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Fun Bossi-poo Facts For Kids

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The Bossi-Poo, a hybrid of a purebred Poodle and Boston terrier, is known by different names such as the Bossi Doodle, Boston Poo, and Boston Doodle. The origin of the breed is a matter of debate, but it is said Bossi-Poo originated in England or the United States. The breed is also known as bossidoodle, Boston poo, and Bostondoodle.

While talking about the history of the parent breeds, the Boston terrier was developed in Boston, Massachusetts, around the beginning of the 19th century, and the breed was primarily used for fighting purposes. The poodle originated around the late 15th century in Germany, and as the name suggests, the breed loves to play in the water.

The Boston terrier poodle mix or Bossi-Poo is a small-sized dog that weighs around 25-50 lb (11-22 kg), while the average height of the breed is 10-15 in (25-38 cm). The breed possesses a medium-sized tail and muzzle and can be found in several variants, such as golden, dark, or light brown, black, and white.

When it comes to the temperament maintenance of the dog, the breed is regarded as quite friendly and obedient. Also, these low-maintenance dogs require regular check-ups. Like other domestic breeds, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has not evaluated the conservation status of the mixed breed.

Let's read more interesting facts about the Bossi-Poo, and if you found this article insightful, don't forget to check out exciting information about different animals like with these poodle facts and Boston terrier facts.

Fun Bossi-poo Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Meat, grains, vegetables, dog food

What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

25-50 lb (11-22 kg)

How long are they?


How tall are they?

10-15 in (25-38 cm)

What do they look like?

Dark brown, black, and white

Skin Type


What were their main threats?


What is their conservation status?

Least Concern

Where you'll find them?

Households, Kennels


Europe, America









Bossi-Poo Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Bossi-Poo?

The Bossi-Poo is a hybrid of a purebred Poodle and Boston terrier and is regarded as one of the active and intelligent domestic dogs. The Bossi-Poo dog is an omnivore and loves to eat grains, veggies, and meat.

What class of animal does a Bossi-Poo belong to?

The Bossi-Poo dog belongs to the class of Mammals, the family of Canidae, and the Canis genus. This designer dog is also known as the Boston terrier poodle mix.

How many Bossi-Poo are there in the world?

The exact population of the Bossi-Poo dog is not known as of now and is prominently found in western countries such as England, the United States, and France. The Boston terrier poodle mix breed is believed to develop after the mid 19th century. Thus we can say that the breed is quite rare.

Where does a Bossi-Poo live?

It is said that the Bossi-Poo dog originated in England, while some believe that the breed was developed in the United States. Over the decades, the breed started to appear in several other countries. One can find the Bossi-Poo dog in numerous countries of Europe and the North American continent.

What is a Bossi-Poo's habitat?

The Bossi-Poo dog lives with humans in homes, farms, and shelters. Also, dogs are not quite reliant on their masters, and one can also find the Bossi-Poo dog in a small apartment of an office-goer. The dogs are also found at any reputable kennel club.

Who do Bossi-Poo live with?

The parent breeds, poodle, and the Boston terrier, were kept as companion animals. Similarly, the Bossi-Poo dogs spend all their lives around humans. Unlike other pets, this designer breed loves to meet new people and animals. Also, these active dogs are quite friendly with children.

How long does a Bossi-Poo live?

The average lifespan of these intelligent dogs is a little bit higher than most breeds; the Bossi-Poo dog generally lives for around 12-15 years. Primarily, human care determines the lifespan of the dog. If proper care and regular check-ups are performed, the lifespan could also increase as well.

How do they reproduce?

We don't have much information regarding their breeding patterns, but like the poodle, Boston terrier, and other domestic dogs, the Bossi-Poo dogs follow the same method of breeding. Generally, breeders take care of their mating. The female Bossi-Poo goes through the heat or the estrous cycle in which the female dogs are willing to mate with male dogs. The duration of the heat cycle generally depends on the individual dog.

The gestation period of the Bossi-Poo and other domestic dogs mainly lasts for around nine weeks. The Bossi Poo's litter size is not known, but their parent breeds, the Boston terrier and poodle dogs, give birth to around 5-6 puppies, respectively. The Bossi-Poo puppies are taken care of by their mothers only.

What is their conservation status?

As Bossi Poo are domestic dogs, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has not evaluated the conservation status of the breed, but the population of the breed could get affected as the Bossi-Poo dogs are prone to several health issues such as Addison’s disease, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy disease, hypoglycemia, and many more.

Bossi-Poo Fun Facts

What does Bossi-Poo look like?

The fascinating thing about the Bossi Poo, Boston terrier, and the poodle is their temperament. These dogs are quite friendly with other breeds and animals. Unlike poodles, the Bossi Poo's hair is not curly. These are easy to train dogs, and they love to go on walks with their masters.

These rare Bossi-Poo facts would make you love them

*Please note the main image is of the Poodles, regarded as one of the parents of the Bossi-Poo. If you have an image of the Bossi-Poo dog, let us know at [email protected]

How cute are they?

Like the poodle, Boston terrier, and other domestic dogs, the Bossi-Poo dog is so cute. This breed loves grooming, and you would surely enjoy combing their soft hair. Also, it would be a delight to watch the tiny Bossi-Poo puppies running in the yard fearlessly. The special thing that makes this pet different is their attachment to children.

How do they communicate?

Bossi-Poo dogs generally follow the same methods of communication as their purebred parents and other breeds. Dogs generally bark, growl, howl, or use body movements when they want to convey something to humans and other pets. The parent breed, poodles, are known for learning, are known as good learners and are able to learn around 400 words and commands. While Boston terriers usually grunt to express themselves. Unlike other pets, they are quite intelligent and can easily spot an intruder or unusual activity.

How big is a Bossi-Poo?

The Bossi-Poo is a small-sized dog that weighs around 25-50 lb (11-22 kg), while the average height of the breed is 10-15 in (25-38 cm). Poodles are generally twice the weight of Bossi-Poo, while the latter is twice the weight of one of their parents, the Boston terriers.

Apart from this, the breed is twice and thrice the weight of pug and Shih Tzu dogs.

How fast can a Bossi-Poo run?

The exact speed of the Boston terrier poodle mix is not known as of now, but the species is known for its agility skills. Also, their purebred parents, the Boston terriers, and poodles, can reach the speed of 30 mph (48 kph). The Bossi-Poo breed is easy to train and could run around the yard throughout the day.

How much does a Bossi-Poo weigh?

The average weight of the Bossi-Poo breed is 25-50 lb (11-22 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no specific names given to the males and the females of the Boston terrier poodle mix breed, but people generally use terms such as dog and bitch to refer to males and females of the species, respectively. The term sire is used for the adult male dogs, while the word dam is used to call the adult female dog.

What would you call a baby Bossi-Poo?

Like other breeds, the baby of Bossi-Poo is known as puppy or pup. The Bossi-Poo pup is always keen to please humans or some other pup.

What do they eat?

Unlike other pets, Bossi-Poo dogs generally don't need much food. Due to their small size, their masters primarily give no more than two cups of food every day. Since these dogs are prone to different health problems, quality food with high nutritional value should be given to them. People also make diet plans according to their size, age, and activity level. It is always suggested not to depend on dog products fully.

Are they slobbery?

Like their parents, Boston terriers and poodles, the Bossi-Poo generally do not slobber or drool. Your pet might drool a bit while playing or cuddling with you. Also, several factors such as diet, health issues such as infections, and tumors in the mouth could cause drooling. To avoid slobbering, we should take care of the oral hygiene of the pets.

Would they make a good pet?

Without a doubt, one should definitely keep the Bossi-Poo as a pet. These dogs love to be around humans and other animals, and are quite energetic as well. The Bossi-Poo loves playing around with children and entertaining the whole family. These are regarded as low-maintenance dogs and are not always reliant on their masters. Also, unlike other dogs, Bossi-Poos are low-shedders, and regular grooming is fine for these pets. Also, owners should clean their ears and trim their nails regularly to avoid aggression. Regular health screening should be done as these dogs are prone to several health issues. Always make sure to purchase the Bossi-Poo from a reputable breeder, and it is advised to check the records of their parents and their temperament. It would cost you around 500-1000$, depending on the breeder.

Did you know...

The Boston terrier is also known as the 'American Gentleman.'

The abbreviation of Labrador Retriever is Labrador. The breed is one of the more popular breeds that is found throughout the world.

The hybrid of Cairn Terrier and the Miniature Poodle is called Cairnoodle.

Is Bossi Poo hypoallergenic?

It is said that the Bossi-Poo could be hypoallergenic if the fur or coat is more like that of poodles, but it has not been proven yet. Unlike poodles, the Bossi Poo's hair is not curly and generally does not need grooming every day.

What poodle mix is best?

Poodle mixes have emerged as some of the famous hybrids, and almost every poodle mix is quite adorable. Poodles are found in several sizes like the standard, miniature, toy, and medium. The purebred Labrador and poodle make a perfect hybrid known as labradoodle, and this companion breed is regarded as the most popular and cutest among all poodle mixes.

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