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Read these Norfolk terrier facts if you wish to have one.
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A Norfolk terrier dog breed is a British breed of dog that was recognized as an independent breed in 1964. It is a variety of Norwich terriers that had 'drop ears' and is one of the smallest amongst the breed.

It has a variety of colors, including grizzle, red, black, and tan. Norfolk terrier is a lively canine champion who is affectionate yet energetic.

They are also known for their temperamental traits, including fearless, happy, lovable, great companions, and are really energetic to be a great pet for your family.

They are regarded as the smallest of the working terriers and even a Norfolk terrier puppy makes for an excellent working dog with high energy level. They are also known as Jones terriers in the United States.

Regular grooming is essential to maintain the shine of their coat. Proper weight management and health monitoring is also required to ensure better health for the Norfolks.

Norfolk and Norwich terriers have been recognized by the American Kennel Club as separate breeds. As a matter of fact, the American kennel Club recognized the breed in 1936.

Many terrier breeds are available in different fur coat colors like red, wheaten black, and tan. After reading about interesting Norfolk terrier facts about these little dogs, do check out our other articles on jagdterrier and patterdale terrier as well.

Norfolk Terrier Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Norfolk terrier?

Norfolk terrier is a British breed of dog that is the smallest of the working terriers. The Norfolk terriers are really popular watchdogs among pet owners, while they are not that efficient as guard dogs due to their small size. These drop-eared terriers are distinguished from a prick-eared terriers through their drop ears.

What class of animal does a Norfolk terrier belong to?

A Norfolk terrier belongs to the category or class of mammals, just like almost all other dog breeds. These little dogs are distinguished from many terriers because of them being drop eared.

How many Norfolk terriers are there in the world?

Norfolk terrier dog breed is considered amongst one of the rare dog breeds as they are really costly and need special training and grooming.

There are millions of Norfolk terriers around the world, as it is not possible to calculate how many are there. In the US as per the American Kennel Club, this breed is extremely rare, and only an average of three hundred Norfolk terriers are said to be born every year there.

But as per the American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club, not a lot of breeders are breeding these dogs.

Where does a Norfolk terrier live?

The Norfolk terriers were originally at first formed to suit the lives of a normal house or apartment which has a yard or ground to run around and play.

They are suited to be on a farm, house, or apartment that has space for it to walk or run as it is a fairly active and energetic dog that loves to play dog sports.

Regular care of their health and weight is essential to ensure the longevity of the Norfolks.

What is a Norfolk terrier's habitat?

They had their origin in England and are known to be found in Great Britain, and the United States. They are completely suited to apartments, houses as well as farms as they need a place to run and walk due to them being prone to obesity if they don’t exercise or move around as required.

It is recommended that a Norfolk terrier may develop obesity if the dog is not indulged in dog sports regularly.

Who do Norfolk terriers live with?

They are known to be living in packs. They usually are very social and friendly that get along with other packmates as well as individual dogs or cats really quickly. They can make for good pet dogs but require proper training and regular health monitoring as the years keep on adding to their age.

How long does a Norfolk terrier live?

Norfolk terrier adult dogs  have a life expectancy of around 12-15 years which has also been extended to 17 years if proper care of their health is taken and regular training is provided to manage their weight.

How do they reproduce

They are amongst the category of mammals and reproduce by giving birth to their young ones through the process of mating. Norfolks are known to have achieved their sexual maturity at the age of one year, but it can also be earlier than that.

On achieving the age the male mounts the female during the breeding season and after the mating process is over the female gives birth to a litter of around two to four puppies after a gestating period of around 60-80 days.

What is their conservation status?

Norfolks are from a comparatively rare and costly breed. They have no threat and are basically not that common among dog breeders as well, despite them being excellent watchdogs. The American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club have both recognized this breed of Norfolk terriers.

Norfolk Terrier Fun Facts

What do Norfolk terriers look like?

A Norfolk terrier is a small-looking dog that has dark oval-shaped eyes, a round head, and a medium-length tail, along with the characteristic dropping down ears. They have a hard, wiry double coat with straight hair that also helps in distinguishing the breed of Norfolk terrier.

Their drop ears are the most distinguishing physical feature that differentiate them from other dogs. Regular grooming of the coat ensures that it remains tangle free and retains its shine.

A Norfolk terrier has a drop ear.

How cute are they?

Norfolk terriers are really cute hairy dogs that have a wiry hair coat. They are really small in size and are known to be a small package full of high energy and love, and are sure to be amongst the favorites in the preferences of families and dog owners.

The drop ears and short height are the cutest features that distinguish Norfolks from other terriers.

How do they communicate?

Norfolk terrier dog breeds are very protective of their human companions and are known to use a guttural noise that is seen as common amongst this breed. These small dogs are also known to dig and bark loudly to display and show signs of separation anxiety when they are left alone for too long.

How big is a Norfolk terrier?

A Norfolk terrier is the smallest amongst the working terriers which were originally bred to be barn dogs that were used to catch and chase rodents and mice.

It usually reaches a weight of around 11 lb when fully grown, and with a height of around 10 in a male is known to be a bit taller than females whose height is capped at around 9 in.

It is almost half the size of a fully grown labrador dog breed.

How fast can a Norfolk terrier run?

Norfolk terriers had a history of being bred by a person named Frank Jones as a barn dog in around 1880s to chase away rodents and mice out of their holes in the ground. They are really playful and energetic dogs that can run really fast and are a great companion for short sprints, runs, and walks.

How much does a Norfolk terrier weigh?

Norfolk terriers are really small dogs with double coated hair. Both male and female species of Norfolk Terriers are known to have a weight of  around 11-12 lb. As per the breed standard, Norfolks breed is known to reach its fully grown stage when it becomes one year old.

What are their male and female names of the species?

There are no specific names given to the male and female species of the Norfolk terrier breed. The Norfolk terrier dog is regarded as female Norfolk terrier for females and male Norfolk terrier in the case of males.

What would you call a baby Norfolk terrier?

A baby Norfolk terrier or the young ones of Norfolk terriers are regarded as Norfolk terrier puppies or puppies generally like any other baby dog. They can be named differently as per your choice so as to give them an identity source that they can identify.

What do they eat?

Norfolk terriers are a really energetic dog breed that requires high quality dry food that could be mixed with broth or water.

They really love food would love various things, including carrots, raw cheese, or anything like that but make sure to follow a strict diet full of high quality dog food in order to ensure their best growth. They are also known to have severe obesity issues if you overfeed them or cut down on their exercise.

The diet should absolutely contain food that is rich in animal protein for your Norfolk terrier.

Are they slobbery?

One of the other sugar points for adopting or buying this dog breed is that Norfolk terrier adults do not slobber or drool. They are greatly suited to families and pet owners that have allergies to any drooling or fur.

They shed very less which makes a great match for families who do not like fur or drooling of dogs.

Would they make a good pet?

Norfolk terriers are most commonly described as fearless, active, and lovable. They can be trained to be family-friendly as well as kids friendly.

A Norfolk terrier is amongst the fearless dog despite its small size and has a lot of self-confidence.

They need regular exercise and training, which will groom them to be great around a family environment.

A Norfolk terrier is one of the softest breeds among the terriers and makes a great companion as well as a playful, energetic dog that is a great match for playful and energetic dog owners and their families with kids to play around.

Norfolk terriers are also known for their stubborn behavior which can make it a bit difficult for their trainers or owners to train them.

Did you know...

A Norfolk terrier is the smallest amongst the working terriers that can be distinguished from the Norwich terrier as they have prick ears whereas Norfolk terriers have dropped ears.

It has been regarded as one of the best amongst watchdogs preferred by families and pet owners.

A Norfolk terrier is not suited to be left alone for long as they easily get separation anxiety and can bark and dig in case left alone for too long.

Norfolk terrier mixes include a hybrid of border terriers, Irish terriers and Cairn terriers.

One of the other important things to note about Norfolk terriers is that it requires specialized training and grooming through a technique called hand stripping to maintain their hair.

Norfolk terriers have a combination of both being a great adventurous, fearless hunter with being the perfect lap dog.

How much do Norfolk terriers cost?

Norfolk terriers are the smallest amongst the working terriers that are also rare as compared to other dog breeds. They are usually costly. The Norfolk terrier price ranges from $2.1k but $3,400 upwards to $6,500 or even more if you wish to find or buy top breed lines.

Do Norfolk terriers shed?

The Norfolk terrier is a light shedder. They are amongst the ones who have a double coat, a medium outer coat that is made up of harsh, wiry hairs, whereas the undercoat is soft.

Like any other dog breeds, the Norfolk terrier has also several health problems. Norfolk terriers are hypoallergenic. The terrier dog breed is under the category of being hypoallergenic but it does shed very little all year year round, mostly around the spring and fall, which can be managed well if they are brushed regularly.

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