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Purple spaghetti-eel facts about the eel species known for its curiosity.

The purple Spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) is a member of a family Moringuidae of worm eels. It is also known as the pink paddletail eel, spaghetti eel, and paddletail eel.

Hamilton was the first person to describe this fish species and identified them as a member of genus Muraena. The Bengal spaghetti-eel, java spaghetti-eel (java thrush eel), thrush eel (lesser thrush eel, Penn’s thrush eel), longfin spaghetti-eel, smalleye spaghetti-eel, and pink paddletail-eel are some species of moringuidae family. This species has no scales on the body.

They require pristine water conditions in the aquarium with an under gravel filter. These fishes from the family Moringuidae can fit easily in a medium-size tank.

Even though Moringua raitaborua is a carnivorous fish species, it is unlikely that it will bother tank mates in the aquarium. Their mouths are very small to feed on other aquarium fishes. Their diet generally includes small species.

These eels are easily affected by medications and light sources in an aquarium. Read on for some amazing facts about purple spaghetti-eels. Afterward, do have a look at our other articles on the fin whale or bowhead whale.

Purple Spaghetti-eel Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a purple spaghetti-eel?

Purple Spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) is an eel from family Moringuidae. It is a very rare eel species to catch, much like the java spaghetti eel. The sleek body of pink spaghetti-eel allows it to swim and hide very quickly.

What class of animal does a purple spaghetti-eel belong to?

A purple spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) is a fish species. It is a member of the family Moringuidae of worm eels.

How many purple spaghetti-eels are there in the world?

The total population of purple spaghetti-eels has not yet been determined. Some known subspecies of this family of eels include the Bengal spaghetti eel, java spaghetti eel, lesser thrush eel, Penn’s thrush eel, longfin spaghetti eel, smalleye spaghetti eel, and paddle tail eel.

Where does a purple spaghetti-eel live?

A purple spaghetti-eel (moringua raitaborua) lives in wetlands such as freshwater bodies, where foods are abundant.

What is a purple spaghetti-eel's habitat?

Unlike most of the species in its family moringuidae, the purple spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) is a freshwater eel. It is usually found in an estuary. It is also found in rivers, brackish waters. Some adult moringua raitaborua are found in salt waters such as oceans.

Foods are abundant in their habitat. They prefer soft substrates and dim lights. These eels live in underflow areas. A canister filter and an under gravel filter can provide sufficient artificial oxygenation.

Who does the purple spaghetti-eel live with?

The purple spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) is a very shy animal like the paddle tail eel. This fish from family Moringuidae prefers to live alone despite their temperament peaceful, aquarium hardiness difficult makes them unsuitable to be with companions.  

How long does a purple spaghetti-eel live?

The purple spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) has a long life span. It has a life expectancy in the range of 5-12 years.

How do they reproduce?

As the purple spaghetti-eel is a rare fish species, not a lot of information is available regarding their mating behavior in the animal world. It is believed that their breeding habits can be similar to that of other eel species but nothing substantial can be established regarding their mating patterns.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the purple spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) is that of Least Concern at present.

Purple Spaghetti-eel Fun Facts

What do purple spaghetti-eels look like?

Purple spaghetti-eels are pinkish gold to a light purplish-brown in color. Their bodies are very very elongated, stubby, thin, and spaghetti-like.

Their heads are so small that one cannot differentiate it from the rest of their body. The eyes of the Moringua raitaborua are very small and are covered with their own skin. The dorsal fins and anal fins of this species are joined with the caudal fins.

Purple spaghetti-eel likes to feed in meaty foods in its natural habitat.

How cute are they?

Purple spaghetti-eels are not cute. They are ugly-looking worm-like animals.

How do they communicate?

Purple spaghetti-eels communicate through water changes and water movements.

How big is a purple spaghetti-eel?

A purple spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) has a very long body length. It can grow up to 17.3 in (44 cm) in terms of body length. A purple spaghetti-eel length renders it a unique appearance, which is responsible for its name.

How fast can a purple spaghetti-eel move?

A purple spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) is an extremely fast-moving species. It can move from one point to another in a blink of an eye. Their exact speed has not been determined.

How much does a purple spaghetti-eel weigh?

A purple spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) weight range is 14.1 oz (0.4 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

No specific names are assigned to the purple spaghetti-eel (Moringua raitaborua) species. Hence, both male and female purple spaghetti-eels are known as males and females.

What would you call a baby purple spaghetti-eel?

The name of a baby purple spaghetti-eel is elver.

What do they eat?

Purple spaghetti-eels are carnivores. Their foods include insects, worms, and larvae. They prey on small fishes such as livebearer fry and crustaceans in the waters. In aquariums, they can be fed foods such as bloodworms and brine shrimps. In comparison, the black eels are omnivores in nature that also feed on certain plan matter as well.

Are they poisonous?

Purple spaghetti-eels are not poisonous. They do not harm humans unless in immediate danger. This species mostly keeps to themselves and hence possesses little to no threat.

Would they make a good pet?

Purple spaghetti-eels are difficult pets. They need proper attention. Eels are extremely shy and hide in the sand most of the time. They need a freshwater aquarium. Getting them to eat is also a task. It is suggested to have some experience before adopting a purple spaghetti-eel as a pet.

Did you know...

A purple spaghetti-eel is very rare in the aquarium trade since it has excellent hiding places.

Aquarium temperature should be between 71.9-78.0° F (22.2-25.6° C) for this species.

Neale Monks, in his book, has described these eels.

Some other eels include the green moray eel, the wolf eel, and the spotted garden eel.

How long can the purple spaghetti-eel get?

Purple spaghetti-eels have very long bodies. As per Hamilton, they can grow as long as 17.3 in (44 cm). In comparison, spiny eels can only grow as long as 14 in (35 cm).

What are the other names of the purple spaghetti-eel?

Purple spaghetti-eels are known by many names. Some of their common names are pink paddletail eel, spaghetti eel, and paddletail eel.

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