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Why Baltimore Nicknames?

Baltimore is a historic city with a rich culture and many exciting attractions. The city has a long history dating back to the 18th century and played an essential role in the American Revolution.

Today, Baltimore is a major tourist destination, with visitors coming from all over the world to see its iconic landmarks and architecture. The city of Baltimore has several nicknames, some of which are widely known, while others are more local.

Perhaps the most famous nickname for Baltimore is Charm City.

This name was coined in the '70s by then-Mayor William Donald Schaefer to generate pride in the city and its residents. Other nicknames for Baltimore include 'Mobtown', as the citizens of this place have never needed an excuse to form a mob or riot.

Whatever you call it, Baltimore is a unique and vibrant city with a lot to offer. So let's look at some interesting nicknames given to Baltimore city.

Interesting Baltimore Nicknames

1. A Loser's Town - A nickname used to address this city by many, including Sports Illustrated.

2. Amazon 

3. Artscapic - Based on the popular art festival Artscape hosted in this city.

4. Baltimore Now 

5. Baltimorevane

6. City Of Doers And Dreamers 

7. City Of Ouija Board - The first Ouija board was made in Baltimore city.

8. City Of Smokestacks - Reference to the smokestacks laid in the city.

9. Classically Quirky

10. Crab Cake Town - As it is famous for its excellent crab cakes.

11. Half And Half - Lemonade iced tea is a Baltimore staple and is known locally as half and half.

12. Harm City - An old name that’s rarely used anymore based on the city's earlier bad reputation.

13. Locust Pocust - A name inspired by the Locust point in the city.

14. Metro City - As it is one of the popular metropolitan cities in the state.

15. Mid-Atlantic City - because it is located in the Mid-Atlantic region.

16. New Cool City - As This is one of the coolest cities in the USA.

17. Pink Flamingo - As the city is known for the pink flamingo.

18. Synthetic Sweet City - Saccharine was made here at Johns Hopkins University as the first synthetic sweetening agent.

19. The Bent Hill - Inspired by Bend Hill, located in Baltimore.

20. The City Of the Cathedral - As Baltimore has the first Roman Catholic cathedral in America.

21. The City Of History - As there is so much history behind Baltimore.

22. The City Of Warmth - Due to the warm weather of this place.

23. The Kind City 

24. The Last Frontier - A popular nickname given by Sports Illustrated.

25. The Quaint City

26. The Wishful City 

27. Yesterday Town - A creative nickname given by Sports Illustrated.

Amazing Baltimore Nicknames

28. Bab

29. Baltimore Bell 

30. Baltimore Belle 

31. Baltimore Montana - As there are four different hills in Baltimore and ‘montana’ comes from the Spanish word ‘montaña’, meaning ‘mountain’.

32. Baltimore Tropicana 

33. Baltimoreie 

34. Bertie Baby 

35. Baltimore Bisque - As it is warm, like a lovely soup.

36. The City Of Flowers

37. Fells Point - Based on one of the historical places in Baltimore.

38. Little Italy - After a neighborhood in the city.

39. New Baltimorerchy 

40. Orioles Amigos - Named after the famous Baltimore baseball team Baltimore Orioles.

41. Ravens Were Here - A fun nickname inspired by the football team Baltimore Ravens.

42. Sunny Side Up - Inspired by the weather of Baltimore.

43. Sweet Baltimoree 

44. The City Of Love 

45. The City Of Renters - As around 50% of residents in Baltimore rent their homes.

46. The Harborside City - This exemplary city has a popular harbor.

47. Tight-Knit Turf - As people are closely linked and connected.                                   

Memorable Baltimore Nicknames

48. Anata - Means 'you' in Japanese. This is to describe the unique personalities in Baltimore.

49. Ander - Means 'lion man'. This name describes the strong people in Baltimore.

50. Balt 

51. Baltimore Kendrick - Because the famous Kendrick Lewis played football for the Baltimore Ravens.

52. Baltimore Kin

53. Baltimore Rose 

54. Baltimoreism 

55. Baltimore-tan - You can get a natural tan in this city during summers.

56. Baltimore-tap - Like the tab dancing lessons at Baltimore School of Dance 

57. Big Birdy 

58. Bmore 

59. City Of Angels

60. City Of Crabs 

61. City On The East Coast 

62. Crab Craze - Fun name that does justice to the crab craze of its inhabitants.

63. Crafters - Perfect as it is full of beautiful crafts exhibitions.

64. Light City Baltimore 

65. Millennial Hotspot - Perfect nickname for this city is popular among millennials.

66. Pigtown - Based on the neighborhood Washington Village.

67. The Architectural Montage - A bow down to the city's beautiful architecture.

68. The Bird Town - A reference to the Orioles baseball team.

69. The Booming City - This exceptional place is booming with art, food, and love.

70. The Brunches

71. The City Of Light 

72. The Rustic City

73. Victorian-Styled City - Because of all its Victorian-styled architecture.

Popular Baltimore Nickname

74. America's Comeback City 

75. Balti-More Than You Know 

76. Baltimore Biotic 

77. Baltimore Clipper - Inspired by the sailship with the same name.

78. Baltimore Bee

79. Baltimore Light - Perfect name for this city of lights.

80. Baltimore Mont 

81. Baltimore Star 

82. Baltimore The Aesculapius - Aesculapius means 'the Roman god of medicine or healing', and Baltimore is extremely famous for The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

83. Baltimore The Urbana - Because it is a beautiful urban city.

84. Baltimoreiet

85. Baltimorey

86. Balti-Amour

87. Be Shocked In Baltimore  

88. Bodymore 

89. Charm City - The most popular nickname for this charming and wonderful city.

91. Clipper City - Named after the fastest sailing ship, the Clipper City Tall Ship.

92. Maryland’s Marvel

93. Monument City - Perfect due to its many historical monuments.

94. Monumental City - Because of its great importance in the country’s history.

95. Smalltimore - As it seems like everyone knows each other here.

96. The City Of Firsts - As John Carroll, the first American bishop and archbishop, founded the nation's first diocese in 1789 and its first archdiocese in 1808 in the city of Baltimore. The city is also home to many other firsts.

97. The City That Reads

98.The City Of Antiques - The city has numerous antiques.

99. The City Of Juxtapositions 

100. The Greatest City in America 

111. The Unspoiled Charming City - This city has many unspoiled charms to date.

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