50 Fashion Trivia Questions To Take To The Runway

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Fashion is about keeping up with all the new crazes and changes we have been facing in everyday life.

Fashion has become a part of our culture as we carry on with the day-to-day trends of the modern world. It can be used to judge your taste in presenting yourself to society; many people are interested in learning more about the fashion world and facts relating to fashion on the runway.

These easy fashion trivia questions and answers including French fashion era, fashion history questions, new name trivia about fashion, fun fashion facts, and some fun facts about fashion designers are here for you. Fashion runways are platforms designed for showcasing the latest trends in fashion.

Various models present the clothes designed by popular designers and stylists on the platform. There are a few Fashion trivia facts that should be taken into consideration before walking down the runway.

People need to know what fashion trends are there and other updates regarding fashion to get more information about runway fashion.

It can vary from clothing to accessories and other elements. If you liked these trivia questions, check out our 80s trivia and colors trivia.

Before Going On The Runway

Elie Saab on the runway

Take this fashion questions quiz including fashion fun facts and fashion questions and answers to test yourself on your knowledge.

1. Question: When should the model arrive?

Answer: The model has to arrive early, the earlier, the better.

2. Question: How should the model arrive?

Answer: It would be safe to arrive with a clean face and hair, as it makes the process of styling easier and quicker.

3. Question: What clothing should the model arrive?

Answer: Arriving in comfortable clothing that doesn't require much effort would be a good option.

4. Question: What shoes should the model wear?

Answer: Brand new shoes are to be avoided as they may cause blisters and burns. Simple footwear can be worn to avoid damage.

5. Question: How to prepare before the show?

Answer: The models are advised to be confident and avoid pressure as it may cause a problem. Acting like you own the runway will keep you at ease before the show.

Fashion Trivia Quiz

The French style of design has left its mark on the world. Similarly, England has left its mark, as the foremost designer is Charles Frederick Worth. This fashion history facts quiz will test your knowlegde.

6. Question: Which is the most popular fashion company in the U.S?

Answer: Ralph Lauren.

7. Question: What brand did Gigi Hadid wear to the 2018 Met Gala?

Answer: Versace.

8. Question: Who is the most popular French fashion designer?

Answer: Coco Chanel.

9. Question: Who is the designer of Versace?

Answer: Gianni Versace and Donatella Versace.

10. Question: What designer brand did Zendaya wear to the 2019 Met Gala?

Answer: Tommy Hilfiger.

11. Question: What brand did Naomi Campbell wear to the 2019 vanity fair Oscar party?

Answer: Alexander McQueen.

12. Question: Who is a model among the Kardashian family?

Answer: Kendall Jenner.

13. Question: When was the first fashion show held?

Answer: 1903.

14. Question: Which American brand is popular for its clothing all over the world?

Answer: Nike.

15. Question: Who is the most popular runway model?

Answer: Naomi Campbell and Gigi Hadid have been voted as the best runway models (2020).

Fashion Designer Trivia Quiz


This fashion knowledge quiz includes fashion designer fun facts and fun facts about clothes.

16. Question: What do the designers look for while the models walk down the runway?

Answer: The designers look at the way the model is presenting the clothes.

17.Question: What is the fashion designer's aim while presenting clothes?

Answer: The designer wants to promote their clothing line by showcasing its beauty and the fashion brand.

18. Question: Do fashion designers design all the outfits on their own?

Answer: Yes, along with their team.

19. Question: When did Ralph Lauren's clothing line begin business?

Answer: 1967.

20. Question: What accessories are worn by the models along with their clothes?

Answer: The designer styles the look with suitable accessories such as shoes, earrings, and bags.

21. Question: Where was the first ever Chanel store located?

Answer: The first-ever Chanel store was situated in Paris, France.

22. Question: Where is Nike based?

Answer: Eugene, Oregon, United States.

23. Question: Who was the founder of Victoria's Secret?

Answer: Roy Raymond.

24. Question: Which American brand is voted number one for wedding dress collections?

Answer: Vera Wang.

25. Question: Where does the popular designer Alexander Wang live?

Answer: United States.

26.Question: Are models paid to walk the runway?

Answer: Yes.

27. Question: Who pays the models for walking on the runway?

Answer: The clothing brand.

28. Question: Are models allowed to take back the clothes modelled?

Answer: No.

29. Question: When was Gucci found?

Answer: 1921.

30. Question: Who was the name of the founder of Calvin Klein?

Answer: Calvin Klein.

Clothing Trivia

It's all in the name we say. Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren  and more have created some of the best pieces.

31. Question: Who produces a fashion show?

Answer: The fashion designer.

32.Question: Who designed Kate Middleton's wedding gown?

Answer: Sarah burton, a designer of Alexander McQueen.

33. Question: Who are the clothes designed for?

Answer: The clothing is initially designed for the models and is later stitched for those who like to wear it.

34. Question: What is the brand Christian Dior famous for?

Answer: Luxury goods and clothing.

35. Question: What is a piece of clothing worn by women over their shoulder?

Answer: Negligee.

36. Question: What is the dress with only one sleeve called?

Answer: One-shoulder dress.

37. Question: Who was the first-ever American Supermodel?

Answer: Lisa Fonssagrives.

38. Question: Who designed Meghan Markle's wedding dress?

Answer: Clare Waight Keller.

39. Question: Why is Prada famous?

Answer: Prada is famous for its handbags.

40. Question: What is a body con dress?

Answer: A bodycon dress is a slim fit dress.

Fashion Runway Myths

Usually, models and people working in the fashion industry are misjudged for living and following an unhealthy lifestyle. Follow this fun quiz relating to fashion myths, see if you can get these fashion quiz questions right!

41. Question: Do models always wear designer clothing?

Answer: No, not all the time.

42. Question: Do models have to be tall?

Answer: No, not all models have to be tall.

43. Question: Are models catty with one another?

Answer: No, models are friendly with each other like any other working place.

44. Question: Do all models have follow certain diets?

Answer: No.

45. Question: Do all models have to be young?

Answer: No.

46. Question: Are models paid lavishly?

Answer: In the beginning, every model has to struggle by doing photoshoots, sometimes even for free. Models are paid well once they succeed in their careers.

47. Are models trained to be rude?

Answer: No, models are taught to be professional and kind.

48. Is being a model a hard task?

Answer: Modelling requires as much energy and effort as any other job in modern industries.

49. Are male models permitted to eat as they like?

Answer: Both male and female models can eat as per their will, but they are advised to eat healthily and work out.

50. Is modelling a fun job?

Answer: Work can be fun if it fits your interests. Like any other profession, modelling can be fun as well as pressure.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for fashion trivia then why not take a look at American trivia, or trivia questions for teens.

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