100 Interesting Island Names For Your World Building

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Originally Published on Oct 15, 2020
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Naming your island in any game (such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons) is important as it often cannot be changed later.

It is an important decision to make as the name will give an identity to your island and those who live on it. If you provide a wrong name, you might regret it.

Before naming your island, you should be clear what you want to achieve with the name. Do you want a name to represent the beauty of the island? Do you want the name to be funny? Do you want it to be mythical or epic? Do you want fantasy island names or cool island names?

You can use this list that is grouped into a few exciting categories to start your search for your island name right here.

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Real Island Names You Might Not Know

Wondering what you should name your island? If you want a real name, you could consider going for lesser known island names to make sure your island name is unique amongst other gamers. Here is a list of islands that you might not have heard about.

1. Barsa Kelme's: It means 'the land of no return' in the Kazakh language.

2. Bishop Rock: Located near England, it is the world's smallest island with a building on it. The perfect name for a small island.

3. Bouvet Island: It is an isolated, uninhabited and mysterious island off the Norwegian Coast.

4. Clipperton Island: A deserted island in the Pacific ocean with no freshwater.

5. Flatey Island: An island in Iceland known for its beautiful old architecture.

6. Gozo Island: Located in Malta. It has temples 1000 years older than the Egyptian Pyramids.

7. Hashima Island: It is in Japan. Hashima means 'battleship' in the Japanese language.

8. Ilha de Queimada Grande: A Brazilian island called as the 'snake island' as it is inhabited by vipers.

9. Isla de las Munecas: Located in Mexico City, it means 'island of dolls' in the Mexican language.

10. Island of Borneo: A rugged island in Southeast Asia known for its beautiful beaches and rainforests.

11. Mayotte Island: An island in the Indian Ocean and a paradise for divers.

12. Okunoshima Island: The Japanese Island takes its name from rabbits inhabiting the place.

13. Palmyra Island: Located in the North Pacific. It has breathtaking greenery and stunning coastline of Palmyra trees.

14. Poveglia Island: This Italian island is a haunted island and is a floating graveyard.

15. Roanoke Island: It is near North Carolina and is named after the tribe that lived there.

16. Socotra: Located off the coast of Yemen. It is home to lots of ancient plants.

17. Song Saa Island in Cambodia: It means 'lovers' and attracts honeymooners.

18. The Azores: An isolated island in Portugal. In the Portuguese language 'Azores' means blue.

19. The Tuvalu Islands: A group of islands that means 'eight standing together'.

20. Vulcan Point: Found in the Philippines, this island is home to the Taal volcano that is prone to frequent eruptions.

Cute Island Names

You don't need to pick an existing island name, you could come up with your own! Some people like to have cute little names for their islands. Do you want a cute name for your island too? Here is a list of cute names for islands that we have made up to help you.

21. Aster Island: The Greek word for 'star' and also a flower name.

22. Bliss Isla: Isla is 'island' in Filipino. Bliss Isla is a perfectly happy place.

23. Bluebell Island: It is the name of a flower associated with an everlasting love.

24. Camelia Cove: The name of a flower associated with water, moon and perfection.

25. Daybreak Island: A place with a dazzling sunrise

26. Deep Blue Sea Land: It is named after the science fiction movie.

27. Eden Islands: A delightful place, full of happiness.

28. Eureka Islands: Celebrate the joy of discovering with 'Eureka'.

29. Gorgeous Sands: The apt name for an extraordinarily beautiful island.

30. Heather Island: A name associated with beauty and purity.

31. Isola: Isola means 'a group of islands' in the Italian language.

32. Kit Kat Isle: For chocolate lovers.

33. Periwinkle Island: An island with crystal clear blue colored sea.

34. Picturesque Isle: A place with picturesque beauty.

35. Pristine Isle: The right name for an island that is clean, fresh and unspoiled.

36. Ruff and Tuff Islands: For an island with rough waters.

37. Sea Breeze Island: A place with a gentle and soothing sea breeze.

38. Tansy Islands: An immortal island that will remain forever.

39. Tranquil Land: A serene island filled with calm and peace.

40. Vanilla Town: The most popular ice cream flavor in the world.

Funny Island Names

Are you trying to think of a funny name for your island? If you want to name an island something that implies fun and humor, here are a few interesting made up island names using the names of characters we know and love.

41. Alca Island: The name of a fictitious island where penguins were transformed into humans.

42. Crookshanks Isle: Why not name your island after Hermione's pet cat in the 'Harry Potter' series?

43. Ding Dong Island: A sweet sound that brings in a celebration mood.

44. Donkey Kong Island: Why not name your island after the 'Donkey Kong' video game?

45. Fawkes: The phoenix bird that helped Harry Potter.

46. Gaea's Navel: The name of an imaginary island in video game 'Chrono Cross'.

47. Humpty Dumpty Isle: This funny nursery rhyme character is a great namesake.

48. Isle of Mickey and Minnie: Walt Disney's most famous mouse characters make great island namesakes.

49. Jack and Jill Island: Reminds you of the story from the nursery rhyme.

50. Land of Deep Slumber: Relax and go to sleep on this island.

51. Mr Bean Island: The name of an unusual witty character who always ends in trouble.

52. Riddikulus Cove: The magical spell that changes someone from scary to silly also makes a great island name.

53. Slimy Squid Isle: If you are an expert in catching underwater creatures, it is a perfect name.

54. Super Mario Isle: Everyone's favorite video game would be fun to recreate on your island.

55. The Bugs Bunny Land: A perfect name for an island with rabbits.

56. The Simpson's Islands: It is a hilarious comedy show that everyone loves.

57. The Westeros Island: For the fans of Targaryen, Stark, Lannister, Baratheon and Tully.

58. Ticklish Land: Will surely bring a smile to your face.

59. Tom and Jerry Island: The cat and the rodent who pretend to fight but are best friends, perfect for a funny and chaotic island.

Islands With Interesting Meanings

These names of islands all have interesting meanings. They mean heaven, beauty, sweetness, magic and much more. These names make wonderful choices for your island.

60. Avalon islands: 'Land of apples'.

61. Azul Isle: Spanish word for 'blue'.

62. Baralku: The name of the Island of Dead in Australian Mythology.

63. Bonita Isle: Bonita means 'beautiful' in Portuguese.

64. Cielo Isle: Cielo means 'heaven' in the Spanish language.

65. Crab Island: The best name for an island shaped like a crab.

66. Delfino Isles: It means the 'land of dolphins', one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

67. Hedgehog Islands: A lovely nocturnal mammal that never comes out in the daytime. The right name if you are a nocturnal person.

68. Innis Cove: Spanish word for 'island'.

69. Iona Isle: Scottish name for 'island'.

70. Land of Zen: Zen means 'peaceful' and 'relaxed'. The Land of Zen is a place of peacefulness.

71. Leonese Island: 'Island of lions'.

72. Mayajaal: The perfect name of an island of magic.

73. Nani Island: The Hawaiian word for 'beauty'.

74. Swarga Isle: Meaning 'paradise' in the Sanskrit language.

75. The Land of Legend of Zelda: The land of adventure, discovery and thrills.

76. The Land of Utopia: An imaginary place where everything is perfect.

77. The Sands of Dennis The Menace: A comic character with lots of energy and good intentions.

78. Whitney Islands: Perfect for an island with white sands.

79. Zucchero Isle: It is a sweet name as it means 'sugar' in Italian.

Island Names From Popular Culture

There are many islands found in novels, movies and TV shows. They are just fictitious names and may not exist in the real world. We think that using these as inspiration for your own island name is an excellent idea.

80. Amity Island: From the movie 'Jaws.'

81. Ape Island: From 'The Simpsons' TV show.

82. Azkaban Cove: The island prison in the 'Harry Potter' series.

83. Cascara Island: From the movie 'The Water'.

84. Cinnabar Island: The island found on Nintendo Game Boy.

85. Craggy Cove: Taken from Enid Blyton's 'Adventure' series.

86. Drum Kingdom: An island in 'One Piece' series, this is the place where Chopper joins the crew.

87. Genosha Islands: A place in Marvel Comics.

88. Goon Island: The Goon Land in 'Popeye The Sailor', the cartoon show.

89. Gullah Gullah Island: From the American musical TV series for children.

90. Isla Nublar: The site in 'Jurassic Park'.

91. Isle of Gloom: Enid Blyton's island of adventure.

92. Kirin Island: The island visited by 'The Famous Five'.

93. Lilliput Island: It is from 'Gulliver's Travels' by Jonathan Swift.

94. Love Island: The name of a popular reality TV show.

95. Neverland: The famous island in 'Peter Pan'.

96. Ooo Isle: From the television series 'Adventure Time'.

97. Paradise Island: The name of a TV series.

98. Prospero Island: 'The Tempest' by Shakespeare's famous island.

99. The Black Island: From 'The TinTin Adventures'.

100. The Haunted Isle: This was the location for one of the episodes of 'Scooby-Doo'.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for island names then take a look at these Saiyan names to use for your characters, or for something different take a look at these penguin names.

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