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Wirehaired vizsla facts about a dog species commonly found in North America.
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The wirehaired vizsla, also known as regal Hungarian wirehaired vizsla, are medium-sized hunting dogs that have been placed under the category of sporting dogs.

This hunting dog breed is known to be a perfect mix of active dogs that are known for their natural hunting skills along with their other qualities of being affectionate and friendly which is one of the most preferred combinations by most pet owners.

Wirehaired vizslas are also one of the dog breeds that have a distinguished appearance and excellent hunting and caring abilities. After reading about the wire-haired vizsla dog breed, you may also look at the Pyrenean Shepherd and the Dogo Argentino.

Wirehaired Vizsla Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Wirehaired Vizsla?

The Hungarian wirehaired vizsla is listed under the sporting category of dog breeds that are known to be affectionate, versatile hunting dogs. Their name was derived from the Hungarian language, according to which vizsla is known to indicate two meanings, pointer and quick, both of which are fit for this dog breed.

What class of animal does a Wirehaired Vizsla belong to?

Wirehaired vizslas are excellent natural hunting dogs that have high energy and belong to the class Mammalia. Hungarian wire-haired vizsla dogs are known to give birth to their young ones through mating. They are full of love and affection, along with being aggressively protective of their families and territory.

How many Wirehaired Vizslas are there in the world?

Wirehaired vizslas are one of the later recognized breeds of dog that are rarely found in Hungary where Hungarian wirehaired vizsla dogs were originally developed and later also in America. There are around 130-140 dogs bred every year that have been reported which makes their occurrence rare.

Where does a Wirehaired Vizsla live?

The Hungarian wirehaired vizsla dog breed is known to have been created in the 30s by a Hungarian breeder to be suited to hunt in colder climates. They usually live in houses, woodlands, and even colder areas such as mountain ranges where they are used as natural hunting dogs. Wirehaired Vizsla's temperament is lively, gentle-mannered, affectionate, and sensitive.

What is a Wirehaired Vizsla's habitat?

Wirehaired vizslas were developed in the 30s by a breeder named Vasas Jozsef by breeding vizslas with a thick coated German wirehaired pointer to create a dog breed that will have thick cover and can work as hunting dogs in colder areas.

Presently, Hungarian wirehaired vizslas are also used as watchdogs or companion dogs who are suited to houses and places with cold weather.

They are active dogs that have enormous stamina and are more suited to houses than apartments.

Who do Wirehaired Vizslas live with?

Wirehaired vizslas, which are close cousins of vizslas, are known to be natural hunters that may or may not hunt in groups, especially in Hungary. Other than that, Hungarian wire-haired vizsla dogs are usually seen residing individually as pet dogs that are great companion dogs that are cat and child friendly.

How long does a Wirehaired Vizsla live?

It is an active and healthy breed of dog that is known to have a potential lifespan of around 12-14 years.

How do they reproduce?

Hungarian wire-haired vizsla dogs are placed under the category of mammals who are known to give birth to their young ones. They have an average litter size of up to 10 puppies at once whereas it has also been reported as high as 30 over the years.

What is their conservation status?

The Hungarian wirehaired vizsla dogs are one of the most popular breeds preferred by dog owners according to the American Kennel Club.

Their popularity has been on the rise since the year of their origin as this hunting breed possesses the qualities that you would like in your pet dog. Although there is no information available regarding their conservation status, these dogs with medium energy levels are recognized members of different Kennel clubs in different countries.

Vizsla, the mighty breed, was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2014.

Wirehaired Vizsla Fun Facts

What do Wirehaired Vizslas look like?

A wirehaired vizsla in a grass-covered field.

Wirehaired vizslas are medium-sized dogs that were originally bred to act as natural hunting dogs and have hard, dense, and wiry golden rust-colored coats that protect them from the cold. This hunting dog can have coats in colors varying from russet to golden, which makes its appearance even more appealing.

These regal Hungarian vizslas also have a water-repellent undercoat along with wiry and dense hair around their eyebrows, beard, and muzzles.

How cute are they?

Wirehaired vizslas along with being popular among pet owners have also been deemed to be perfect as companion dogs for children. These strong dogs are really cute and attract pet owners due to their beautiful golden to russet-colored coats, loyalty, and athleticism.

These wiry coat dogs are distinctively beautiful dogs with red noses and red skin around their eyes. The Hungarian wirehaired vizsla's temperament is lively, gentle-mannered, affectionate, and sensitive

How do they communicate?

Like any other dog, they are known to use similar gestures and vocals, including barking, wimping, sighing, whining, and much more to communicate.

This dog breed is especially affectionate and would use snuggles and touch as their love language.

How big is a Wirehaired Vizsla?

Hungarian wirehaired vizsla breed was created through the mating of vizslas and gean pointers that makes a medium-sized dog that grows up to a range of 21-25 inches in height and 45-65 lb in weight.

How fast can a Wirehaired Vizsla run?

As we have already seen, this dog breed is highly active and loves to exercise and run around all day. Due to their hunting instincts, these dogs are known to run at a speed of 40 mph per hour similar to vizslas which account for them being among the top 10 fastest dog breeds.

Proper training and health monitoring are essential to maintain their speed.

How much does a Wirehaired Vizsla weigh?

The female wirehaired vizslas are comparatively smaller in size than that of males. The males weigh around 55-65 lb while females weigh around 45-55 lb. With the help of regular exercise and training, their weight can be effectively managed.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no specific names given to male and female species of wirehaired vizslas. These strong dogs are commonly referred to as bitch for a female and dogs for male wirehaired vizslas.

What would you call a baby Wirehaired Vizsla?

A baby wirehaired vizsla is called a puppy.

What do they eat?

These strong dogs are active and need high-quality dog food. They are also fed fruits and vegetables, eggs, and cottage cheese which are nutrient-rich food items.

Along with taking care of their proper diet to ensure that a puppy does not develop any illness, these high-energy dogs require at least one hour of exercise every day.

Are they hypoallergenic?

Yes, they are hypoallergenic. That means these rare dogs are suitable as pets for you if you have any allergies and shed much less or almost negligible hair, which may irritate or trigger allergies for members of the family.

This dog breed has also been listed amongst the top hypoallergenic dogs that would be best suited to families with allergies.

Would they make a good pet?

If you are planning on getting a cute little vizsla, then this might be a great choice.

They are lively, sensitive, and well-mannered dogs that are family and child-friendly as well.

A wirehaired vizsla could be a great companion dog for you as well as your children as they are affectionate and love to snuggle, but they are also very protective of their family and might need to be trained effectively to control their hunting instincts.

Although wirehaired vizslas are generally really active dogs that would love to snuggle with you, they are known to suffer from some common illnesses genetically or due to other factors such as hip dysplasia, idiopathic epilepsy, dysphagia megaesophagus, sebaceous adenitis, hypothyroidism, various digestive problems, and eye conditions including entropion and ectropion.

Did you know...

Wirehaired vizslas are suitable for families that suffer from allergies as having a low tendency of shedding and drooling makes them a great fit for families that are searching for a hygienic and hypoallergenic dog.

These dogs are famous among pet owners due to the variety of characteristics displayed by them. A wirehaired vizsla's price ranges between $ 1000-1500 on average.

Although vizsla and wirehaired vizsla are similar-looking they can be easily distinguished by taking a look at their coats. A wirehaired vizsla has a dense and hard wire coat and has a more robust and slim-shaped body as compared to a vizsla.

Wirehaired vizslas are also known as Velcro dogs as they follow you everywhere demanding snuggles and will also make sure that you are never alone.

If you wish to adopt a dog of this breed, then you must compare wirehaired vizsla vs smooth vizsla. Both breeds perform equally well on all parameters except for grooming, as a smooth vizsla is easier to groom than a wirehaired vizsla.  

How to pick up a Wirehaired Vizsla

Wirehaired vizslas are lean muscular dogs that are known to have high energy and affection throughout, though they are also delicate when small and need to be held carefully. The safest way is to put your hand under the pup’s chest and use the other one to support the back legs.

It is also advised not to lift your puppy by its legs or tail as it might hurt them.

Can Wirehaired Vizslas be left alone?

No, as we have already seen, these dogs are really affectionate and easily attached to their owners. So leaving them alone for long intervals may cause anxiety and depression among these dog breeds.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other mammals including the dorkie and the Welsh terrier.

You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one of our Wirehaired vizsla dog coloring pages.

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