100+ Nickelodeon Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Will Be A Serious Throwback

Emily Lawler
Apr 04, 2024 By Emily Lawler
Originally Published on Feb 15, 2021
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JoJo Siwa at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

Who's ready for a blast from the past, straight from your living room couch? You're about to dive into some awesome Nickelodeon trivia that will send you on a nostalgia trip.

Remember those Saturday mornings when the only dilemma was whether to watch 'Rugrats' or 'Hey Arnold!'? Or those evenings filled with laughter because of 'Drake And Josh'? Yes, we're talking about the golden era of Nickelodeon shows.

Here's a fun game to play! We've got some Nickelodeon trivia questions lined up below that are bound to bring back fond memories. From questions about your favorite characters to unforgettable moments, this trivia is the perfect way to test your memory, and maybe even learn something new about your all-time favorite shows.

Who knows, you might even be inspired to rewatch a few! So get those thinking caps on! You're about to begin this Nickelodeon trivia challenge.

Nickelodeon Shows Trivia

Many fans have unforgettable memories of sitting in front of the TV, completely absorbed in their favorite Nickelodeon shows. To start the challenge, we have a quiz to see just how much you remember about those shows.

From SpongeBob SquarePants to Rugrats, this quiz covers it all. Get ready for a blast from the past with this epic Nickelodeon trivia quiz!

1. Question: Which show's theme song had the lyrics: "You're lost in the moment you disappear"?

Answer: 'Victorious'.

2. Question: What is the name of Tori's sister on 'Victorious'?

Answer: Trina.

3. Question: What type of animal is Sandy Cheeks from 'SpongeBob SquarePants'?

Answer: Squirrel.

4. Question: Who does Ned like in 'Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide'?

Answer: Suzie.

5. Question: Who is the manager of the Premiere in the show, 'Drake And Josh'?

Answer: Helen Ophelia Dubois.

6. Question: In 'The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius', what is Jimmy's dad's favorite animal?

Answer: Duck.

7. Question: Which character from 'The Fairly OddParents' is known to wear a pink hat and has buck teeth?

Answer: Timmy Turner.

8. Question: What are the three cats in 'Catscratch' named?

Answer: Gordon, Waffle, and Mr. Blick.

9. Question: What was Ug's real name on 'Salute Your Shorts'?

Answer: Kevin.

10. Question: What is the name of the mailbox on 'Blue's Clues'?

Answer: Mailbox.

11. Question: Which show was about two conjoined brothers with very different personalities?

Answer: 'CatDog'.

12. Question: What is Danny Fenton's mother's name in 'Danny Phantom'?

Answer: Maddie.

13. Question: What is Logan's dad's job in 'Zoey 101'?

Answer: Producer.

Nickelodeon Actors Trivia Questions

Get ready to play the ultimate game of - guess the Nickelodeon star! Nickelodeon has been a launching pad for so many talented actors who went on to conquer the entertainment world.

From familiar faces like Ariana Grande to the lovable Kenan Thompson, many artists have been associated with the TV channel. Now it's your turn to put your knowledge to the test and see if you can match the actors with their iconic roles.

14. Question: Name the Nickelodeon series that Melissa Joan Hart starred in.

Answer: 'Clarissa Explains It All'.

15. Question: Which show did Emma Roberts star in as Addie Singer, a middle-school girl who used to hang out with her friends and write songs?

Answer: 'Unfabulous'.

16. Question: Name the famous singer who appears in the shows, 'Victorious' and 'Sam & Cat'.

Answer: Ariana Grande.

17. Question: Who had a role in the Nickelodeon series 'All That' and the '90s sitcom 'Kenan & Kel'?

Answer: Kel Mitchell.

18. Question: Who plays the role of Little Pete in the show 'The Adventures Of Pete & Pete’?

Answer: Danny Tamberelli.

19. Question: Who hosted 'Nickelodeon Guts' and 'Picture Perfect'?

Answer: Mike O'Malley.

20. Question: Who is the lead star of 'iCarly'?

Answer: Miranda Cosgrove.

21. Question: Who originally hosted 'Blue's Clues'?

Answer: Steve Burns.

22. Question: Who is SpongeBob SquarePant's voice actor?

Answer: Tom Kenny.

23. Question: Who was the co-host of the Nickelodeon series 'Group Chat' along with Jayden Bartels, in the second season of the show?

Answer: Brent Rivera.

24. Question: Who hosted the original series, 'Figure It Out'?

Answer: Summer Sanders.

25. Question: From 'All That', who was one of the former stars who went on to play Lydia Gutman in the WB sitcom 'The Steve Harvey Show'?

Answer: Lori Beth Denberg.

26. Question: Who is the main character in the Nickelodeon show 'Victorious'?

Answer: Tori Vega.

Fun Facts About Nickelodeon Trivia Challenge

Chloe Kim at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

Let's take off on a mind-blowing journey through the fascinating world of Nickelodeon! This trivia is packed with incredible facts that'll make you go, "Wow, I never knew that!".

From its humble beginnings to the incredible transformations it has undergone, Nickelodeon has never stopped pushing the boundaries to bring us the very best content. So, buckle up and get ready to discover some jaw-dropping facts that will leave you amazed.

27. Question: Who created 'You Can't Do That On Television'?

Answer: Roger Price.

28. Question: On which Nickelodeon series were parents banned on the set?

Answer: 'Legends Of The Hidden Temple'.

29. Question: When was Nickelodeon created?

Answer: April 1, 1979.

30. Question: What was the first game show on Nickelodeon?

Answer: 'Double Dare'.

31. Question: What was the name of the first original series released on Nickelodeon?

Answer: Pinwheel.

32. Question: Where is the headquarters of Nickelodeon located?

Answer: New York.

33. Question: When was Nickelodeon Studios opened?

Answer: June 7, 1990.

34. Question: Which state is the show 'Loud House' set in?

Answer: Michigan.

35. Question: What color is Dora's backpack in 'Dora The Explorer'?

Answer: Purple.

36. Question: Under which ocean lies the city of Bikini Bottom in 'SpongeBob SquarePants'?

Answer: Pacific.

37. Question: What type of animal is Pearl Krabs in 'SpongeBob SquarePants'?

Answer: Whale.

38. Question: Jace Norman played the main character in which show?

Answer: 'Henry Danger'.

39. Question: Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and Miranda Cosgrove were the cast members of which Nickelodeon series?

Answer: 'Drake And Josh'.

40. Question: How old was Zoey in the first episode of ‘Zoey101’?

Answer: 13.

41. Question: In ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’, which tribe do Sokka and Katara belong to?

Answer: Southern Water Tribe.

42. Question: What is the name of the school the children attend in 'House Of Anubis'?

Answer: The Amun Boarding School.

43. Question: In which year was the first Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards ceremony held?

Answer: 1987.

44. Question: In 'Dora The Explorer', who is Dora’s monkey companion?

Answer: Boots.

45. Question: Who plays Fred in ‘Fred: The Show’?

Answer: Lucas Cruikshank.

46. Question: What is the name of the Nickelodeon series about a boy who has adventures in a world of aliens?

Answer: 'The Journey Of Allen Strange'.

47. Question: What is the name of Carly's best friend in 'iCarly'?

Answer: Sam Puckett.

48. Question: Who played the role of True Jackson in 'True Jackson, VP'?

Answer: Keke Palmer.

49. Question: Who is the leader of the Big Time Rush band from the Nickelodeon show 'Big Time Rush'?

Answer: Kendall Knight.

50. Question: What is the name of Phoebe's twin brother in 'The Thundermans'?

Answer: Max Thunderman.

51. Question: Who is SpongeBob's best friend?

Answer: Patrick Star.

52. Question: In the Nickelodeon series, 'Drake And Josh', what instrument did Megan play?

Answer: Oboe.

53. Question: In the animated Nickelodeon show 'Rugrats', what is the name of the protagonist of the show?

Answer: Tommy Pickles.

54. Question: What is the name of Jimmy Neutron's robot dog in the show 'The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius'?

Answer: Goddard.

55. Question: What show is the quote, 'In 5, 4, 3, 2...', from?

Answer: 'iCarly'.

56. Question: There was a show about two brothers with the last name Wolff. Which show was it?

Answer: 'The Naked Brothers Band'.

57. Question: Who created the 2013 series ‘The Thundermans'?

Answer: Jed Spingarn.

58. Question: In 'Dora The Explorer', what is the name of the fox?

Answer: Swiper.

59. Question: In ‘The Thundermans’, what is Dr. Colosso changed into?

Answer: Rabbit.

60. Question: What is the name of the Nickelodeon show about a boy who has adventures in a world of ghosts?

Answer: 'Danny Phantom'.

61. Question: What type of bender was the Avatar before Aang in 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'?

Answer: Fire.

62. Question: What type of dog is Ren from 'The Ren & Stimpy Show'?

Answer: Chihuahua.

63. Question: In 'iCarly', what was Spencer studying to become, before dropping out to become an artist?

Answer: A lawyer.

64. Question: What are the brand of phones used in ‘iCarly’, ‘Sam & Cat’, ‘Victorious’, and ‘Henry Danger’?

Answer: PearPhones.

65. Question: Which Nickelodeon animated series is about a young genius named Jimmy?

Answer: 'The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius'.

66. Question: Where did Josh work in ‘Drake And Josh’?

Answer: A movie theater.

67. Question: Mr. Krabs from the show 'SpongeBob Squarepants' has a love for what?

Answer: Money.

68. Question: What is the name of a popular show about dogs having rescue jobs, aired on Nickelodeon?

Answer: 'PAW Patrol'.

69. Question: Which animated series on Nickelodeon is about a wallaby's life?

Answer: 'Rocko's Modern Life'.

70. Question: Which Nickelodeon animated series was about a family that traveled around the world and the daughter talked to animals?

Answer: 'The Wild Thornberrys'.

71. Question: What job does Chase have in 'PAW Patrol'?

Answer: Police officer.

72. Question: In which year was 'Game Shakers' aired on Nickelodeon?

Answer: 2015.

73. Question: What color hair does Hudson from 'Game Shakers' have?

Answer: Blonde.

74. Question: Which cartoon is about two beaver brothers and their adventures?

Answer: 'The Angry Beavers'.

75. Question: In 'House Of Anubis', what is the name of the character who goes missing in the first season?

Answer: Joy Mercer.

76. Question: What is the real name of Kid Danger in 'Henry Danger'?

Answer: Henry Hart.

77. Question: Which Nickelodeon series was created by Canadian animator, John Kricfalusi?

Answer: 'The Ren & Stimpy Show'.

78. Question: Captain Man and Kid Danger use what to transform into their superhero forms in 'Henry Danger'?

Answer: Bubble gum.

79. Question: What is the name of the caretaker/housemother in 'House Of Anubis'?

Answer: Trudy.

80. Question: What is the name of the genius who helps Captain Man and Kid Danger build gadgets for fighting crime in 'Henry Danger'?

Answer: Schwoz.

81. Question: What are the names of Henry's best friends in 'Henry Danger'?

Answer: Charlotte and Jasper.

82. Question: What is the real name of Captain Man in 'Henry Danger'?

Answer: Ray Manchester.

83. Question: In 'House Of Anubis', who took the Touchstone from the museum?

Answer: Sophia.

84. Question: In which city does Timmy Turner live in the show 'The Fairly Oddparents'?

Answer: Dimmsdale.

85. Question: Who played Nona Mecklenberg in 'The Adventures Of Pete & Pete'?

Answer: Michelle Trachtenberg.

86. Question: For how many years was Aang trapped in the glacier in the show 'Avatar: The Last Airbender’,?

Answer: 100.

87. Question: Who does Fire Lord Ozai choose as his successor in 'Avatar: The Last Airbender’?

Answer: Azula.

88. Question: What is Cat's surname in the show 'Sam & Cat'?

Answer: Valentine.

89. Question: Did Aang master all four elements in the show 'Avatar: The Last Airbender’?

Answer: Yes.

90. Question: In which temple did Aang find Momo in the show 'Avatar: The Last Airbender’?

Answer: Southern Air Temple.

91. Question: How many stomachs does Appa have in the show 'Avatar: The Last Airbender’?

Answer: Five.

92. Question: What is Sokka's weapon of choice in the show 'Avatar: The Last Airbender’?

Answer: Boomerang.

93. Question: What is the name of the rival restaurant to the Krusty Krab in 'SpongeBob SquarePants'?

Answer: Chum Bucket.

94. Question: In 'SpongeBob SquarePants', Spongebob lives in a house that looks like which fruit?

Answer: Pineapple.

95. Question: In 'SpongeBob SquarePants', what is Patrick Star's favorite restaurant?

Answer: The Krusty Krab.

96. Question: In 'SpongeBob SquarePants', what is SpongeBob's job?

Answer: A fry cook.

97. Question: Who is the creator of the show 'The Fairly OddParents'?

Answer: Butch Hartman.

98. Question: What are the names of Timmy Turner's fairy godparents in 'The Fairly OddParents'?

Answer: Cosmo and Wanda.

99. Question: Which Nickelodeon show revolves around the lives of a group of extreme sports-loving friends?

Answer: 'Rocket Power'.

100. Question: What instrument does Squidward play in 'SpongeBob SquarePants'?

Answer: The clarinet.

101. Question: Who is the creator of the animated series 'SpongeBob SquarePants'?

Answer: Stephen McDannell Hillenburg.

102. Question: Which show features characters named Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm?

Answer: 'Aaahh!!! Real Monsters'.

103. Question: 'The Fairly OddParents' is a beloved Nickelodeon comedy series that follows the adventures of which character?

Answer: Timmy Turner.

104. Question: In 'SpongeBob SquarePants', what is the name of the fictional underwater city where SpongeBob lives?

Answer: Bikini Bottom.

105. Question: What is the symbol of Nickelodeon's logo?

Answer: A splat.

106. Question: What is the name of the high school in the Nickelodeon show 'Victorious'?

Answer: Hollywood Arts High School.

Now that you've conquered this Nickelodeon trivia, it's time you look for more reading material to learn more about the TV channel, its history, and its shows. If you wish to become a trivia expert of all things Nickelodeon you have to continue to expand your knowledge.

You will need to remember what you learn, which can be possible by trying out more such trivia challenges to test yourself.

Organizing a Nickelodeon-themed trivia night with your friends or family can also serve as a fantastic way to bond, reminisce, and enjoy together. So go ahead, spread the Nickelodeon love, and let the good times roll!

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