100+ Best Cool Roller Derby Names

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Originally Published on Dec 03, 2020
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Most roller derby players assume an alternate identity or 'roller derby name' to carve a niche of their own in the sport.

Roller derby is a contact sport that revolves around speed, bravery and teamwork. It's very exciting to watch and it's become increasingly popular over the last few years, so we've collated a list of our favourite roller derby names.

So, if you are a tough cookie who loves hard hitting and edgy skate names, or you have a need for speed, then roller derby is perfect for you! Whether you're looking to start a new team or find a new identity, we have the perfect roller derby names for you on this list.

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Roller Derby Names From Fiction

How do you choose a cool roller derby name? Most roller derby players like skating under pseudo derby names, commonly known as a ‘roller derby name’ or ‘skate names.’  To find the perfect roller derby name you can take inspiration from movies and TV characters, as we have done here. Here is our list of cool roller derby names.

1 . Nutcracker, a roller derby name after the famous ballet.

2 . Deathrow Roller, this roller derby name is inspired by the City of Hull Roller Derby.

3 . Red Hot Rock n Roller, we like this roller derby name, inspired by acountry dance from Texas.

4 . Mary Chopins, is a play on 'Mary Poppins'.

5 . Pippi Longstompings,is a play on Pippi Longstockings.

6 . Spandex Spoiler, this roller derby name is a play on the material of superhero suits.

7 . Black Death, because you'll hit your opposition like the plague.

8 . 1/2 Blood Princess, is from 'Harry Potter'.

9 .  Asajj Skatetress, is from 'The Clown Wars'.

10 . Chaotic Neutral, from one of the famous 'Dungeons And Dragons' characters.

11 . Hurt Rolls, is another tweaked name for this brutal roller game.

12 . Saber Skater, is a play on the words 'skate boarder'.

13 . Beverly Killbillies, a simple punny name referencing the famous Beverly Hills.

14 .  Beatrix Slaughter, inspired by the author Beatrix Potter.

15 .  Alice in Wounderhland, because who hasn't read 'Alice In Wonderland'?

16 . Rusty Nails, this roller derby name is one of the most hardcore skate names.

17 . Coco-Name Carnage, is a twisted name, perfect to be given to a girl gang of roller derby experts.

18 . Meanhattan, a play on the place name, Manhattan.

19 . Smash Skater, is a punny name, inspired by a skateboard shop in the UK.

20 . One Hit Wonder, is the name of an '80s hit song.

21 . Infernal Myrtle, denotes the name of a mythical creature.

22 . Zack Lunch, is a punny name, inspired by the bestselling book by Margie Palatini.

23 . Crazy Skates, for a roller derby team who are crazy about the sport.

24 . Anais Ninja, denotes a team's love for Ninjas.

25 . Lun’aa Shovegood, inspired by the 'Harry Potter' character.

Popular Roller Derby Names

What are roller derby players actually called? They are called jammers and blockers (these are the names of the two main positions in the game).

Roller derby rules both strength and speed, with all skaters having a great athletic ability. Skaters who wear Steel Wheels skates are likely to go faster than any other players as these are the best skates to play with. Here are some cool and some vintage roller derby names that are popular right now.

26 . Daisy Unchained,this skate name is from California.

27 .  Arya Snark, inspired by the famous character in 'Game Of Thrones'.

28 . A Boy Named Sue, is a word play on the famous song by Johnny Cash.

29 . Gore-ticia Addams, is a well known senior member of the Fountain City roller derby team.

30 .  Wilma Shakesfear, who doesn't know William Shakespeare?

31 . Audrey Deathburn, is a very punny name, from the name of the famous actress Audrey Hepburn.

32 . Crazy Skaters, denotes a love for skates.

33 . Sweet N’ Sour, this name is a cool pick for a roller derby team.

34 . Mad Mommy, is the best name for a mother’s roller derby name.

35 . Strawberry Jam, this sweet tasting recipe name, is great for teams that are super sweet on the outside but are lethal on the court.

36 . Sir Skates-A-Lot, is an Irish derby team name, popular currently in the USA.

37 . Max Penalty, is a clever word play name for the brutal yet exciting roller derby game.

38 . Gate Crashers, is a derby gang  from the northern part of the UK.

39 . Derby Demons, is a derby gang from central Nevada.

40 . Tragic City Rollers, a derby team in Alabama.

41 . Scorched Skaters, is one of the best roller derby names from the USA.

42 . Hurtful Hooligans, is a twisted name, taken from the original word ‘Hooligans’.

43 . Wuthering Frights, is a twisted roller derby name, taken from the famous English novel ‘Wuthering Heights’.

44 . Wikibleedia, is a funny punny name after the world famous website Wikipedia.

45 .  Arizona Rollergirls, popular roller derby team in Arizona.

46 . Doom Purveyors, is the roller gang’s skating name coined from a famous band’s poster.

47 . Grim Reaper, is one of the scriest skate names from the USA.

48 . Squid Skate Squad, is a popular derby name from the USA.

49 . Rioting Rollers, is a derby name that has created mayhem in the UK.

50 . Skate Splatter, is one of the best skate names, it is very common in Arizona.

Cool Roller Derby Names From Popular Culture

A girl wearing graffiti style roller derby

The roller derby sport gives their player some really cool names that can reflect their height, the music they like, their hair color or even their personality, as well as how they play on the court! Here are some cool roller derby names inspired by popular culture.

51 . Dollface Smasher, is a punny new name inspired by the fashion brand Dolce N Gabbana.

52 . Gold Coast Roller Girls, a popular derby gang from Florida.

53 . Sherlock Bones, is a punny name from the name of famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

54 . Rock Coast Rollers, a derby gang in Maine.

55 . Naomi Cannibal, is a punny name, from the name of famous model, Naomi Campbell.

56 . Agatha Crushdie, is punny name from the name of best selling detective author, Agatha Christie.

57 . Crabby Crustaceans, is a name for a derby gang in the USA.

58 . Terrible Turtles, is a name for a derby gang in the UK.

59 . Pearl Jammers, is well tweaked name from a famous musical band.

60 . Santa Fe Skaters, a derby team in New Mexico.

61 . Crash Test Lovelies, denotes a destructive testing game of power and vengeance.

62 . Swiss Cake Rollers, inspired by the name of a dessert enjoyed with piping hot coffee.

63 . Salty Dolls, is the name of a popular derby gang.

64 . Eves Of Destruction, the name of a girl derby gang from the USA.

65 . Bambi Hunter, inspired by the Disney character, Bambi.

66 . Left Hook Hunnies, isthe name of a league derby gang in the USA.

67 . We Recycle, is a clever name for environmentalists.

68 . Furrocious Cats, is name for a derby gang in the UK.

69 . Damsels Of Distress is a play on the words "damsels in distress".

70 . Toxic Cherries, is name for a famous  derby gang in the USA.

71 . Hellions of Troy, a popular derby gang in New York.

72 . Dallas Derby Devils, a famous derby team in Texas.

73 . Bells Of The Brawl, is a tweaked-name, originally taken from from "men in brawl".

74 . Rocktown Rollers, a derby team in Virginia.

75 . Rita Skater, is famous character in 'Harry Potter'.

76 . Queen Bees, for girl derby gangs who are always in charge!

77 . Green Country Goats, a derby team in Oklahoma.

78 .  Lehigh Valley Rollergirls, a popular derby team in Pennsylvania.

79 . Dropkick Mollys, is a derby gang in the UK.

80 . Platinum Block Divas, is a premier league derby gang in the USA.

81 . United Intergalactic Federations Of Super Babes, a group of famous and talented derby roller players in the USA.

82 . Princess Of Wheels, is an idea of roller derby team names for girls.

83 . Split Lip Sallies, a popular derby gang in the UK.

84 . Glass City Rollers, a derby team in Ohio.

A boy wearing inline roller derby

Punny Roller Derby Names

These punny roller derby names are clever choices for your skater team.

85 . Grimm Derby Scarytales, is a fantastically punny name inspired by 'Grimm's Fairy Tales'.

86 . Little Grrroller-Maid, is a clever pun of 'The Little Mermaid.'

87 . Hermione Danger, is a punny name inspired by Hermione Granger.

88 . Pain Eyre, is smart pun on the name Jane Eyre.

89 . Tess of the DerbyWheels, is a punny name from the famous novel, 'Tess Of The D'Urbervilles'.

90 . Alice in Rollerland, is a smart punny name from the family favorite book, 'Alice In Wonderland'.

91 . Sylvia Wrath, is a pun on the name of poet Sylvia Plath.

92 . Malice Walker, a pun on the name of musician Alice Walker.

93 . Scratcher in the Eye, a punny name inspired by J.D. Salinger's critically acclaimed novel, 'Catcher In The Rye'.

94 . Emily Deck’erson, is tweaked version of the name of author Emily Dickinson.

95 . Malice In Derby Wonderland, is another punny name from 'Alice In Wonderland'.

96 . Wilma Shakesfear,is taken from the name of well known British playwright William Shakespeare.

97 . Tackleberry Finn, this skater name is a twisted version of 'Huckleberry Finn'.

98 . JayK Rolling, is a stylised version of the name of the author of 'Harry Potter', J.K. Rowling.

99 . Danielle Steal, inspired by the famous bestselling author in the USA, Danielle Steel.

100 . Rapunzel, is a simple name, inspire by the children's tale 'Rapunzel'.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for roller derby names then check out these basketball team names, or for something different, these athletic girl names.

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