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Zuchon facts about the Shih Tzu Bichon Frise mix breed dog.
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Zuchon is a designer dog whose parent breeds are Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu. The Zuchon breed dogs are known as ‘teddy bear’ dogs because their overall appearance significantly resembles that of a teddy bear.

Zuchon is a new breed of dog that is very family-friendly and can easily reside inside a house.

These dogs are easy to train with basic training methods and are known to modify their energy levels according to the environment of the house. However, they do not do well if left alone for long periods and can suffer from separation anxiety.

Zuchon has a long coat which can be a mix of black, white, silver, and some other colors, and they require regular grooming. Common Zuchon health issues include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and skin allergies.

Their average age is between 12 - 15 years but some dogs can live up to 18 years as well.

Zuchon breed dogs who are extremely small in size are known as 'teacup Zuchon'. Read on to know more, and after reading about Zuchon, do check out our articles on Kunming wolfdog and Australian retriever as well.

Zuchon Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Zuchon?

The Zuchon is a dog. This breed of dogs is frequently described as ‘teddy bear Zuchon,’ as Zuchon appearance, facial features, and expressions resemble that of a teddy bear.

What class of animal does a Zuchon belong to?

The Zuchons belong to the Mammalian class due to their ability to give birth to their young ones. Zuchon dogs are a mix between the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise breeds.

How many Zuchon are there in the world?

There are no accurate estimates of the total number of Zuchons in the world. As they are a mixed breed of Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu, the breeding of Zuchons is still going on and their numbers are holding steady at around a few hundred thousand.  

Where does a Zuchon live?

Zuchons are friendly, small size dogs, and they possess childlike, loving characteristics. These affectionate little dogs love to be around family and can easily live in a house or rather any hospitable environment.

Moreover, Zuchons are small in size, and only need a little exercise in the form of either following their human around the house or chasing a ball around the living room, or playing a fun game of fetch.

For this reason, they thrive well in small spaces and do just fine in an apartment. However, big houses with yards that are fenced, are also advisable.

Zuchons are very smart and can find their way out if they really want to, so they should never be left unsupervised. It is advisable to offer them some basic training to improve social behavior. They are notorious for their separation anxiety and should not be left alone unsupervised for long periods.

What is a Zuchon's habitat?

The ideal environment for Zuchons is a place where they can play and be loved alongside being given proper care and exercise. Zuchons are great with people of all ages and even do well in homes with small children.

Zuchon dogs need a daily walk, so they can have some fresh air, stretch their legs, and attend nature's call. It is not advisable to keep Zuchons in open areas as they can become an easy target for predators.

Who do Zuchons live with?

A Zuchon who is a mixed breed of Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise, has many of the Shih Tzu's qualities. They essentially love to be around the family, and they naturally live in a house or any hospitable environment. They are great around children and love to play as well.

How long does a Zuchon live?

Zuchon’s lifespan can be between 15-18 years. Zuchon dogs need proper training, regular exercise, and proper health care.

How do they reproduce?

Like all other dogs, Zuchons reproduce through the process of mating. In order for the mating to take place, the male dog should be of adequate age and the female dog should be undergoing the heat cycle. After the gestation period of 60-70 days is completed, the female will give birth to a litter of Zuchon puppies.

What is their conservation status?

Zuchon are one of the most loved dog species in the United States. The total number of Zuchons is quite significant and, hence, they do not face any conservation crisis.

They are loved by people as they are considered as one of the most suitable pet dogs that are also apartment friendly. There is no threat to their existence as of now.

Zuchon Fun Facts

What do Zuchons look like?

Since the Zuchon is the result of crossbreeding a Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise, it can either look like one of its parent’s breed or can look like a mix of both, hence you cannot be certain about a Zuchon’s looks.

One thing we can be certain about is that a Zuchon will always have a big, fluffy coat — that’s exactly why it has been given the 'teddy bear' nickname. As Zuchon dog is a hybrid breed, how the coat might exactly look is not easy to determine. As a result, the fur may be curly, wavy, or silky.

Zuchon is an extremely adorable dog breed.

How cute are they?

Zuchon is a very loving and cute dog also referred to as a toy dog or teddy bear based entirely on its appearance. It has long teddy bear fur and does not shed much which makes it even more of a family-friendly pet.

They are so cute and adorable along with being loving, child and family-friendly, well mannered, and low maintenance which makes them even more desirable as a pet dog.

This designer dog is a mix between the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise, a Zuchon puppy is packed with love and joy. Like Shih Tzus, they have large, almond-shaped, expressive eyes, alongside cute little button-noses.

As far as the nature of such dogs is concerned, Zuchons are great with people of all ages and even do well in homes with small and young children.

The parent breed, Shih Tzus, are known to have a loving nature towards children, hence, they make for great playmates with even the youngest members of the family. Moreover, it is essential to start socializing a Zuchon puppy at a young age to improve social behavior towards humans as well as other dogs.

All in all, the Zuchon is one cute dog.

How do they communicate?

Like all other dogs, they communicate by barking and through the emotions in their eyes. They also express their happiness or anxiety through the wagging patterns of their tail.

Zuchon is a small designer dog and, hence, the training process is very simple. They are also intelligent enough to grasp the training quickly and can be trained very easily with a little effort and time. After the training is complete, they are able to communicate with their humans and other dogs in a normal manner.

How big is a Zuchon?

A Zuchon dog can be of different shapes and sizes based on different characteristics of their parent breeds. It is difficult to ascertain the exact traits they are going to inherit because these traits will vary between purebred dogs and crossbred dogs.

Normally, a Zuchon can weigh between 5-15 lb and can grow to be 6-12 in tall when fully-grown.

How fast can a Zuchon run?

Zuchons are really playful and enthusiastic dogs. They are always ready to run around whether it be for fetching a ball or running around their humans.

However, these small dogs are really active and experts suggest at least an hour of exercise for them every day. There is no ideal estimated speed, but after training, they can run extremely fast over short distances in small bursts.

How much does a Zuchon weigh?

Zuchons can weigh between 6-18 lb depending on the genetics, age, eating habits, and surroundings of the dog.

What are their male and female names of the species?

There are no different names for male and female species of Zuchon. Like all other dogs, the males are known as dogs and the females are known as bitches.

What would you call a baby Zuchon?

Like other dogs, a baby Zuchon will be called a puppy.

What do they eat?

You need to be a bit careful while choosing the food and diet for your Zuchon. It is considered crucial for such breeds to have specialized designed pet food to provide all the necessary nutrition required to match their high energy requirements.

As per experts, these dogs should not be given any wet food as it could be dangerous to their health. In order to keep them healthy, it is essential to provide them healthy nutritious food, regular exercise, and proper grooming.

Are they slobbery?

Yeah, Zuchons are quite slobbery and drool quite a lot as compared to other dog breeds. If they watch their humans eating, they are very likely to create a mess.

Would they make a good pet?

Absolutely, a Zuchon will make a great pet that is child as well as family-friendly. They are ranked among the most loved and desired dog breeds in America due to their calm and friendly nature.

Their low maintenance requirements in terms of exercise and food make them perfect for families residing in cities.

They are highly adaptable and adjust to their environment really quickly, making it easier for their humans to take care of their needs. They are currently one of the most adored dog breeds in a variety of countries with their exceptional appearance and friendly nature.

Did you know...

Zuchon is an interesting dog breed that is loved and adored by everyone. They are available in a variety of colors and there is no perfect way to determine the standard color of their coat as it can vary according to their parents. Though, with the long hair of the Zuchon, grooming regularly is essential.

Another interesting aspect about Zuchons is that they are really smart, adaptable, and well-mannered along with being really sociable with people as well as other dogs after they have been trained properly.

Zuchon temperament

Zuchons display an excellent temperament and are very well-mannered. They are intelligent dogs who are very flexible and adaptable to their environment. They make great pet dogs after proper training.

They are one of the most desired family pets as they are family and kid-friendly. They are not guard dogs, but would definitely bark if they see someone with who they are not familiar. Zuchons are really smart and adaptable dogs that can easily thrive indoors.

Having your own Zuchon

Any person who has adopted or purchased a dog knows that it is a big decision to make. You need to carefully understand and examine all the requirements and essentials of any breed before deciding.

Zuchons are really great dogs that have a thick coat, do not shed a lot and are hypoallergenic. Zuchons can, however, exhibit various health problems based on their lifestyle.

Zuchon price starts from around$600 in the case of hybrid breeds whereas the price can go up to$2500 if Zuchon puppies are purebred.

You can get a Zuchon puppy irrespective of whether you have a house with a lawn or reside in a high-rise. So, make sure to acquire knowledge on these important facts before deciding.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Zuchon coloring pages.

Zuchon Facts

What Did They Prey On?

Small animals

What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?


How Much Did They Weigh?

6-18 lb (3-8 kg)

What habitat Do they Live In?


Where Do They Live?

united states

How Long Were They?


How Tall Were They?

6-12 in (15-30 cm)







Scientific Name

Canis Lupus Familiaris

What Do They Look Like?

A mix of Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise

Skin Type

Big, fluffy coat

What Are Their Main Threats?

larger dogs and humans (especially children)

What is their Conservation Status?

Least Concern

united states

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