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Discover fun Saint Vincent amazon facts about its breeding, population, wild habitat, conservation, and more!

The Saint Vincent amazon (Amazona guildingii) is a large-sized, magnificent parrot that possesses an extremely colorful plumage. It is an amazon parrot that belongs to the family Psittacidae and the genus Amazona.

It is also commonly known as the Saint Vincent parrot. This charming parrot species can be seen in the Cumberland, Buccament, and Wallilibou valleys in St Vincent only.

It is endemic to Saint Vincent's Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles. It inhabits heavily forested mountains on this island and it is also the national bird of the Grenadines and Saint Vincent.

The St. Vincent parrot possesses a vibrant plumage. There are two types of morphs: uncommon green morphs and yellow-brown morphs. This magnificent parrot is green-colored primarily, with a head featuring green, blue, and yellow-white colors.

Its upperparts are greenish-bronze and it has a brown-bronze abdomen and breast. It also has a reddish-colored eye and gray feet. Saint Vincent parrot wings are violet blue-green in color and possess orange edges.

This bird also has blue-colored tail feathers featuring broad yellow tips. Young birds of this species have brown eyes and lighter-colored feathers. Keep reading to learn more fun facts about the typical Saint Vincent amazon flight patterns, their natural habitat, breeding, conservation measures, population changes, and more!

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Saint Vincent Amazon Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Saint Vincent amazon?

The St. Vincent amazon (Amazona guildingii) is a charming parrot.

What class of animal does a Saint Vincent amazon belong to?

The Saint Vincent amazon parrot belongs to the class Aves.

How many Saint Vincent amazons are there in the world?

According to the IUCN, there are only 250-999 St. Vincent amazon parrots left in the wild. However, their population trend is increasing.

Where does a Saint Vincent amazon live?

The St. Vincent amazon is endemic to St. Vincent in the Lesser Antilles. It can be seen in the rainforest along the eastern and western slopes of the mountainous range in the Cumberland, Buccament, and Wallilibou valleys.

What is a Saint Vincent amazon's habitat?

A typical St. Vincent amazon habitat in the wild includes humid mature forests. This bird can also be seen at low elevations where there are tall and large trees present as this gives them a wide variety of regions to search for a suitable nesting site.

This amazon parrot is known to wander into cultivated areas also sometimes. They can be found at elevations ranging between 1,000-2300 ft (304.8-701 m) in the wild.

Who do Saint Vincent amazons live with?

In wild areas, the largest flock observed of St. Vincent amazon birds comprised 10 individuals.

How long does a Saint Vincent amazon live?

St. Vincent amazon parrots have a life span of 50-60 years.

How do they reproduce?

The breeding season of these St. Vincent amazon parrots commences in the spring. The female lays two to three eggs. One saint vincent amazon egg is typically infertile, sometimes two. The eggs are incubated for 25-26 days and the young parrots fledge at the age of nine to ten weeks.

What is their conservation status?

The St. Vincent Parrot is classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN's Red List. It is also listed in the CITES' Appendix I and II.

A Saint Vincent parrot conservation plan is in progress to increase the population of this species of parrots in the wild. A conservation program and a vital captive breeding program for the St. Vincent parrot are maintained by the Nicholas Wildlife Aviary Complex that is located within the St. Vincent island's Botanic Gardens.

Saint Vincent Amazon Fun Facts

What do Saint Vincent amazons look like?

The St. Vincent parrot is a lovely amazon parrot that has green feathers mostly. It possesses a multi-colored head that has green, blue, and yellow-white colors.

The upper parts of this bird are green-bronze colored and it possesses a reddish eye and gray feet. Its wings are violet-blue green in color. Saint Vincent amazon wing-coverts are red and orange-hued and these birds have black primaries that possess yellow bases and deep blue secondaries that have orange bases.

The tail feathers of the St. Vincent amazon are blue-colored, have an orange base, and possess broad yellow tips. This bird also has greenish-yellow under tail coverts and olive green to bronze-brown upper tail coverts.

There are two morphs of St. Vincent parrots: a less common green morph and a yellow-brown morph. The brown morph has a white head that shades into yellow-orange on its chin, cheeks, and hind crown.

There is a blue-hued patch located behind its eye and it has a blue-gray scaled nape. The upper parts of the brown morph are bronze-colored.

The green morph lacks any orange color, and has a bluish-white face and dull-green upperparts. Male and female parrots of this species look alike but young parrots possess a brown iris and have a lighter-shaded plumage.

How cute are they?

These birds are very adorable and they look like they're smiling from a side view! Saint Vincent amazon feathers are multi-colored, so they have beautiful yellow, brown, white, blue, bronze, green, and orange feathers, making them quite charming birds.

How do they communicate?

St. Vincent amazon birds produce many rolling barks as well as screeches. Their call sounds like 'rreek' during flight.

How big is a Saint Vincent amazon?

The St. Vincent amazon is quite a large parrot that ranges between 15.7-18.1 in (40-46 cm) in length. It is significantly larger in size when compared with the orange-winged amazon.

How fast can a Saint Vincent amazon fly?

The speed of the St. Vincent parrot has not yet been evaluated. However, we do know that these birds love to eat while they are in flight. They are typically spotted flying from one tree to another tree.

How much does a Saint Vincent amazon weigh?

St. Vincent amazon parrots range between 17.1-31 oz (485-880g) in weight

What are their male and female names of the species?

A male is referred to as a Saint Vincent amazon male and a female is referred to as a Saint Vincent amazon female.

What would you call a baby Saint Vincent amazon?

A Saint Vincent amazon baby is known as a chick.

What do they eat?

The diet of St. Vincent parrots mainly comprises seeds, flowers, nuts, and fruits. They are known to be heavy chewers and love to bathe. Amazon parrots are known to fall prey to predators like monkeys, harks, ocelots, and jaguars.

Are they dangerous?

No, St. Vincent parrots are not dangerous.

Would they make a good pet?

As these St. Vincent amazon parrots have faced a significant decline in their population and are considered at risk, they must not be kept as pets. However, wild parrots of this species are quite charming and playful.

Did you know...

Houston Zoo became the first zoo in the world to hatch St. Vincent amazon parrots in captive settings in 1972.

The hyacinth macaw is a colorful blue and yellow-colored parrot that is the largest parrot in the world!

The southern mealy parrot or the southern mealy amazon (Amazona farinosa) is the largest amazon parrot in the world!

The green and fawn kakapo parrot is the longest-living and the heaviest parrot in the world!

What has made the Saint Vincent amazon an endangered species?

The St. Vincent amazon species is considered to be rare as these birds face many significant threats, including the illegal bird trade, habitat loss, and being hunted for food. Forestry activities like charcoal production, the expansion of banana cultivation, and natural disasters like volcanic eruptions and hurricanes have also caused deforestation.

The nine-banded armadillo, which is an introduced species, erodes the base of many large trees which leads to them falling and ultimately causes a lack of nesting sites for the St. Vincent amazon.

What are people doing to help conserve the Saint Vincent amazon?

A conservation program and a vital captive breeding program are maintained by the Nicholas Wildlife Aviary Complex that is located within St. Vincent island's Botanic Gardens. As part of this, many conservation measures are currently in progress to save the St. Vincent amazon parrot.

Awareness has been raised about the importance of the St. Vincent amazon amongst the local population.

There is also a breeding program in motion for the conservation of this parrot at a parrot breeding facility in Germany.

There are also measure being taken to stop the illegal selling and trafficking of this bird as this has added to the rapid decline of this parrot species. However, natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions take place often on the island it inhabits and these still pose significant threats to the St. Vincent amazon.

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