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One of the best miniature golden retriever facts is that they are great for small and medium-size families with spacious homes to dedicate to their high-energy life.

Many people are keen on getting to know about cute pets to keep at home, if you are among those who want a cute pet, especially one that is very easy to handle and train, the miniature golden retriever is going to be one of the best choices for you.

As a dwarf dog, the miniature golden retriever was derived by crossing a cocker spaniel or poodle with a golden retriever.

This dog has all the characteristics of a golden retriever, except for the height, as they can be way smaller than an adult golden retriever. The dog is considered to be a luxury dog as its puppies are sold at prices between 2000-5000 USD.

These crossbreeds of the golden retriever with the poodle or the cocker spaniel can easily be found online.

The dog has both pros and cons, the benefits of a dwarf retriever are that they are very friendly, they get along with humans and other animals very nicely, the dogs shed less and also drools less than an adult golden retriever, they can also be trained very easily.

The dog does have some drawbacks, though, including its vulnerability to various health issues and conditions like cancer and respiratory problems. These are expensive dogs and are not affordable for everyone.

The fact that they are just the same as golden retrievers while being only half the size, is something that makes this breed very desirable for working parents.

Lets get to know more about the mini golden retriever below. If you like reading these facts on the crossbreed golden retrievers and cocker spaniel, you can also read facts on the toy poodle or corgi golden retriever mix.

Miniature Golden Retriever Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a miniature golden retriever?

A mini golden retriever is a dog breed that is obtained by crossing golden retrievers with a cocker spaniel. They are like golden retrievers but are smaller in size.

What class of animal does a miniature golden retriever belong to?

Mini golden retrievers belong to the class of mammals as they reproduce sexually and give birth to their offspring. These are some of the cutest species in the world.

How many miniature golden retrievers are there in the world?

The exact number of this breed of dog is not specified and is expected to be high because the species is not Extinct or Endangered. The population of mini golden retrievers has increased over the years as they are amazing pets, and have the least conditions for survival which means they can make any house their habitat.

Where does a miniature golden retriever live?

They live in a house. A mini golden retriever can make any house its habitat as they have a friendly and amazing relationship with humans and are very loyal dogs. All that a mini golden retriever requires is company that it can play and spend time with, whether this is humans, other dog species, birds, and even cows.

What is a miniature golden retriever's habitat?

A mini golden retriever can make any house its habitat as they are very friendly and loyal dogs. All that a mini golden retriever requires is company that it can play and spend time with.

This can be humans, other dog species, birds, and even cows. They don't like to be alone and are always in a fun and playful mood.

Who do miniature golden retrievers live with?

Golden retriever (miniature) breeds live in a house filled with nice human beings and other animals too. These dogs are known to be very kind, loyal, and friendly and make friends very easily with humans.

They can also befriend other animals like dogs, parrots and cows. They are very social animals and cannot live alone, they need partners or humans living with them. Though the parents of mini golden retrievers are the cocker spaniel and golden retriever, they live with humans mostly as pets.

How long does a miniature golden retriever live?

This breed is known to live for approximately ten to 15 years. The life expectancy of these dog breeds also depends on their food, health problems and conditions of living. These dog breeds are more exposed to health problems like cancer, respiratory issues, dysplasia, and other health conditions which can become a reason for their death too.

How do they reproduce?

The mini golden retriever is created by crossing a poodle and a golden retriever. The golden retriever can also be crossed with a cocker spaniel.

The poodle parent is mated with an adult golden retriever multiple times, over a set period of time, until it is pregnant. The gestation period in these dog breeds, like most dogs, is a couple of months.

This period can last a few days more or less based on the dog species.

The breeding is generally done by the breeder and the puppies that are obtained from poodle parents and golden retrievers are sold to people who want to keep them as pets when they are a few weeks old. The mini golden retriever often does not live with its biological parents.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the mini golden retriever is Not Evaluated as these are mixed breed dogs that have come into popularity more recently. There are a huge number of these species present in the world as of now.

They are all taken good care of by the humans who adopted them. There has been, without a doubt, a constant increase in the mini golden retriever breed, which means they are very far away from any concerns of Extinction.

Miniature Golden Retriever Fun Facts

What do miniature golden retrievers look like?

A miniature golden retriever is a cross of a golden retriever and a cocker spaniel. The above species are biological parents of the miniature golden retrievers.

This breed looks most like a golden retriever, but is comparatively smaller in size and weight. These golden retriever breeds have small cute paws along with the whole body covered with golden or yellow fur.

The breed has small brown eyes along with cute ears and noses which make it one of the cutest looking puppies. They are more like a smaller version of golden retrievers and are also called mini goldens.

Miniature golden retrievers are the most friendly dogs and are known to have a good temperament.

*Please note that this is an image of a golden retriever, not a miniature golden retriever. If you have an image of a miniature golden retriever please let us know at

How cute are they?

The mini golden retriever is one of the cutest dog breeds on the planet. They have pretty ears, eyes and a small nose along with the classic golden fur from the golden retriever breed.

Having cocker spaniel and golden retrievers as its parents, the breed is considered a  'dwarf breed'. They are also known as 'comfort retrievers' because they are very easy to train and are very friendly.

They have cute soft paws and are very playful. They always do silly things which make them the most adorable of dog breeds.

How do they communicate?

Just like most golden retriever puppies, the mix of cocker spaniels and golden retrievers communicate by making different types of sounds in different situations. The small golden retriever is often heard making sounds like barking and growling.

Most of the communication in these dog breeds is done by body language.

By holding their body in different postures and facial features, they communicate without sound and express how exactly they are feeling. The miniature dog even communicates with the help of its tail and its tail attains different positions and shapes in different situations.

How big is a miniature golden retriever?

Mini golden retrievers are a dog breed that is small. The parents of mini golden retrievers, the cocker spaniel and petite golden, are crossed in order to give birth to a smaller breed of retriever.

The mini golden retrievers are about 14-20 in (35-51 cm) tall and about 20-45 lb (10-23 kg) in weight. They are half the height of the average great dane and weigh six to seven less when compared with the same dog.

How fast can a miniature golden retriever run?

Mini golden retriever dogs are a very energetic and social animal that loves to play, move around, and get involved in exercises like swimming. Mini golden retrievers are good runners and can run as fast as 35 mph (56 kmph) which is actually pretty fast.

When it comes to long runs, mini goldens can keep up with you if you are at a pace of 12 mph (19 kmph) or more.

How much does a miniature golden retriever weigh?

Mini golden retrievers are generally lightweight because of their small body size. The weight of the crossbreed of petite golden retrievers and the cocker spaniel is between the range of 20-45 lb (10-23 kg).

The weight depends on the parents of the breed, but they are light in weight because they are a small dog breed. They are also referred to as designer dogs because of their size.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no specific names for the male and female species of the mini golden retriever breed, but like all dogs, they are referred to as dog and bitch for the male and female respectively.

They are otherwise referred to as Canus lupus familiaris, which is their scientific name, and are a cross of the breeds cocker spaniel and golden retriever. They are also called dwarf miniature golden retriever, mini golden retrievers, comfort retrievers, and a golden retriever cocker spaniel.

What would you call a baby miniature golden retriever?

There is no particular name for baby miniature golden retriever dogs, they are simply called puppies just like other breeds of dogs. These dogs are also referred to as dwarf golden retriever, mini or comfort retrievers. These puppies are a cross of cocker spaniel and golden retrievers which are also known as designer dogs or mini golden retrievers.

What do they eat?

As a small dog breed, the mini golden retriever loves to eat dry kibble, which is a mixture of meat and vegetables.

Dog parents over the world report that this breed eats various types of dog foods depending on the region, such as royal canine adult dry dog food, purina brand dog foods or blue buffalo wilderness adult dry dog food.

The best food for the mini golden retriever is plain beef without much seasoning. Beef is a rich source of protein and vitamins that makes the comfort retriever healthy and fit.

This breed can also be fed with brown and white rice.

It is safe to feed a dwarf golden retriever with basic home foods, provided there is little to no seasoning in their food. These dogs might even chew and eat grass every so often as they find it tasty.

Are they slobbery?

Yes, this breed of dog slobbers or drools when they are hungry. Apart from being hungry, they drool after they drink, eat something, or indulge in exercises.

They drool the most when they are hungry or when they are teased with their favorite food. The golden retrievers that have bigger jaws drool more than those who have smaller jaws, so the mini golden retriever drools less when compared to an adult golden retriever.

Would they make a good pet?

Miniature golden retriever puppies are amazing family pets. These crossbreeds of cocker spaniels and golden retrievers are very social animals and are very cute.

They are very lovely and make friends with other dog species and humans very easily. This puppy breed is not aggressive at all and can always be seen playing around on the lawn or house.

They love to play and also cuddle with their owners while sleeping. Their fur is very soft which makes them an attractive and desirable dog breed. They can also protect the house and children in the absence of adults and are very friendly and kind with children.

They make the perfect family pets and they keep the atmosphere of the family very happy and lively. They get along really well with humans and other dogs.

They have drawbacks too as they are very expensive, they are prone to a lot of health conditions like cancer and respiratory problems too. So if you think you can take care of them, they can be the best pets you ever had.

Did you know...

The mini retriever (golden) also shed less when compared to golden retrievers which makes them an ideal and easy to train kind of pet. The miniature golden retriever size is half or even less when compared to an adult golden retriever.

There are many golden retriever breeders across the internet and they are the obvious choice when looking to buy a miniature golden retriever. These are luxury dogs and a puppy from an original breeder can cost around 5000 USD.

A copy breeder may charge somewhere around 2000 USD. Miniature golden retriever price varies from breeders to breeders in different countries.

The best way to grab the attention of a mini golden retriever is by showing them food or treats. These dogs can chase humans, cats, mice, squirrels, and even bikes if they feel threatened or disturbed.

The puppy often does silly things like trying to catch its tail with its mouth, making it all the more cuter. These dogs, like any other dog, are always eager to please their owners.

They are small in appearance and are often referred to as dwarf retrievers or miniature golden retrievers. They are the small version of golden retriever, which is why they are known as miniature golden retrievers.

What is so special about miniature golden retrievers?

A miniature golden retriever when they are full-grown are almost equal in size to a golden retriever puppy. They are luxury dogs and the price of this puppy breed can go up to 5000 USD.

These dogs are very friendly and social and love to make new friends and play around.

They can be protective too if needed and can run fast at a speed of 35 mph (56 kmph). Apart from being one of the cutest puppies, these dogs are easy to train and even shed and drool less than golden retrievers which makes them very neat, tidy, and sensible pets.

Do miniature golden retrievers like to swim?

Yes, the small size goldens love to swim and it is great exercise for them. The designer breed has a thick, water-repellent coat on the outer side and a thick undercoat, which keeps their body warm and prevents them from the cold, while the upper layer is long and lies flat, repelling the water.

They enjoy swimming even when they are young or just puppies.

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