large, oval eyes and a very proportioned neck that is neither too long nor too short in respect to the body.

The Japanese Bobtails have slender, long torsos and high legs. Their hind legs are taller than the front legs.

Their bodies also sport some muscle definition that continues in their strong legs. This proves that the Japanese Bobtail cats are an active breed that needs regular exercise. They are also very good jumpers and climbers so they love high places they can perch on.

The short-haired Japanese Bobtails have short to medium-length fur which is soft and silky. The Japanese Bobtail longhair also has a silky coat but the length of their fur is longer.

Setting all this aside, Japanese Bobtails are mainly known for their short, stubby tails that resemble a bunny tail than a cat's. Their tails are not only short but also kinked. It is said that no two tails of this breed are the same.

Their short tails are derived from a natural genetic mutation. The tail may have on or multiple kinks. The Japanese Bobtail comes in many colors.

But they are known most for their tricolor calico pattern called mi-ke (pronounced 'mee kay'). They can also come in red and white and black and white.

The Japanese Bobtail can also be tortoiseshell and tabby patterned. The Japanese Bobtail cat's eyes can be of any color and some Japanese Bobtails also have odd eyes or eyes of two different colors. They make for very beautiful pets.

Japanese Bobtail kittens are some of the cutest kittens around.

How cute are they?

The Japanese Bobtail is an extremely cute breed of cats. Not only because they are beautiful and very soft to touch, but also because they have a very charming disposition. The Japanese Bobtail personality is very playful and cheery. They are an active breed of cats who love jumping and climbing.

They are not loud but they are vocal and their voices often sound musical. The Japanese Bobtail kitten is extremely cute and soft. They can be very good pets.

How do they communicate?

Japanese Bobtails are not very loud, but they are known for their 'talkative' natures. They make very sweet and melodic noises that sound a little like chirping.

The Japanese Bobtail cat's voice is very pleasing to the ear and they primarily communicate through vocalizations. Like other domestic cats, they also communicate through body language. They are a very active cat breed and are very smart as well.

They like playing with toys. Even though they are not a breed of lap cats, they tend to show affection by cuddling and sleeping beside you.

How big is a Japanese Bobtail?

The Japanese Bobtail is a medium-sized cat breed. They are about 8-9 in (20-23 cm) tall and medium in length.

These cats have long, slender bodies and strong legs. They can be a little obese since they love food, but it's also very easy to keep this cat in shape since they are naturally one of the most active cat breeds.

How fast can a Japanese Bobtail run?

The exact speed of the Japanese Bobtail cats is unknown but it is known that they are a very active breed. They might not be the fastest but their strong hind legs make them amazing jumpers and climbers. They often prefer to perch on high places.

How much does a Japanese Bobtail weigh?

The average weight of a Japanese Bobtail is about 6-10 lb (2.7-4.5 kg). The male cats of the species are a little larger and heavier than the female cats. They are more active than most cat breeds and so, even if your Japanese Bobtail gains a little too much weight, it can be brought back pretty quickly.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Both the male and female cats of this species are called Japanese Bobtails.

What would you call a baby Japanese Bobtail?

Like every other domestic cat offspring, the baby Japanese Bobtail is called a kitten. These kittens reach maturity at the age of one to two years and stop growing then.

What do they eat?

The Japanese Bobtail does not have a breed-specific diet. However, they do need a balanced diet and high-quality cat food.

They are a very expensive and rare cat breed that needs to be taken care of extensively. So even if they do not need a special diet, it is best to talk to your vet and decide their food intake. They also enjoy fish a lot, so it is better to have some form of it in their diet.

Are they hypoallergenic?

One of the best parts about owning Japanese Bobtails is their hypoallergenic nature. As they lack, the undercoat of fur, which is responsible for usual cat allergies amongst humans, they can be better pets. Not only is grooming them easy, but they also won't give you allergies.

Would they make a good pet?

In short, yes, they do make great pets. To start, they are a very cute and sweet breed of cats. They are not moody and accept both children and other pets the owners might have.

Both the short-haired and long-haired Japanese Bobtail tend to shed less. The Japanese Bobtail shed less because they have less undercoat. Their personality is also very charming.

They are playful and cuddly. They want your attention but are not very loud about it. They are vocal and their mewing sounds like chirping sometimes.

They love playing and any physical activity. They are also very smart and like playing with toys. They are great with children too, and other pets of the household.

They do not have any breed-specific health problems. They might fall sick now and then but nothing too serious. All in all, they are a healthy breed and the normal amount of vet visits should keep your cat happy and healthy for a long time.

Owing to their coat having fewer undercoats, they are also very easy to groom. Even cats with long hair do not need much grooming. The only downside is that the Japanese Bobtail price can be pretty high.

Did you know...

The 'Maneki Neko or 'Beckoning cat' is an artistic impression of Japanese Bobtails. The status has one paw raised and is considered a good luck charm around the world.

Why was the Japanese Bobtail bred?

The Japanese Bobtail's history is amazing. They have been known in Japan since the sixth century.

They were first bred by the owners of silkworm barns as this breed was famous for its expert rodent control. Consequently, the imperial family of Japan was so fond of them that these cats were treated like royalty. The Japanese Bobtails are said to bring good fortune and prosperity.

Do Japanese Bobtails 'sing'?

The Japanese Bobtail is often described as a 'singing cat'. This cat's voice is melodic and chirpy. Even though they are not very loud, they are very verbal. Their mews often sound like musical chirps and are very pleasing to the ear.

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