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Morgan Kane is a fictional antihero and western character appearing in the series of the same name.

Kjell Hallbing created the fictional character under the name Louis Masterson. The book series is successful, with 83 books written and over 11 million copies sold in Norway.

It has also been published in ten other countries. Over 20 million copies of the Morgan Kane series have been sold worldwide together. E-books are also found on the website as published by WR Entertainment. 'Without Mercy' is the first book in the series and was published in 1966.

Character Sketch

The character was born in 1855 in a place along the Santa Fe Trail. When Morgan was just two weeks old when his parents, Gwen Cairn and Brendan, were killed.

Kane killed for the first time when he was 16. He stabbed Walsh, who was a drifter and played a part in his parent's death.

He started as a scout for the cavalry in 1874 and also fought in the Indian wars. He enlisted in the cavalry again after failing to prospect for gold in South Dakota. Kane left the cavalry after the Sioux victory at Little Big Horn and became a gunslinger.

He rode out with Billy the Kid and his gang. He was a bounty hunter after leaving the gang.

Kane took the nickname 'El Gringo' by the ’70s. He worked as a gunfighter in New Mexico, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico. He joined a gang called 'El Coyote' but soon left them. The Texas Rangers hired him in 1881.

He met Linda Swift, his future wife, in 1882. He was made a US Marshal later. Kane married Linda after he met her again on a mission. He settled down on a ranch after turning in his US Marshal star.

Linda was killed after two years of marriage. Kane started searching for his wife's killers. He came back to become a US Marshal and fought many historic gunslingers. Kane was transferred around the '90s to Alaska as his seniors became worried about his extreme violence, mental disturbance, his rage, and his consumption of alcohol. He was also fired later.

After he was fired, Kane started different jobs in the US. He also worked as an agent and bodyguard of Theodore Roosevelt. He was also part of the mission to invade Cuba.

He collaborated with Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy and didn't arrest them. His health started worsening. He fought with Pancho Villa in 1910 during the Mexican Civil War. He met his unknown son, Paco Galan, here.

Paco was known as 'Diablito'. He became a famous matador as they traveled to Europe together. Kane went back to the US later and became a US Marshal.

Enemies killed Kane in the last book of Louis Masterson. He was shot in a deserted city on the border of Mexico.


According to the books, Morgan Kane has sociopathic tendencies and is a womanizer. He has a star-shaped scar. His ring finger is paralyzed due to damage to his tendons.

A leather strap is used to fix the finger to his middle finger. Kane's height is around 6 ft 4 in (192 cm). He has dark hair and a white streak of dead hair on his temple.

He covers his single gun holster using his long jacket, which he wears with a dark suit. He stays suntanned and unshaven.

He can draw his gun in 0.4 seconds. He can carry a variety of weapons, including the Walker Colt, Colt Paterson, the 1973 Winchester rifle, and a lot more. His weaknesses are alcohol, women, and gambling.

Film Adaptation

WR Entertainment got the screen rights worldwide to adapt the 'Morgan Kane' books for a film in 2011. Mark Huffam got attached to the movie in 2016 as a producer.

In Other Media

These books were published beginning in 1971 - 'Without Mercy', 'The Star And The Gun', 'A Ranger's Honor', 'The Devil's Marshal', 'The Law Of The Jungle', 'Rio Grande', 'Killing For The Law', 'The Day Of Death', 'New Orleans Gamble', 'Bell Of Death', and many more.

There is also a women's basketball player named Morgan Kane. She plays for the team called Iowa State Cyclones as a forward. She was born in West Jordan, Utah. She plays for her team in class of Junior. She has played for the Iowa State Cyclones since 2019.

Morgan Kane is also the name of a driver for Grave Digger from North Carolina. He has won the Monster Jam World Finals 17 racing championship and the first #MoreMonsterJam championship.


Where is Morgan Kane from?
He is from somewhere along the Santa Fe trail.

Who is Morgan Kane related to Kasey Kahne?
This information is not available.

Where is Morgan James Kane from?
The fictional character is from a place along the Santa Fe trail.

Who is Morgan Kane related to Kacy Kane?
This information is not available.

Where is Morgan Kane from?
He is from a place along the Santa Fe trail.

Who is Morgan Kane grave digger?
He is a driver for Grave Digger. He is from North Carolina.

Who wrote Morgan Kane?
Kjell Hallbing wrote the series under the name of Louis Masterson.

Who is Morgan Kane?
He is a fictional character and a western antihero in a book series.

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