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Javan hawk-eagle facts on the dark brown raptor.

The hawk-eagle family constitutes 60 bird species in the world. Hawk-eagles are large bird of prey species that belong to the genus Nisaetus.

They are a type of eagle species but are lightly built and have fully feathered legs. Javan hawk eagles are a member of the same family and have the highest class diversity of prey compared to other species. They also have excellent speeds just like other species and can catch prey easily.

These species are endemic to regions in Indonesia specifically the island of Java. It is the national bird of Indonesia hence it holds cultural and national significance.

As national birds, they are regarded highly and protected. Illegal practices consisting of hunting, poaching, and habitat loss have put these species highly at risk almost close to the point of extinction. Bird populations of this species have declined in recent years and in various instances, they are also traded illegally.

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Javan Hawk-Eagle Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Javan hawk-eagle?

The Javan hawk-eagle (Nisaetus bartelsi) is a type of hawk-eagle bird that belongs to the kingdom Animalia and orders Accipitriformes and genus Nisaetus.

What class of animal does a Javan hawk-eagle belong to?

The Javan hawk-eagle Nisaetus bartelsi is a type of bird that belongs to classAves, family Accipitridae, and genusNisaetus. It was earlier placed in the Spizaetus bartelsi category however now the Javan hawk-eagle is classed differently.

How many Javan hawk-eagles are there in the world?

The Javan hawk-eagle's population size is estimated at around 300-500. Their distribution however is not evaluated. Most of their distribution should ideally be in Indonesia since they are endemic species. This national bird of Indonesia is an endangered species of bird whose population has reached close to the point of extinction affecting their population as well as distribution.  

Where does a Javan hawk-eagle live?

Javan hawk-eagle birds live in a semi-deciduous forest and tropical rainforest as well. These species are endemic to Indonesia and are rarely seen. They build their nest in high elevations to protect the young from possible predators. The Javan hawk-eagle range map is available online on the eBird website.

What is a Javan hawk-eagle's habitat?

The Javan hawk-eagle habitat constitutes semi-deciduous forests and tropical rainforests. It usually resides in high mountains at a range of 1640.4-3280.8 ft (500-1000 m) above sea level. Adult birds are mostly sedentary in nature while juveniles, disperse off from the breeding grounds/nest to build their own territory and live in their own habitat.

Who do Javan hawk-eagles live with?

Jawan hawk-eagles are solitary beings and come together only during mating season and stay with their offsprings. They live in high elevations hence are seldom seen near humans.

How long does a Javan hawk-eagle live?

The average lifespan exact lifespan is not evaluated however, the average bald eagle may live 20 years, and crowned eagles live 14 years.

How do they reproduce?

The breeding season begins May-August. Adult females build nests using sticks lined with green leaves in order to begin breeding. Post mating the females give birth to one egg post which there is an incubation period that lasts 47-48 days.

Females give birth to the young at the top of a tree or in any high elevations. They keep juveniles on top to avoid attacks by predators. Juveniles begin fledging in 62-72 days and take about a year to mature.

Once they are mature they leave their nesting habitats and reside in their own new territories. Males and females equally take care of the offspring. Pairs give birth every two years if they are successful the first time.

What is their conservation status?

The Javan hawk-eagle (Nisaetus bartelsi) is classified as an Endangered species by the International Union For Conservation Of Nature (IUCN) red list. Their distribution is scarce and hence they are seen rarely. Conservation efforts have been initiated to protect such species.

Javan Hawk-Eagle Fun Facts

What do Javan hawk-eagles look like?

Javan hawk-eagles are medium-sized birds that can also be described as brown raptors. They have a dark brown back and chestnut-colored head and their throat is cream colored with dark stripes.

Their wings are dark brown with four black bands. Their crest is vertical and black-tipped with white coloring. The sub-terminal band is the widest.

They have sharp features on top of their face including their eyes which are yellow with a black pupil in adults however, it is blue-gray in the juveniles. Juveniles are duller in color as compared to adults.

Javan Hawk-Eagle

How cute are they?

The Javan hawk-eagle is an exotic national bird of Indonesia. It cannot ideally be called cute only the juveniles are, however they are seldom seen out in the open.

How do they communicate?

They communicate mostly using high-pitched chirps, chatters, and whistles. They also make use of body language in order to communicate.

How big is a Javan hawk-eagle?

The Javan hawk-eagle size is 25 in (64 cm) long in size which is 10 times bigger than the smallest species of eagles, the South Nicobar serpent eagle which is 16 in (40 cm). They belong to the genus Nisaetus.

How fast can a Javan hawk-eagle fly?

They usually good speeds although they are not the fastest species. They utilize their sharp eyesight and claws to catch prey to feed on.

How much does a Javan hawk-eagle weigh?

The exact weight of the Indonesian Javan hawk-eagle is not known. This depends usually on various factors including their diet and environment. The harpy eagle is the heaviest and largest extant species.  

What are the male and female names of the species?

Eagles, both male and female, are not addressed differently. They differ in size and reproductive functions as well. Apart from this, they have similar external features. A group of eagles together is usually called a convocation or aerie.

What would you call a baby Javan hawk-eagle?

Adults lay one egg per clutch. Baby Javan eagles are called eaglet or fledglings. They are relatively dull-colored and completely dependent on their parents in the initial stages of their life.

What do they eat?

This medium-sized bird's diet is primarily carnivorous in nature. The Javan hawk-eagle diet consists of mammals like the small kangaroo rat, snakes, birds, lizards, and others. They have one of the widest ranges of diet as compared to other species whose diet is limited to certain species alone.  

Are they poisonous?

Javan hawk-eagle Indonesian birds are not poisonous however they are known to attack if approached closely. Their claws have sharp-pointed ends which may penetrate in deeply and cause hurt.

Would they make a good pet?

The Javan hawk-eye eagle is innately a wild animal and thrives best in its natural environment. In their natural habitat, these beings have full access to living their own life and enjoying their life as well. In the Middle East regions, certain species of eagles are kept as pets but they are trained properly since birth.

Did you know...

Javan hawk-eagles derive their name from the region they are native to. Java is an island in Indonesia.

Species of raptors are known to drop their prey before taking them as prey. They do this to avoid other similar species from stealing their food and in the process often the prey dies due to the height at which it's thrown down.

Similar behavior is shown by vultures species as well who drop their prey to break them open making it easier for them to consume them.

The changeable hawk-eagle is dimorphic hence the plumage color can vary from one bird to the other making it extremely hard to identify. This is where they get their name from!

Are Javan hawk-eagles endangered?

Yes, this species' conservation status is listed as Endangered and this is primarily due to illegal practices such as hunting, poaching, and habitat loss that have put these species highly at risk almost close to the point of extinction. Information, text, and images of the Javan hawk-eagle are available online if you wish to know more about these species.

Do Javan hawk-eagles migrate?

No these species of hawk-eagles are not migratory and adults tend to stay in their same territories post-mating and taking care of the young ones. The only moving out that happens is when the young leave their nest to build their own.

This is not the case with all species of hawk-eagles, eagles, and hawks like the golden eagle which partially migrates to southern regions to avoid extreme weather conditions.

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