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Read these Puggle facts to learn more about this adorable breed.
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Compared to most popular dog breeds, Puggles are comparatively new. Puggles are often called designer dogs as they are a hybrid of Pugs and Beagles and have been specifically bred for companionship.

The first Puggle was bred by accident, but the recognition for this breed goes to a breeder from Wisconsin as he was the first to get this dog breed registered. These cute, adorable, dogs have been bred in the United States since then and have become popular pets.

The cross between Pugs and Beagles created a playful, adaptable, and happy dog breed. The popularity of Puggle dog breeds comes from their sweet nature, manageable size, and adorable looks.

Puggles don’t have breed clubs and are not recognized by major canine organizations. Pug Beagle mixes have been further crossbred with English Bulldogs to create a new dog breed.

This new breed is known as Bullpug, Puggle Bulldog, or Miniature Bulldog and they also love the company of humans like their parent breeds. Puggle dog breeds fit well into all families where they get affection and attention.

They are cuddly and friendly dogs that love spending their time with their owners. Puggles are welcoming to everybody, including adults, children, and strangers. Excessive barking and howling, which is a natural behavior of this dog breed, may be an issue for the owners.

Puggle breeds may also wander off if they get the opportunity. They need socialization, training, and activities to keep them busy.

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Puggle Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Puggle?

Puggles are a mixed breed dog that resulted from the accidental cross-breeding of Pugs and Beagles. They are small dogs that are gentle, and loving, and do well in urban homes and apartments. They are energetic, smart, intelligent, non-aggressive dogs and they learn commands quickly with positive reinforcements like praise, food, toys, and play.

What class of animal does a Puggle belong to?

Like all dogs, Puggles are a mammal.

How many Puggles are there in the world?

It is difficult to say how many Puggles there are in the world. But, this dog breed was titled 'Hottest dog of 2005' by the US media.

The popularity of this dog soared in the US in the 2000s. In 2006, Puggle dogs accounted for over fifty percent of all crossbreed dog breeds that were sold in the United States.

Where does a Puggle live?

Puggles live in homes with their owners. They are happier in homes with small yards where they can run around. They are also apartment-friendly dogs that are happy to go for walks and hikes with their owners.

These high-energy, small mixed-breed dogs require daily exercise but can adjust well to small apartments. This active and energetic dog breed requires daily exercise which can be a fifteen-minute walk with some active fetching games.

Though they are known for their good Puggle temperament and well-behaved mannerisms, these designer dogs may chase smaller animals when outdoors. However, they are good with children and other pets.

What is a Puggles habitat?

Puggle breeds are not too fond of extreme cold weather and adjust better to moderate climates.

Who do Puggles live with?

Puggles live with humans inside their houses. They also get along well with other children and pets.

How long does a Puggle live?

The life expectancy of a Puggle is between ten to 15 years.

How do they reproduce?

Puggles are among the newest hybrid dog breeds, and they are a Pug Beagle mix. Like all dogs, they reproduce sexually.

To understand the reproduction of hybrid Puggle dogs, you should know a little about the parent dog breeds. Beagles are a small, sociable, good-tempered, and hardy-hound dog breed. Pugs on the other hand are small, affectionate, friendly, and strong dogs.

The first Puggles were bred with their mother as a Beagle and their father as a Pug. The reason behind this is that it is difficult for smaller dogs to give birth to bigger puppies, and this could lead to the death of both the Puggle puppies and the mother.

In the second generation of the dog breed, Puggles are bred with other Puggles. In this generation, Puggle puppies have more variations, with some inheriting their looks from Beagles and some from Pugs.

The average litter size of Puggle dogs is between two to four puppies. When a Puggle mother is pregnant for the first time she usually delivers only two Puggle puppies.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of Puggle dog breeds is Least Concern.

Puggle Fun Facts

What do Puggles look like?

Puggles have a flat face which the mixed Pug Beagle designer dog breed inherited from their Pug parent. Their floppy ears come from their Beagle heritage. The combination of the two small, agile, intelligent dogs boasts of some of the best qualities that their parent breeds have to offer.

The good nature of a Puggle puppy always attracts people and they make friends easily. The handsome, compact, and loving dogs are very charming with their short and easy-to-maintain, smooth double coats.

The coat color is mostly tan, lemon, fawn, or back. Their coat is parti-color, meaning they usually have white with some other colors. The faces of many Puggle puppies have a black mask.

These loving dogs are an adorable package of cuteness. They are friendly to everybody and have a low maintenance coat, which is a relief for their owners. Puggles need daily exercise but this can even be done indoors in apartment buildings.

These dogs have the classic Pug wrinkles and get their long muzzle, floppy ears, and the tail of their Beagle parent. Some Puggles that do not get the beagle's nose may end up with health problems. One of them is called stenotic nares, which is common among dog breeds with short noses.

Puggles don’t need very outdoorsy owners to live a comfortable and healthy life. Short walks, play time and jogs can be enough to keep them active. This dog breeds hound genes, from their Beagle parents, which give them an affinity to sniffing and wandering away.

A pet Puggle inside a house.

How cute are they?

Puggles are cute dogs with floppy ears that make great companions for the elderly, adults, and children. These baby-faced dogs have large eyes with typical Puggle wrinkles which they inherit from their Pug parent. They also inherit the furrowed brows of Pugs. The grumpy-faced Puggles have inspired many Puggle memes.

How do they communicate?

Puggles are vocal animals. They have a habit of excessive barking and howling. They like to socialize and should be exposed to stimulating environments with various sounds, sights, sounds, smells, and experiences.

In the company of humans, and with proper rain, they turn into lovable, happy, and well-adjusted dogs. The hunting and hound instincts of their Beagle parent will give them a strong sense of smell. They may follow interesting scents inquisitively, and may even ignore the commands of their owners and wander away.

How big is a Puggle?

Compared to big dogs like English Mastiffs which weigh around 200-230 lb (90-104 kg) and stand at 35 in (88 cm) tall, Puggles are almost eight times lighter in weight. The biggest Puggle weighs around 30 lb (13 kg). Puggles reach their maximum height when they are around six months old.

How fast can a Puggle run?

Puggles can run at a speed of 5-10 mph (8-16 kmph).

How much does a Puggle weigh?

Regular-size Puggles weigh between 18-30 lb (8-13 kg). Toy-size Puggles weigh 8-17 lb (3-7 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Male Puggles are called dogs, and female Puggles are called bitches.

What would you call a baby Puggle?

A baby Puggle is called a puppy.

What do they eat?

Puggles love to eat and may overeat at times. The idea of free feeding is just not for Puggles. It is very important to give Puggles a balanced diet.

The best diet for Puggles is high-quality dry food. This means you should choose kibble appropriate for your pet's age depending on if they are a puppy, an adult, or a senior dog. The appropriate diet also depends on their activity level

A raw food diet and home-cooked meals are also good for Puggles. This dog breed is easy to maintain and will love dry or wet food. They love to munch on all kinds of foods and can become overweight or obese. It is very important to keep an eye on what your Puggle eats and how much.

One way to satisfy their munching needs is to divide their meals into smaller portions. This way the dog will be satisfied if they get food all through the day.

Are they hypoallergenic?

For people who are allergic to dogs and have asthma, it is important to know that Puggles are not hypoallergenic. Their parent dog breeds, Beagles and Pugs are heavy shedders. Puggle puppies take after them and shed quite a bit.

Would they make a good pet?

Puggles make adorable pets as they are extremely friendly and adjust well to most kinds of lifestyles. These smart dogs are always eager to impress their owners. Puggle dogs are active and playful dogs that love to run around inside and outside their homes.

They make wonderful walking, jogging, or short hiking companions. Puggle puppies cost between 800 USD and 1200 USD. They respond best to short and reward-based training sessions.

Puggles are cute, cuddly, and love socializing. They are not aggressive and meet everyone with a welcoming note. However, this doesn’t make them the best guard dogs.

This breed has inherited the vocal trait from their Beagle parent and so they like to howl a lot. If left alone, Puggle puppies may suffer from separation anxiety. This breed faces several health issues like hip dysplasia, allergies, progressive retinal atrophy, stenotic nares, and cherry eye.

Cherry eye causes discomfort to the puppy but does not lead to vision loss. Hip dysplasia is a complex hereditary disease that causes inflammation in the hips as well as pain and lameness in dogs. Like most dogs, the lifespan of a Puggle is between ten to 15 years.

The short and soft coat of Puggle puppies often fools the owner. This dog breed needs regular grooming and they do shed a lot.

The best way to remove loose hair from their coat is to brush them with a rubber grooming mitten or a brush with medium bristles. The wrinkles of Puggles also need a thorough cleaning. A damp cloth and wet wipes are the perfect cleaning tools for Puggles wrinkles.

Did you know...

There are many celebrity Puggle owners. Some of them are Sylvester Stallone, James Gandolfini, Uma Thurman, Kelly Osborne, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Some famous Puggle personalities on Instagram also get a lot of attention. Puggle puppies from the same litter can look very different from one another. They can have different kinds of mixed features of their parents Pugs and Beagles, as they are essentially a cocktail of the two.

Pocket Puggles, Teacup Puggles, or Miniature Puggles are a cross between Puggles and Rat Terrier. The rising demand for small dogs that are suitable for apartment living has made this breed very popular.

Flat-faced dogs like Puggles can be at risk in extreme heat and humidity. They may develop brachycephalic syndrome or have trouble breathing due to exhaustion and develop other health issues.

This breed can also suffer from a health condition called Pug Dog Encephalitis. It is a neurological problem where the dog has inflammation in their brain that causes seizures.

The surge in this breed's popularity started in 2005 as the demand for small dogs that did not look like plush, eye-candy, or fluffy toys grew.

How To Train A Puggle

Puggles are intelligent and fairly easy to train. Though they have a streak of stubbornness in them, timely training can turn them into adorable pets. They get bored easily and need interesting, consistent, and fun training sessions.

When it comes to training, these small dogs respond well to reward-based training. They are food lovers and would do anything to get a treat. They also try to impress their owners at all times, this makes praise a great tool for training Puggle puppies.

Positive training works wonders with Puggles when they are being trained for obedience. Punishment and negative reinforcement is not recommended as they can hurt and upset the dog. This breed of dog also enjoys agility training as they are energetic, curious, and playful.

What is a Puggle crossed with?

Puggles are a crossbreed between a Pug and a Beagle. The mother is usually a Beagle and the father is a Pug as it is easier for bigger dogs to deliver puppies.

If breeders try the opposite way of breeding, the puppies and mother Pugs often die. At present, most breeders breed Puggles with other Puggles to create a more standardized dog.

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