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White-fronted parrot facts about the birds known as white-fronted Amazons.

White-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) is popularly known through its common name, white-fronted parrot, or through the adopted slang term, the spectacled Amazon parrot. This species of parrots is known as one of the most popular species from Central America.

White-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) is known to imitate almost a range of 30-40 different noises. White-fronted Amazons have a long potential life span which can extend up to 80 years under suitable conditions.

This species is known to be the smallest one amongst the parrots in the Amazon region. The white-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) species draws its name from the white-colored patches that are present on the feathers as well as on their forehead.

The most prominent Amazon parrot colors are green with hints of yellow and white. Here are some of the fascinating facts about the white-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons). Hereafter, you can also have a look at our other animal fact files on the thick-billed parrot and mealy parrot.

White-Fronted Parrot Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a white-fronted parrot?

White-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) is a type of bird that is also known as the white-fronted parrot. The male and females can be easily distinguished through the inherent differences in their external appearance.

What class of animal does a white-fronted parrot belong to?

White-fronted Amazons belong to the class of parrots and are the smallest species of Amazon parrots. White-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) birds are very adorable in their appearance, and the spectacled Amazon parrots can imitate 30 - 40 different voices. The white-fronted Amazon males and females differ from each other.

How many white-fronted parrots are there in the world?

There is no accurate and rough number so as to how many members of white-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) species are there in the world. The number of the white-fronted parrot (Amazona albifrons) differs accordingly based on different factors. As of now, the population of Amazon parrots is stable across the world.

Where does a white-fronted parrot live?

White-fronted Amazons are known to be found in different regions across their habitat in Central America like Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Belize. The white-fronted Amazon prefers to stay in brushy grasslands and tropical deciduous forests.

What is a white-fronted parrot habitat?

The white-fronted Amazon habitat includes brushy grasslands and tropical deciduous forests. White-fronted Amazon flocks also prefer to live in areas that are semi-open and have the presence of scattered trees in humid regions. A considerable population of white-fronted Amazons can also be found residing in woodlands as well as forest patches that are present in dry areas.

Who do white-fronted parrots live with?

White-fronted Amazon birds live in pairs or are sometimes found living as a part of smaller flocks with around 20-30 birds. White-fronted Amazons like to live in pairs, and flocks come together during the mating process.

How long does a white-fronted parrot live?

The life expectancy of a white-fronted Amazon is around 40 years. The lifespan of a white-fronted Amazon changes based on certain factors like their diet and habitat.

How do they reproduce?

Once white-fronted Amazons find a suitable partner, the male white-fronted Amazon and female white-fronted Amazon then begin kissing one another and lock their beaks and start playing with each other’s tongue and are one of the few birds to engage in kissing. Once the kissing session starts, the male white-fronted Amazon will vomit into the female’s mouth.

Once the mating process is completed, the female white-fronted Amazon will then lay about three to four eggs, and then the eggs will incubate for about 26 days before hatching.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the white-fronted Amazons is of least concern at present. The population of spectacled Amazon parrots (Amazona albifrons) is steady across the habitat range.

White-Fronted Parrot Fun Facts

What do white-fronted parrots look like?

White-fronted Amazon is green in color with white and blue colored patches adorning the foreheads. There are red rings around the eyes, which are extremely bright in color, and this is the reason why white-fronted Amazons are also known as spectacled Amazons.

Patches of blue color are also present on their belly as well as the breast region.

The wings of these parrots are of deep blue color with red edges. There is a dark red blaze on the underside of the tail feathers of the spectacled Amazon parrot (Amazona albifrons albifrons).

White-fronted Amazon is the smallest in terms of size amongst the Amazon parrots.

How cute are they?

White-fronted Amazon parrots are very cute as these wild parrots look very colorful because of the different colors that are on their body. The size of Amazon parrots is also small, and therefore, they look very adorable in their appearances.

The colors and their size make a white-fronted Amazon look even cuter and suitable as pet birds for families as well as individuals.

How do they communicate?

The white-fronted Amazon species communicates with the use of a variety of calls. White-fronted Amazons are great talkers, and these wild birds try to communicate with the help of a various range of calls, trills and notes, and other short and sharp noises in order to communicate with each other. The white-fronted Amazons can imitate around 30-40 different sounds.

How big is a white-fronted parrot?

The average size of a white-fronted Amazon parrot is 9.8 in (25 cm). This small size makes the Sonora white Amazon parrot the smallest species amongst the Amazon parrots.

How fast can a white-fronted parrot fly?

The average speed of the white-fronted Amazon parrot (Amazona albifrons) has been pegged in the range of 40-50 mph (64.3-80.4 kph). This speed of flight of the Sonora white-fronted Amazon parrot is the same as most other Amazon parrots.

How much does a white-fronted parrot weigh?

The average weight of the spectacled Amazon parrot bird is around 0.48 lb (0.21 kg). This weight range of the spectacled Amazon parrot subspecies is amongst the lowest in the Amazon parrot species.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There is no specific and particular name for the male and female species of the spectacled Amazon parrot species. Male spectacled Amazon parrot and female spectacled Amazon parrot are the common names for this bird species.

These birds are also commonly known as white-fronted parrots, white-fronted Amazon, or spectacled Amazon parrots as well. Males have bright red shoulder feathers, and females have green shoulders.

What would you call a baby white-fronted parrot?

There is no specific and exact name for a baby white-fronted parrot. It is therefore known as juveniles or juvenile white-fronted parrots.

What do they eat?

White-fronted parrots eat an herbivorous diet that includes a variety of plant products like fruits, berries, and seeds. In captivity, these birds like to feed on nuts, seed mix, and corn, as well as some form of protein which is an important part of their diet.

Sympatric hawks such as common buzzards, capuchin monkeys, snakes, and lizards are predators of this Amazon parrot.

Are they dangerous?

No, white-fronted parrots are not dangerous for humans. These small birds are intelligent and beautiful, making them suitable as pet birds.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, white-fronted parrots make good pet birds as this bird species is especially beautiful as well as intelligent like the yellow-lored Amazon (Amazona xantholora). These birds make for delightful pets for the owners with whom these birds of the wild bond really well.

This bird species is shy around other humans but are loveable and interactive with their owners. You must feed them a diet of seeds, fruits, nuts, and corn if you are thinking of adopting one as a pet bird.

Did you know...

White-fronted parrots are known to be among the largest parrot species. There is a wide variety of Amazon species. This member of the Psittacidae bird species has a wide habitat range in the wild.

White-fronted parrots are extremely loud. Male white-fronted parrots are recognizable because of more coloration on their head.

If the white-fronted parrot does not get proper attention, then there are chances that these wild birds might have behavioral problems. The maximum recorded lifespan of a white-fronted parrot was 80+ years. This member of the Psittacidae bird species easily adapts to new surroundings and has the ability to learn a large vocabulary.

The blue-fronted Amazon parrot is one of the most expensive species of Amazon parrots, with the price ranging between $500-$3,000.

Which Amazon parrot is the best talker?

Yellow-napped Amazon is the best talking Amazon parrot. This species is very well known for developing very large vocabularies, and they also have the capability of combining words into clear sentences with their proper tempo and tone. Therefore, these wild animals are known to be the best talkers when compared to the other parrots.

What is the smallest Amazon parrot?

White-fronted parrots are the smallest Amazon parrots. White-fronted parrots are found in Central America and Mexico. They are seen in brushy grasslands, tropical deciduous forests, rainforests, cactus savannahs.

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