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Spinosuchus is an Extinct herbivorous animal that used to live during the Late Triassic period on Earth. The fossil for this genus was found in Texas.

There was only partial vertebrae available for osteology studies. This animal has been assigned to various groups but after several years, it was seen as a separate genus and given a separate name. Based on the biological sciences of natural history there is only one type of Spinosuchus type from its origin to extinction.

After long years of research, this animal has been found to be a very close relative of the reptile Trilophosaurus remains which has been found in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. These animals are often connected to the evolution of new reptiles of the modern age, like monitor lizards.

Spinosuchus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Spinosuchus'?

After various analyses of the poorly preserved vertebrate fossils, Friedrich Von Huene considered this as a new genus and named the species Spinosuchus. The pronunciation of the name is 'Spin-o-su-chus'.

What type of dinosaur was a Spinosuchus?

Based on history this dinosaur was considered to be a terrestrial animal.

The first studies classified this dinosaur to be a coelophysid dinosaur but in further years it was considered to be a new genus and thus was given a separate name and recent studies have come to a conclusion that this dinosaur was a close relation to the Trilophosaurus.

In which geological period did the Spinosuchus roam the Earth?

Based on fossil studies, it is told that this species roamed the Earth during the Late Triassic period. These dinosaurs shared their ecosystem with various other species of the Late Triassic era.

When did the Spinosuchus become Extinct?

It is unknown when exactly they went extinct.

Where did Spinosuchus live?

Partial vertebral fossil of the dinosaur was found in the upper Triassic Dockum Formation in Texas and from the evidence study, it is found that this species used to live in the Texas region of the southern Unites States.

What was the Spinosuchus' habitat?

The habitat formations during the Triassic and Jurassic world were way different than it is today, so it is difficult to state a type of habitat but it is thought that this dinosaur was most likely herbivorous and for that reason, it is most likely that they lived in either forest areas or any area with proper vegetation.

Who did the Spinosuchus live with?

Most of the herbivorous creatures were considered to be social animals, but since there is no proper data about these Late Triassic dinosaurs, who they lived with remains unknown.

How long did a Spinosuchus live?

The life span of this species is unknown due to a lack of data.

How did they reproduce?

The only known fossils of this species are poorly preserved vertebral columns, so the studies about this dinosaur do not specify anything about their reproductive process. Other details regarding the sexual maturity age, and clutch size also remains unknown.

Spinosuchus Fun Facts

What did the Spinosuchus look like?

There is a lot of uncertainty because collecting information from one poorly preserved partial vertebral column is difficult. But this animal is known to be very similar to a Trilophosaurus and keeping that in mind they were fairly long tetrapods with well-built skulls and were also known to be having flattened but sharp teeth to eat tough plants.

This is a picture of a Trilophosaurus, the same family Spinosuchus belonged to.

How many bones did a Spinosuchus have?

No complete fossils have been found to date so the exact number of bones is unknown. But it should have had all the necessary bones being a fairly long four-limbed reptile.

How did they communicate?

The communication methods of this genus are unknown, but natural history studies suggest that dinosaurs on the whole used symbolic calls, visual communication, hoots, hollers, and various cracking sounds to communicate.

How big was the Spinosuchus?

Based on the available evidence, spinosuchus was very similar to that of the trilophosaurus so the estimated length was about 8.5 ft (2.5 m) and these reptiles were short but the nominal height is not known.

How fast could a Spinosuchus move?

There is no history journal that provides any information about how fast this animal can move. So, their moving speed is not known.

How much did a Spinosuchus weigh?

The weight of this species is unknown because of the lack of evidence or data.

What were the male and female names of the species?

No particular name has been assigned for the males and females of the species.

What would you call a baby Spinosuchus?

No particular name has been assigned for a baby spinosuchus.

How aggressive were they?

There are no data in any history journal stating the behavioral pattern of this genus so, the level of aggression is not known.

Did You Know…

  • The meaning of the name spinosuchus is "spined crocodile".
  • All the data known today is found from a single badly preserved partial vertebral column.
  • Many other additional remains were studied that were thought to be of this animal but later it was recognized to be of multiple other animal groups of the same period.
  • The first and only fossil of this animal was discovered in the year 1921 by Ermine Cowles Case.


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