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Originally Published on Jan 22, 2021
Futurama is an American sci-fi satirical animated television series airing on the Hulu streaming service.

'Futurama' is an American comedy-drama that was created by Matt Groening.  

It originated in the US and has seven seasons. This American comedy series is quite famous and has received great appreciation among audiences, it has also won various awards and is recognized as one of the evergreen cartoons, that will always be much loved.

'Futurama' is one of the most popular comedy-dramas that has achieved great success and appreciation all over the USA. This excellent show was created and developed by Matt Groening and was aired on Fox from 28 March 1999, to 10 August 2003.

It was also broadcast on Comedy Central from 23 March 2008, to 4 September 2013. This broadcast on Comedy Central, created a whole new group of fans.

The sitcom is an animated science fiction drama that is all about Philips J. Fry and his advertisers. He is a careless person who has been cryogenically preserved for 1000 years.

Then he is revived in the 31st century and starts working at an interplanetary delivery company. He works with one-eyed Turanga Leela and robot Bender Bending Rodriguez.

The show first ran from 1999 to 2003 on Fox with stars like Billy West and John DiMaggio. The 'Futurama' comedy TV show was nominated for 17 Annie Awards and won seven of them. It also was nominated for 12 Emmy awards and won six of them.

It was included in the list of top 60 Greatest TV Cartoons of all time by the 'TV Guide'. Not bad for a robot cartoon, huh?

Some of the best 'Futurama' episodes were 'The Problem With Popplers' and 'The Futurama Holiday Spectacular'.

The success of this awesome show can be credited to some of its amazing characters, like immature yet kind-hearted human Mr. Fry, Captain Turanga Leela, an egocentric robot known as Bender Bending Rodriguez, Professor Farnsworth, and many more.

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But for now, get to know Professor Farnsworth better and play this 'Futurama' quiz!

'Futurama' Facts Quiz

'Futurama' was one of the best series and was admired by most viewers. Whether it is good-hearted human Mr. Fry, Zapp Brannigan, Professor Farnsworth, or the short-tempered robot, everyone has their importance and each character added flavor to this super popular comedy show.

This section contains different types of questions on 'Futurama'.

If you loved watching 'Futurama' then do play this interesting quiz to know some fun facts about 'Futurama'. And if you can guess the answers right in this 'Futurama' quiz then you can surely call yourself the ultimate expert in 'Futurama' quizzes!

1. Question: What was Fry's named after?

Answer: A screwdriver.

2. Question: What was the name of the apartment complex which Philip J. Fry shared with Pal Bender?

Answer: The Robot Arms.

3. Question: What was the name of the fictional television show featured in the episode 'When Aliens Attack'.

Answer: 'Single Female Lawyer'.

4. Question: According to Professor Farnworth, what was weird about Zoidberg?

Answer: The weird thing was that he wears sandals.

5. Question: What was the color of Fry's hair?

Answer: Orange.

6. Question: What was the rank of the bureaucrat that operates Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium?

Answer: His rank was 135, this can be seen in Leela's Homeworld in season four.

7. Question: What is the first line that Dr. Zoidberg says in the show?

Answer: "Excellent, excellent."

8. Question: When Leela said, "That's not torpedo three!", what in fact was it?

Answer: Bender.

9. Question: What did Fry eat that had parasites?

Answer: An egg salad sandwich.

10. Question: How much did Ted Danson's skeleton cost Fry?

Answer: It was $10,000.

11. Question: What was the year in which Fry was born?

Answer: 1974.

12. Question: At which annual celebration did Fry fall into the cryogenic chamber?

Answer: At a New Year's Eve party.

13. Question: For how many years did Fry live in the cryogenic chamber?

Answer: He lived there for 1000 years.

14. Question: In which century was Fry revived after staying in the cryogenic chamber?

Answer: After 1000 years in the chamber, he was revived in the 31st century.

15. Question: Was Nibbler on the list of Planet Express Ship crew that needed to be rescued?

Answer: No, but they still saved him.

'Futurama' Characters Quiz Questions

No one can ever forget about the 'Futurama' comedy show. It was one of the best shows on TV, and you will enjoy every time you watch it.

And if you really are a fan, then this quiz is going to be really easy for you.

Whether it is Leela, Fry, Professor Farnsworth or Bender, every character has its skills and talents and helped to make this show a complete hit. The reason for the fame of the sci-fi drama 'Futurama' is due to its excellent and interesting characters that have their own story and contribution to the show.

Some of the wonderful characters from this stunning show were Hermes Conrad, Professor Farnsworth, Kif Kroker, Leela, Bender, Philip J. Fry, Amy Wong, Zoidberg, Scruffy and Zapp Brannigan.

Apart from these, many other terrific characters had a crucial contribution to the success of the show too. Now that you are clued up on all of the character's names, why not play this 'Futurama' trivia game to test your intelligence?

16. Question: Who was the love interest of Fry in 'Futurama'?

Answer: Turanga Leela.

17. Question: Who was Fry's brother?

Answer: Yancy.

18. Question: Which character's mouth did not move in episode three of 'Futurama'?

Answer: Hermes Conrad.

19. Question: What is the job of Fry's love interest?

Answer: She is the captain of the Planet Express Ship

20. Question: Can you name Leela's boyfriend in 'The Cyber House Rules'?

Answer: Adlai, the plastic surgeon.

21. Question: True or false? The character of Kif Kroker is voiced by Billy West.

Answer: False.

22. Question: Where are Fry's first and last deliveries?

Answer: Both were at Luna Park.

23. Question: What was the fan's favorite part of the episode 'The Why Of Fry'?

Answer: When Leela kissed Fry.

24. Question: Who gave the voice for Fry?

Answer: Billy West.

25. Question: What species is Nibbler?

Answer: Nibblonian.

26. Question: At what time did Fry play 'Baby Got Back' in his new apartment?

Answer: At eight o'clock.

27. Question: By the end of the fourth season of 'Futurama', who was the captain of earth?

Answer: Richard Nixon's head.

28. Question: Which drink is Fry's favorite?

Answer: Slurm was Fry's favorite drink.

29. Question: What was Leela's true origin?

Answer: She was a Mutant and it was revealed in the 'Leela's Homeworld' episode.

'Futurama' Funny Quiz Questions

'Futurama' is said to be one of the best and funniest comedy shows that is sure to make you laugh your heart out. It is an amazing show with remarkable and intriguing episodes, but how much do you know about them?

30. Question: What species was running a pizzeria in 'A Leela Of Her Own'?

Answer: Cygnoids.

31. Question: Hermes represented earth in which sport in the Olympics?

Answer: Limbo.

32. Question: True or false? The Forwards Time Machine is Professor Farnsworth's invention.

Answer: True

33. Question: Where did Leela grow up?

Answer: She grew up in an orphanarium.

34. Question: What was the transformation in Bender in the episode 'The Anthology Of Interest 2'?

Answer: He became human.

35. Question: Where is Lrrr, the leader, from?

Answer: Lrrr the leader was from Omicron Persei Eight.

36. Question: What was the reason that Leela liked Bender?

Answer: She like his in-your-face or straightforward attitude, this is revealed in the 'My Three Suns' episode.

37. Question: Which of Mom's three sons had black hair?

Answer: Walt had black hair while Larry and Ignor had orange hair.

38. Question: What is Bender's full name?

Answer: Bender Bending Rodriguez.

39. Question: What was the name of Planet Express' bureaucrat.

Answer: Hermes.

40. Question: Who voiced Amy Wong?

Answer: Amy Wong was voiced by Lauren Ton.

41. Question: What role did Robot Santa Claus play in the show?

Answer: Robot Santa Claus was one of the main antagonists of 'Futurama'.

42. Question: What was the episode number of 'Jurassic Bark'?

Answer: 'Jurassic Bark' was episode two of season five.

43. Question: Where is the Planet Express building located?

Answer: It is located in New York City.

44. Question: Which episode of the first series is named 'When Aliens Attack'?

Answer: 'When Aliens Attack' is episode 12 of season one.

45. Question: Who gave the voice for Philip J. Fry's love interest?

Answer: Katey Sagal.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created many interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Futurama' quiz questions, then why not take a look at our 'Glee' trivia or 'Doctor Who' trivia for more?

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