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Originally Published on Dec 10, 2020
Young Australian girl holding Shopkins a range of tiny collectable toys manufactured by Moose Toys.Each plastic figure has a recognizable face and unique name.
Age: 0-99
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Shopkins are small collectible toys produced by Moose Toys.

There are numerous Shopkins that make up the Shopkins world. At moment, there are more than 100 shopkin characters, each with their own name, but more are constantly being created!

Every sweet Shopkin figure has an unmistakable face and a one of a kind name. You can find out all about these names with this useful list where we have categorised all of the Shopkin names into their family categories.

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Accessories Family Names

Young kids playing with toys indoor.

Accessories are a really cute group of Shopkins, which of their names is your favorite?

1. Sharon Shoe

2. Handbag Harriet

3. Wooly Hat

4. Jules

5. Sasha Belt

American Vacay Family Names

American Vacay is a group of Shopkins with patriotic names.

6. Joanie Donut

7. Mary-Kin Cap, one of the Shopkins characters loved by kids.

8. Lil' Smores

9. Sweet Snacks

10. Sloppy Jojo

11. Rolla'Kate

Aussie Adventures Family Names

Aussie Adventures is a group of Shopkins that is full of Shopkin toys themed around Australian hobbies and food.

12. Syd Surfboard

13. Floppy Sandal, one of the rarest Shopkins available in the market.

14. Scuba

15. Summer Beach Bag, a perfect Shopkins set loved by girls.

16. Waverley Cupcake

Baby Family Names

The Shopkins babies are a less common Shopkin family group. All Shopkin toys in this family are covered in a thin layer of rushing (fluff) known as the 'Fleecy Baby' finish.

17. Dribbles

18. Ga Ga Gourmet

19. Dum Mee Mee

20. Baby Swipes

21. Sippy Sips

Bubs N Spices Family Names

Bubs N Spices is a group of Shopkins that was presented in Season eleven, are these toys come in pairs.

22. Bella Basil & Lil' Leaf

23. Chilli Momma & Hot Tot, one of the best names of Shopkins.

24. Cinnamom & Mini Cindi

25. Gail Garlic & Baby Bulb

26. Ma Pepper & Pepi-Corn

Brazilian Break Family Names

Brazilian Break is a group of Shopkin toys themed around Brazilian culture and food.

27. Kiki Coconut

28. Pamela Palm Tree, perfect name for beach lovers on this Shopkins list.

29. Cafe Cruz

30. Silvio Soccer Ball

31. Toucanna Bag

Canadian Cuties Family Names

Canadian Cuties is a group of Shopkins presented in Season eight.

32. Hug 'n' Snug Mittens

33. Miss Maple Syrup

34. Shania Ice Cream Sandwich, this is one of the new Shopkins toys for older children.

35. Hockey Stick

36. Flap Jacques

Cute baby boy playing with toys in a sunny living room.

Shopkin Charms Family Names

Charms are a group of Shopkins presented in Season five. This group comprises of little charms of characters highlighted in Season one and Season two.

37. Lippy Lips

38. Kooky Cookie

39. Cupcake Chic

40. D'lish Donut, this is the name of the Shopkins donut!

41. Prommy, based on grocery items, these character toys are very small.

42. Strawberry Kiss, this is the name of the most popular of all the names of Shopkins dolls.

43. Cheeky Chocolate, Cheeky Chocolate is the chocolate Shopkins name.

Chinese Travelers Team Names

Chinese Travelers is a group of Shopkins presented in Season one.

44. Mei Sundae

45. Shanghai Shoe

46. Riley Rice

47. Wai V Fan

48. Danica Dress

49. Lucky Fortune Cookie, Shopkins based on  grocery items are loved by kids.

Color Change Cuties Tribe Names

The characters from this clan coordinate with the Shopkins Jessicake and the Shopkins Pumpkin Cake.

50. Cupcake Chic, one of the most loved Shopkins names.

51. Cupcake Queen

52. Cody Coco

53. Holly Brolly Cupcake

54. Tiny Tops Cake

Dairy Wrappers Tribe Names

The Dairy Wrappers Tribe is a group of less common Shopkins presented in Season nine.

55. Spilt Milk

56. Ghurty

57. Audrey Strawberry Milk

Shopkin Dinner Family Names

Dinner Shopkins were presented in Season 12. Their names come from appetizing and delicious food items.

58. Kasey Cuisine

59. Fabulous Frank

60. Matt 'n' Cheese

Disco Party Team Names

Disco Party is the extraordinary release group of Season seven. It incorporates all the different things you would find at a party.

61. Arty Party Hat

62. Cappella Cupcake

63. Christy Candy

Shopkin Drinks Team Names

The drink is a group of Shopkins that was presented in Shopkins Season 12.

64. Miss Swiss

65. Cheri Grape Juice

66. Quinn Grape Juice

Exclusive Shopkin Names

The characters in this group incorporate playset Shopkins and other Shopkins that are restricted to specific packs.

67. Pumpkinella

68. Coco Nutty

69. Rolly Roll

Family Food Shopkin Names

These sweet Shopkin names are based around food that is loved by the entire family, such as pizza, noodles and rice.

70. Roma Tomato

71. Patsy Pasta

73. C.Salt

Fancy Dress Party Shopkin Names

Fancy Dress Party is a group of Shopkins presented in Season seven. It incorporates extravagant outfits into the sweet Shopkin names.

74. Maddie Mask

75. Witchy Hat

76. Sarah Fairy Cake

Fashion Team Names

Fashion is a group of Shopkins that was presented in Shopkins Season 10.

77. Sneaky Sally

78. Hattie Hat

79. Sneaky Wedge

Flocked'n'Fluffy Tribe

These characters all have a fleecy cover, which of their names is your favorite?

80. Candi Cotton

81. Cotton Top Cake

82. Swirly Shirley

French Adventure Team Names

These Shopkins are themed around French culture.

83. Celina Crepe

84. Chantel Shoe

85. Ella Tower Cake

Frozen Shopkin Names

These Shopkins are based around frozen food, such as peas and shaved ice cups. This group was stopped, yet it was brought back in Shopkins Season 10.

86. Ice Cream Dream

87. Popsi Cool

88. Yo-Chi

Frozen Flakes Tribe Names

These characters have a Frozen Flakes finish, they are clear with a snowflake in them.

89. Yo Chi

90. Wynter Water Bottle

91. Silvia Slushie

Fruit & Veg Family Names

Fruit & Veg is a group of Shopkins presented in Shopkins Season One. They are based on leafy foods.

92. Pineapple Crush

93. Melonie Pips

94. Miss Mushy-Moo

Garden Family Names

Garden is a group of Shopkins presented in Season Four. This group is inspired by little plants and gardening equipment.

95. Peta Plant

96. Mintee

97. Will Barrow

German Jet Set Names

German Jet Set is a group of Shopkins presented in Season eight. These character toys are based on German culture and food.

98. Lars Lederhosen

99. Tess Von Dress

100. Pretzel

Glamour Gems Tribe Names

The Glamor Gems Tribe is a clan of Shopkin character toys presented in Season Nine.

101. Lippy Lips

102. Polly Polish

103. Sweetie Scent

Glitzi Dancers Tribe Names

The Glitzi Dancers Tribe is a group of Shopkins presented in Season Nine. These characters are based on dance and they have a Glitzi finish.

104. Tutu Cute

105. Tiara

106. Polly Pointes

Hats Family Names

These Shopkin character names are inspired by many different styles of caps. Every one of these Shopkins matches with a similar Shoes Shopkin from other Shopkins Sets.

107. Casper Cap

108. Hattie Hat

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty Shopkins are a group of Shopkin toys that were presented in Season one.

109. Curly

110. Scrubs

111. Suds

Heart'n' Seekers Tribe

The Heart'n' Seekers Tribe is a little group of Shopkins presented in Season nine.

112. Candy Kisses

113. Charmi' Chocolates

114. Honey Hearts

Homewares Family Names

Homewares are a group of Shopkin toys presented in Season two.

115. Brenda Blender

116. Ma Kettle

117. Lisa Litter

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