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Fun Boxerdoodle Facts For Kids

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The boxerdoodle is a boxer poodle mix dog breed. Historically, the boxerdoodle breed of dog was known as a farm, fighting, and hunting dogs up until the 19th century. Their temperament is controllable even though they are considered stubborn in nature. They are largely outgoing and hence constantly need to be surrounded by activities. Both boxer or poodle mixes are considered popular pet dogs and friendly around children, and so are boxerdoodles. The boxer is a smaller dog compared to poodles which is a large dog with fur. The boxerdoodle is seen in black, white, brown colors of fur and is identified because of its curly coat appearance that needs to be groomed regularly. Since they love to be outside they are prone to injuries and health issues both external and internal and so, boxerdoodles ideally need regular examinations, as well as visits to the veterinarian. These should be routine practice to keep your boxer poodle mix healthy and happy. They are a perfect companion to children and others.

If you want to learn all about the adorable poodle boxer dog, keep reading. To discover facts about other dog breeds, visit Kunming wolfdog and  Australian retriever too. 

Fun Boxerdoodle Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?


What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

12-70 lb

How long are they?

15-25 in

How tall are they?

10-25 in

What do they look like?


Skin Type


What were their main threats?


What is their conservation status?

Not Evaluated

Where you'll find them?

A Pet Store Or Rescue Groups


United States, Germany









Boxerdoodle Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a boxerdoodle?

Boxerdoodle is a mixed breed dog that is a boxer poodle mix and has inherited qualities, which may include both good and bad traits, from the boxer and poodle parent breeds.

What class of animal does a boxerdoodle belong to?

Boxerdoodle dogs belong to the class of mammals. Boxerdoodles are a mixed breed of boxers and poodles.

How many boxerdoodles are there in the world?

The exact population of boxerdoodles is not known since the boxerdoodle puppy is ideally a pet. They originated in Germany and now are present in most regions of the United States and other parts of the world as well.    

Where does a boxerdoodle live?

Boxerdoodle lives in a house with a family or in a shelter home along with other animals. They adapt best along with canine species. They constantly crave activity and exercise and love being around people hence they require enough space to move around and be active.

What is a boxerdoodle's habitat?

Boxerdoodle is adaptable to both summer and winter climates and resides in houses, shelter homes, a dog park, and pet shops.  As a pet, they do not mind living indoors or outdoors given that they get a good environment and basic accommodation needs like a place to rest, eat, and exercise.

Who do boxerdoodles live with?

Boxerdoodle dogs live with people, preferably with a family with enough space in and around the home as they are extremely active dogs. They are active beings and occasionally bark but are in general of a good temperament. They are not the best when left alone and without training. Boxerdoodle is known for their probability of high gain weight since they tend to eat aggressively and need regular exercise along with firmness and consistency. Through training, a boxerdoodle dog breed becomes easier to manage and take care of.  

How long does a boxerdoodle live?

Boxerdoodle dogs live an average of 10-12 years, but this is also dependant on various other factors like their diet and environment. They love outdoor activities like hiking and also enjoy long walks with their owners, and if given regular exercise, it will increase their quality of life.

How do they reproduce?

Boxerdoodle is a mixed breed and they tend to mate with the same species or others as well. On average, the litter of a female boxerdoodle is three to ten puppies.

What is their conservation status?

The boxerdoodle dog species is considered as a Not Evaluated species by the International Union For Conservation Of Nature (IUCN). This is not necessarily because of any specific reasons.

Boxerdoodle Fun Facts

What do boxerdoodles look like?

Boxerdoodles vary in size and shape since they are crossbreed. They have curly fur in colors primarily brown, black, white, red and you can even find an apricot boxerdoodle. Their eye color varies depending on the parents. The poodle boxer mix has the qualities of both pets and can look like either parent in terms of appearance. They are largely outdoor animals who love to play and always be active full of energy and enthusiasm. It is often termed as a designer breed given the fact that it's a mix-breed.

* We've been unable to source an image of boxerdoodle and have used an image of a boxer, one of the parent breeds, instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of the boxerdoodle, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at [email protected].  

Boxerdoodle are playful beings perfect to fit into any home as a pet.

How cute are they?

Boxerdoodle dogs are extremely cute because of their small stature, playful nature, as well as having a sweet temperament and being and friendly dogs. Kids would instantly fall in love with them, without a doubt. Their shape and size make them accommodating and a cute dog to be around.

How do they communicate?

They usually bark to communicate, however, with good training they learn to follow commands from their owners and other family members too. They are expressive and excellent at detecting emotions. If you are not familiar with training a dog to understand commands, you could consult a professional in the field or just watch informative content available on various platforms and websites to best be able to communicate with your dog.

How big is a boxerdoodle?

Boxerdoodle dogs are 15-25 in long on average and 10-25 in tall which is ten times bigger than the smallest breed of dogs, the Chihuahua, which is six to nine inches tall or even smaller in size.

How fast can a boxerdoodle run?

Boxerdoodle dogs are extremely active and agile and can run at a good pace, and are not as aggressive as Chihuahuas. They also prefer to only be surrounded by people and cannot be considered as combat dogs. They are ten times faster than the smallest dogs.

How much does a boxerdoodle weigh?

Boxerdoodle dogs weigh approximately 12-70 lb. This amount may vary depending on the particular kind of variety they belong to as well as their gender since females are smaller in size compared to male boxerdoodles.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The male and female of the species are not named differently and follow normal naming conventions for dogs. However, to differentiate between the two one can consult a veterinarian to identify the basic reproductive functions.

What would you call a baby boxerdoodle?

You would call a baby boxerdoodle a boxerdoodle puppy to be more specific. Boxerdoodle puppies are extremely cute and adorable and can be referred to as pup or puppy. If from birth they are assigned a particular name they respond to that as well.

What do they eat?

Boxerdoodle dogs are omnivores and consume two to three cups of dog food a day. Apart from this they also eat canned food, dry kibble, raw meat, and bones, eggs, fish.

Are they slobbery?

Boxerdoodle is less slobbery compared to other breeds however, you will experience a little slobberiness which is manageable with the use of napkins or tissues.

Would they make a good pet?

They would make a perfect addition to a family which has ample outdoor and indoor space. Boxerdoodle responds to commands as well. They are extremely playful and are constantly active with medium to high energy. They also are friendly to elders, children as well as strangers if trained. Boxerdoodle is not really well adapted to staying in apartments or flats however it's not impossible to keep them in such a setting as well.

Did you know...

In France, they were known as duck hunting animals for the longest time. They continue to be known for their active and agile nature outdoors, although not so much for hunting anymore. They are known to be one of the most versatile, adaptable, and intelligent dog breeds.

These dogs do not suffer from severe genetic health issues, they are a mixed breed and are often regarded as a hardy breed. Boxerdoodle is, however, prone to diseases like ectropion cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, bloating degenerative myelopathy, progressive retinal, and other minor concerns with Entropian, which if identified on time can be treated effectively. They also are prone to skin diseases.

They are fond of children as well as suitable to keep around sick people. Female boxerdoodle is smaller in size compared to male boxerdoodle. They enjoy the company of people and are constantly active creatures but do not prefer the company of other pets in the same home. This is not a cause of worry as if given time and attention they adapt to them as well.

A famous boxerdoodle is 'Higgins' the dog who appeared in the film 'Benji' and its series.

Are boxerdoodles hypoallergenic?

Boxerdoodle dogs are hypoallergenic even though they are crossbreeds. They produce less allergen as compared to other dogs who have a lot of fur on their bodies. People who have asthma and other pulmonary diseases can opt for this dog.

Having your own boxerdoodle

A boxerdoodle boxer will cost somewhere around $1200-$1500 and are a crossbreed variety between poodles and boxers. You will also have to cover the medical expenses and ensure you have a proper understanding of their medical history. To get a boxerdoodle, you can visit a shelter home or any other facility. This needs to be done with ample time and effort and it's important to ensure the dog gets proper care in terms of its dietary requirements, environment, and medical needs. Grooming needs are essential and can be done weekly including bathings, clipping of nails, and other necessities. Boxerdoodle is a fun animal to be around, even for grooming, and is a perfect addition to families with older children.

They enjoy the company of people and are constantly active creatures but do not prefer the company of other pets in the same home, so that's something to bear in mind when considering getting a boxerdoodle. A consultation with a specialist/veterinarian to find out if this breed is adaptable to your environment is also a good option to consider. They are adventurous and love activity hence they have a constant impulse to catch or run behind things as well as chew and nibble on things. Having a boxerdoodle is a good choice for any individual who wants a constant companion.

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