100 Best Sea Food Restaurant Names To Dive Into

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Starting a new business is a huge achievement, and you should be proud of yourself.

But before your new business can take off you need to put some things in place. One of the first things on the list being a business name.

The food business is one of the largest and fast-moving businesses in the world. Here, people get to show off their culinary skills and serve customers with the best of the best in terms of exquisite dishes.

As for what to name your restaurant, this can be anything catchy and fun.

The only rules you need to remember are to keep the name short, simple, easy to pronounce, and let it be fun and catchy. You should give your restaurant a name that instantly tells customers what you are about without them thinking too much.

Seafood cuisine is a personal favorite of a lot of people, and many consider the best seafood to come from Cornwall, which is known for its variety of seafood.

Salmon and lobster are often considered the best seafood, but, then, to each his own. Enough of the talk, let’s get into the list with the best and exotic names for your seafood restaurant.

We hope this helps with your naming process but for more sea themed names why not check out fish names or dolphin names, right here on Kidadl.

Funny Seafood Names

Sometimes the best way to name your restaurant is to keep it simple and light. A bit of humor can drive home the point of your business and still attract just the right kind of customers.

You can come up with seafood puns and a comical seafood restaurant name that will leave your customers smiling and coming back for more. Here is the list with some of the funniest seafood names you could use for your restaurant.

1. Battery Power (English origin) a funny name for a seafood restaurant, after battered fish.

2. Blue Plate (English origin) because the sea is blue.

3. Blackbrick (English origin) a name that doesn’t give out what you offer easily.

4. Bone (English origin) because fish have bones.

5. Catch of the Day (English origin) a place where you get freshly caught seafood.

6. Daily Grill (English origin) get freshly grilled foods here every day.

7. Finship (English origin) like kinship, but refers to fish.

8. Fishing With Dynamite (English origin) no one fishes with dynamite, but you get the idea.

9. Fog Harbor Fish House (English origin) a restaurant located at the harbor.

10. Grubstake (English origin) where you get fresh sea grubs.

11. Hot & Crusty (English origin) a silly name promising hot food with tasty pastry crusts.

12. King and Queen (English origin) the king and queen of the sea.

13. Level III Restaurant (English origin) not an obvious name, adds to the creative quotient.

14. Mama’s Fish House (English origin) for home seafood recipes.

15. H. Salt Esquire (English origin) like a barrister of fish.

16. Nin Con Soup (English origin) ironic and funny, serving a hot bowl of soup.

17. Sea Spice (English origin) get all the spice of the sea on your plate.

18. Skillet Counter (English origin) a fish pun name.

19. Stateside (English origin) restaurants by the shores of the state.

20. The Deck (English origin) gets fresh seafood on deck.

21. Barley Bunch (English origin) this was an occupational name for a seller of barley.

22. The River Seafood (English origin) plates of seafood caught from the river.

23. Townsend (English origin) a place close to the town.

24. Waterbar Restaurant (English origin) everything seafood.

25. Zero Restaurant (English origin) a funny name for a restaurant.

26. Boston Sea Party (English origin) after the Boston Tea Party, get it?

Popular Seafood Restaurant Names

Peruvian seafood and fish sebiche with maize.

The success of a restaurant can also be attributed to its name. A name can make or break a restaurant, in addition to customer service, quality of meals, and other factors.

In case you were wondering what stands some businesses apart, here is a list of the names of some popular seafood restaurant name ideas that will inspire you to provide fine dining.

27. Anstruther Fish Bar (English origin) get fish meals and drinks.

28. Aquatonic (English origin) refers to everything from the sea.

29. Bonefish Grill (English origin) gets grilled fresh fish.

30. Carlo’s n Charlie’s (English origin) a very well known restaurant.

31. The Crab Claw Restaurant (English origin) another popular restaurant.

32. The Crab Cooker (English origin) gets cooked fresh crab at this well-known restaurant.

33. Flying Fish (English origin) one of the most popular seafood restaurants.

34. Marina Kitchen (English origin) a kitchen located at the marina, the best place for seafood.

35. Harbourmaster Hotel (English origin) a hotel with great seafood.

36. Hary Ramsden’s (English origin) a good restaurant for seafood.

37. Heichinrou Hong Kong (English origin) nobody serves seafood like them.

38. Joey’s Seafood Restaurant (English origin) a nice seafood restaurant.

40. Jumbo Seafood (English origin) get a combination of your favorite seafood.

41. Loch Fyne Oyster (English origin) a classy name for a restaurant.

42. Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (English origin) get delicious meals at Long beach while enjoying the view.

43. Morgans Oyster Cottage (English origin) get lovely oyster meals here.

44. Mul Yam  (Hebrew origin) a famous restaurant in Isreal.

45. Nordsee (English origin) a good restaurant.

46. Riverside Restaurant (English origin) enjoy a meal from the river by the river.

47. Royal Dragon Restaurant (English origin) reminds you of the Chinese heritage and their great seafood culinary abilities.

48. Sam Woo Seafood Restaurant (English origin) an exquisite seafood place.

49. Skippers Seafood & Chowder House (English origin) get seafood and chowder all in one place.

50. Union Oyster House (English origin) the best oysters are here.

Fancy Seafood Restaurant Names

We all love a funny name, but maybe you're looking for something a little more high end. People like to pay for fine dining and go out to fancy restaurants, and yours could be one of these places.

A fancy name can sound more exciting and exquisite, and they often attract people naturally. Think of something different, perhaps an Italian name or a French name, something that rolls right off the tongue. Here are some really fancy restaurant names for your seafood business.

51. Alinea (Latin origin) means “a new way of thinking”.

52. The Fishery (English origin) not an actual fishery but a seafood restaurant.

53. Boka (Dutch origin) a good name for a restaurant.

54. Coaster Saloon (English origin) a restaurant along the coast.

55. Coppa (Italian origin) means “drinking bowl.”

56. Firefly Restaurant (English origin) refers to a nice cozy place to eat, especially at night.

57. Goldfinch Tavern (English origin) reconstructed from goldfish.

58. Homestyle Hawaiian (English origin) get homestyle Hawaiian meals.

59. Kum Den Bar & Restaurant (Slavic origin) a unique name for a restaurant.

60. Maude (English origin) means “powerful battle”.

61. Next (English origin) the next big thing.

62. Open Water Seafood (English origin) where you enjoy meals by the open water.

63. Pinch Kitchen (English origin) where you can enjoy a nice plated meal.

64. Revelry Bistro (English origin) bistros are now a common name for restaurants.

65. Salt and Lemon (English origin) add a little salt and lime to get a divine taste.

66. Seven Hills (English origin) a nice name for your business.

67. Sotto (French origin) meaning “rivers”.

68. Spin (English origin) a simple name.

69. The Cajun Catfish (French origin) when you go hunting for fresh catfish.

70. The Grove (English origin)  a cool name for a nice place to eat.

71. The Morning Catch (English origin) tells customers you serve fresh seafood.

72. The Oyster and The Pearl (English origin) for oyster lovers.

73. The Oyster and Lime (English origin) a difference in taste.

74. Toscana (Italian origin) gotten from the name Tuscany, a beautiful place in Italy.

75. Waterfront Restaurant (English origin) a beautiful name for a restaurant by the waterfront.

Catchy Seafood Restaurant Names

Assorted seafood appetizers.

Some restaurant names are out of the box, catchy, eye-grabbing, and they leave a lasting impression. These names are easy to remember and are extraordinary. Your restaurant's name can be anything, and just because you’re into seafood does not mean the name has to be restricted to that. Get inspired by these catchy seafood restaurant name ideas.

76. 750 Restaurant (English origin) a simple catchy restaurant name.

77. Blue Collar (English origin) refers to the blue ocean.

78. Cafe Coyote (Spanish origin) a catchy unique name.

79. Caviar Bar (Persian origin) the right place to get the best caviar.

80. Crab Hut (English origin) a place to get nice crab meals.

81. Double Knot (English origin) you get double the excitement.

82. Famous Lunch (English origin) a famous place to get a great lunch.

83. Gas Lamp Fish House (English origin) a nice name for a seafood place.

84. HerefordGrill (English origin) serving the best-grilled seafood.

85. Hungry’s Kitchen & Tap (English origin) hungry people welcome!

86. Indigo Grill (Greek origin) a unique name based on the color indigo.

87. King Lee’s (English origin) a clear area to eat.

88. Like No Udder (German origin) a place for dairy foods as well as seafood.

89. Munch Box (English origin) a place to get a take-home box meal.

90. North Beach Restaurant (English origin) the ideal place for seafood.

91. Opera Cafe (English origin) a serene environment to enjoy a meal.

92. Queenstown Public House (English origin) a lovely restaurant name.

93. Rocco’s Cafe (English origin) named after the owner.

94. Six Seven Restaurant (English origin) a nice contradictory name.

95. Stomach Clinic (English origin) a hilarious name, but some customers will love it.

96. Railways Restaurant (English origin) classy and elegant name.

97. The Local House (English origin) a local place to eat.

98. The Table at Season To Taste (English origin) a very nice and interesting name for a seafood restaurant.

99. True Food Kitchen (English origin) get the best meals here.

100. Zero Zero (English origin) a simple name.

We hope you found your perfect name on this list! If you still want some more inspiration why not look at cafe names and food baby names or, for something different, take a look at city names for girls.

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