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Here are Silken Windhound facts about the dogs with an excellent prey drive.

Humans have been crossing and breeding animals for centuries. We have been using science in our everyday lives in the smallest of ways without always being completely aware of it.

The main purpose of crossbreeding animals was to suit our own needs. Whenever a breed showed a particularly desirable trait, we tried to mix it with that of another breed with desirable traits in hopes of creating a wonder. Some of these wonders were loved, while others labeled as abominations.

The Silken Windhound is one such wonder. It is new compared to a lot of other breeds, and a lot of studies are left to be done on it.

The dog does not even have a proper scientific name yet. It is, however, loved by a lot.

The first litter of the Silken Windhound was bred by American Kennel Club trainer Francie Stull by crossing the Russian borzoi and a whippet in the 1980s. A Silken Windhound is a beauty with its long silky coat and they are popular with children for their affectionate and friendly temperament.

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Silken Windhound Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Silken Windhound?

Silken Windhounds are a medium-sized dog breed that look like a smaller version of the Russian borzoi. Although these dogs are from a relatively new breed, the first litter was born in 1985, their ancestry makes them sighthounds, or hunting dogs that hunt by sight. They have the lean structure of greyhounds and a long, silky coat of fur.

What class of animal does a Silken Windhound belong to?

As per the breed standard, Silken Windhounds belong to the class of mammals because it nourishes its young through the mammary glands present in the female of the species.

How many Silken Windhounds are there in the world?

There are only about 1,200 registered Silken Windhounds around the world. Hopefully, there are more of these dogs available.

Where does a Silken Windhound live?

A house or a flat. Having a yard is an advantage for their bursts of energy and need for exercise. They are adaptable, but exercise is essential.

What is a Silken Windhound's habitat?

They are generally found in chillier or colder climates because of their long coats which are made to adapt to low temperatures. However, in modern times they are being raised in varying climates and seem to be adjusting fine. However, pushing their natural limits, in this case, is not recommended.

Who do Silken Windhounds live with?

Silken Windhounds live with pet owners and are very open to other pets accompanying them.

How long does a Silken Windhound live?

Silken Windhounds live between 12 and 20 years which is quite long for the canine family. Their teen years are only stretched if they are thriving in life with lots of love and care given to them.

How do they reproduce?

Like other mammals and canines, Silken Windhounds reproduce through mating. The male mounts the female to make a connection, and pups are born after 60 to 64 days.

What is their conservation status?

They are a relatively new breed, and not a lot of them are registered. Hence, their conservation status is Least Concern.

Silken Winhound Fun Facts

What do Silken Windhounds look like?

Silken Windhounds have a narrow snout and triangular face with round eyes, which till now have only been seen in brown color. They have a curved tail, and a lean body like that of greyhounds, as well as a long coat which adds to their gorgeous appearance. Their eyes have been described by onlookers as warm, soulful, and affectionate.

Silken hound have very high exercise needs in order to maintain good health.

How cute are they?

Silken Windhounds are very adorable. They have warm and welcoming personalities, which may seem too enthusiastic if not trained properly.

Being eager to please, they are obedient and have been described as quite funny as well. They are also not likely to cause much noise and would love to curl up beside you on the bed or sofa to relax.

How do they communicate?

Silken Windhounds, like other dogs, communicate through yips, barks, growls, howls, and whines. The sighthound dog is not known for having a big voice but they are very enthusiastic and playful.

How big is a Silken Windhound?

The average height of a Silken Windhound is 18-22 in (45-55 cm), matching the height of other medium-sized dogs. When compared, the size of a white Silken Windhound comes closest to bearded collies.

This dog breed is shorter than salukis and have a fancy coat reminiscent of borzois. Silkens are somewhat curved in their structure and very sweet with manners.

How fast can a Silken Windhound run?

Silken Windhound running speed can touch 40 mph (64 kmph). Silken Windhounds belong to the class of sighthounds as Silkens hunt by sight, and hence have one of the best speeds among dog breeds. Proper training and exercise can not only maintain their good health but also improve their running speed.

How much does a Silken Windhound weigh?

Silken Windhound breeds weigh between 20-45 lb (9-20 kg) on average. Their bodies are like that of greyhounds with a large heart and curved tails. Their weight needs to be effectively managed by their owners for them to live a happy life.

What are the male and female names of the species?

The males and females of the Silken Windhound breed are known as dogs and bitches, respectively. That is the case with almost all variations among the canine family.

What would you call a baby Silken Windhound?

A baby would be called a Silken Windhound puppy, as is the case with the babies of most of the members belonging to the canine family. Children absolutely love playing with a Silken Windhound puppy.

What do they eat?

It is widely agreed upon that a natural diet is best for this sighthound breed . Most people rely on things like kibble to fulfill their pet's dietary needs, but that is not always healthy. Windhounds are omnivores like most of the species in the canine family, but Silkens have their unique requirements as well.

Silken Windhounds need to be given a proper diet, and for that, owners should prepare meals high in proteins and add vegetables to them. They are known to be best suited for dry food, but owners are suggested to consult a doctor before trying anything new with their pets.

Are they hypoallergenic?

No, Silken Windhounds are not hypoallergenic.

Would they make a good pet?

Silken Windhounds were exclusively made to be pets. They are sighthounds but seem to have adapted to being family dogs. Their temperament is gentle and affectionate with people. They tend to approach children with the same happy energy.

The only downside to the sighthound breed is their high prey drive which compels them to run after any smaller animal that this dog breed may encounter. For this to go away, they need to be trained when they are pups.

Training should start when they are eight to ten weeks old. This breed may not make the best guard dog either due to their sociable nature.

But, the sighthound is very loving and adjusting to other pets and children. This dog breed needs exercise daily to keep their bodies healthy and they also need to be groomed well because of their silky coat.

Silken Windhound ears and paws require regular cleaning to stave off some health problems. Regular exercise and proper training are very important for managing Silken Windhound temperament.

Did you know...

Silken Windhounds can be more sensitive than others of the canine family, and things impact them emotionally. This sighthound breed is apartment-friendly as long as they get their daily dose of exercise. Since this breed descended from sighthounds, all their energy needs an outlet.

This sighthound breed does not mind having a bit of time for themselves. Sighthound dogs may need your attention, but they don't mind being left alone for short periods of time. This breed may nap around this time.

Dogs of this breed need proper training and patience, due to their sometimes stubborn temperament and personality issues. Hence, novice owners are suggested not to get Silken Windhounds unless proper training can be provided.

This sighthound breed may or may not have the recessive MDR1 gene, which can cause sensitivity to certain drugs. Get them checked and detected for this gene to manage their health and weight in a better manner.

Breeders are working towards removing this gene but are yet to achieve success. Diseases like Lotus syndrome, cataract and cryptorchidism have been reported in Silken Windhounds during their late years, but the cases are rare.

Silken Windhound colors can range between black, white, tan, brindle, sable and red. When you compare Silken Windhound vs borzoi, it is evident that the Silken Windhound requires more exercise.

Moreover, the running speed of the Silken Windhound is much faster when compared to the borzoi. First Silken Windhound litter was bred by Francie Stull, an American Kennel Club trainer.

What is the difference between a Silken Windhound and a longhaired whippet?

One thing to remember about this breed is that it is unique and new. There was no Silken Windhound before the late 1980s.

Francie Stull made them by a desire to have a new dog with a fancy and unique beauty. That is why it took quite a few breeds to finally create the Windhound. Silken Windhound has since been an extremely popular breed.

Longhaired windsprites, or whippets, are a breed created by breeder Walter Wheeler around 50 years back. They are a rare breed, and AKC does not register them due to their coat not being supported. There is still a debate going on over where they actually originated. They, too are wonderful and gentle pets, but they are not Silken Windhounds.

Getting your own Silken Windhound

Silken Windhound price ranges between 1,600 and 2,200 USD on average. The price for a Silken Windhound mix would be slightly lower than a purebred dog.

The American Kennel Club didn't recognize it at first but the International Club for Silken Windhounds put the breed onto the list in 2011. Good breeders can be looked up. Though this is a rare breed as well, an authentic breeder would be honest with you about everything and let you visit the kennel to verify things.

Please be patient and responsible with your pets. The owners owe their pets love, care, and time, which sometimes is neglected. They are fully devoted to you and your happiness, so give them the love that was promised.

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