What Is A Baby Moose Called? Fun Animal Facts For Kids

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Originally Published on Nov 15, 2021
Moose calf in grass

Are you familiar with the baby moose? Here are some amazing facts you need to know about these animals, apart from the fact that they are the largest existing deer species in the world, of course!

  • A baby moose grows at an unbelievable rate. A five-day-old moose calf can outrun a human being with a speed of 30 mi per hour and the ability to jump anywhere between 8 and 10 ft!
  • Moose babies communicate with their mothers through different sounds, as the human baby does through crying. They have distinct sounds for when they are angry or distressed, hungry, or when they lose sight of their mother.
  • Baby moose are hardly ever born as twins or triplets. Most moose babies are singletons and solitary animals; they move alone in the wild, except for the mother moose, who always sticks by her babies.
  • They might be depicted as soft and cuddly animals, but the baby moose is two ft tall when born and weighs 1300 lb (590 kg) which is almost the weight of a car!
  • The baby moose has weak eyesight when born and gets better only as it grows. Thankfully, it can utilize its sense of smell and sound to sense predators.

The facts related to the baby moose are an interesting subject to learn. Let us search for some facts related to this deer species here. Afterwards, also read about how to take care of a baby bunny and how to take care of baby chicks!

What is a baby moose called?

What is a baby moose called? A baby moose is the offspring of the largest species of deer. The baby moose is called a calf. The young moose are born dark brown in color, almost close to black color.

The baby moose, called a calf, is typically born during the spring.

The mother moose are called cows. The cow becomes pregnant during the fall of a year. The moose calf can weigh a great amount compared to other deer species. After the moose calf is given birth, they are pretty helpless.

This means that they are at risk of being hunted down easily by predators. The females take care of them. The females keep them hidden after birth to help protect them from wolves or bears.

The fact is that a moose calf can rarely survive the winter. Many of the young moose calves die by the time winter is over. The baby moose called calf lives up to the name of these deer species as twig-eaters.

During summer, these herbivorous animals feed on herbs and leaves. During the winter, the main diet of the moose consists of shrubs and buds from pine trees. The baby moose that do survive grow to eat this during the summer.

How big is a baby moose?

The baby moose is a cute deer species' calf. A baby moose's size and weight can vary.

If the baby moose is born single, its weight is around 30 lb (13.6 kg). If the baby moose are born as twins, they are around 14 lb (6.3 kg).

The baby moose's size will be larger than other deer species since moose are the largest deer species.

The male moose are called bulls. The male moose and female moose of this species are not only larger in size but also taller too. The whole deer family is a big family. The bull moose also have big antlers. The antlers can grow to around 6 ft (1.8 m).

The primary use of antlers is to fight for a mate. During the mating season, the males use these antlers to fight for their mates. Each winter, these antlers are shed. The antlers are with them during the mating season that runs from September to October.

The massive size of the baby moose and the thick brown fur that keeps them warm in the snow makes these animals cute yet big.

A bull moose in velvet.

What does a baby moose eat?

The question 'what is a baby moose called?' has been answered.

Now the question is, what does a baby moose eat? What is the food this animal prefers when it is young?

The baby moose, also called a calf, is a member of the herbivore animal group. The main types of food that they eat are plants and other plant-related foods. They can eat aquatic plants too.

The moose's diet mainly consists of plants. But initially, the baby moose do not eat many different foods. After birth, and for up to five months, the baby moose feed on the mother's milk. The moose live with their mothers until the mothers are fertile again.

So for almost a year, the baby moose is seen with their mother. The moose are animals who have a solitary nature. These animals are rarely seen in groups. The only member of the family that stays in groups is the mother and her baby.

When the baby moose is around one year of age, they leave their mother. They stay with the mother at the start to protect themselves from any predators that may be hunting them. During their life, the baby moose will eat milk and then slowly move to plant-based foods later.

Facts About Baby Moose

Since we discussed the baby moose's name and diet, let us learn some more baby moose facts. What are some interesting facts about this member of the deer family?

As you are already aware, the moose is the largest deer species in the world. They are mainly seen in the northern regions of America and Europe.

Moose live alone, but a baby moose lives with its mother for a year after birth. The males are always seen alone.

The baby moose are known for their excellent hearing and smelling abilities. But just like the adult moose, the baby moose lacks good eyesight.

Initially, the baby moose produces grunting sounds, but later they can start to wail. The wail is almost similar to that of humans.

Despite having the most abundant deer population, hunting is causing the number to shrink each year. In particular, moose antlers are hung on walls as a display for visitors' eyes by hunters who view hunting as a source of great pride.

They also market them as a food source at exorbitant costs. Despite several initiatives to conserve these animals, hunters continue to slaughter and market them.

Also, a sad fact is that many of the baby moose will not survive the winter and the threats from predators. Most of the baby moose population die, and only a small number survive and grow into adulthood.

They are cute animals; it is easy to gain their friendship, but they are still wild animals.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for what a baby moose is called, then why not look at what a baby platypus is called or check out some moose facts?

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