67+ Ultimate Superhero Trivia Questions And Answers

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Superheroes have long captured the public imagination, going beyond comic books and movies to become famous symbols. These special characters, with their amazing superpowers, represent what people hope to be: strong, brave, and heroic when facing difficult situations.

Superheroes inspire kids to stand up for what's right. They teach valuable lessons about friendship, responsibility, and the importance of using your unique abilities to make the world a better place.

In this trivia challenge, you'll learn about the colorful universe of superheroes, including details about their origins, powers, sidekicks, and the unforgettable adventures that have made them legends. It doesn't matter if you're a die-hard comic book fan or just occasionally read them; put your knowledge to the test and discover just how much you know about these superheroes.

Trivia About Superheroes From DC Comics

Batman dressed in his superhero costume, holding a metal weapon shaped like his Bat signal

Explore the thrilling world of DC Comics, where iconic heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman reign supreme. From the dark alleys of Gotham City to the far reaches of space, these legendary characters have shown what it means to make a difference.

1. Question: Who is the archenemy of Aquaman?

Answer: Black Manta.

2. Question: When was Harley Quinn's first appearance in the DC universe?

Answer: September 1993 ('The Batman Adventures' #12).

3. Question: Did Wonder Woman ever get a solo comic book?

Answer: Yes.

4. Question: Which superhero is faster than Superman?

Answer: The Flash.

5. Question: What is the name of the first 'Justice League' comic book?

Answer: 'The Brave And The Bold'.

6. Question: What creature was Starro?

Answer: Alien starfish.

7. Question: How many official members does the Justice League have?

Answer: Seven.

8. Question: Who was Aquaman's sidekick?

Answer: Aqualad.

9. Question: What was Superman's real name on the planet Krypton?

Answer: Kal-El.

10. Question: What was the name of Batman's butler?

Answer: Alfred Pennyworth.

11. Question: Name the member of The Justice League who is one of the strongest telepaths in the DC universe.

Answer: Martian Manhunter.

12. Question: Which DC Comic character is known as the Joker's sidekick and is recognized for her distinctive clown-like appearance?

Answer: Harley Quinn.

13. Question: In the DC Comics universe, who is the queen of the Amazons and the mother of Wonder Woman?

Answer: Hippolyta.

14. Question: In the DC Comics universe, what is the fictional city where the superhero Green Arrow operates?

Answer: Star City.

15. Question: Which DC Comics universe hero uses bulletproof bracelets?

Answer: Wonder Woman.

Marvel Comic Superhero Trivia

Marvel logo in Hamleys store.

It's time to see how much you know about the Marvel Universe. This is where Earth's mightiest heroes and mutants with superpowers fight alien threats and supervillains. From old comic books to monster movies that took the world by storm, Marvel's superheroes have become a big part of culture.

16. Question: Who is Daredevil's arch nemesis?

Answer: Kingpin.

17. Question: Where was Natasha Romanoff born?

Answer: The Soviet Union.

18. Question: Which mutant can time travel in the comic 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'?

Answer: Kitty Pryde.

19. Question: Who created Captain America?

Answer: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

20. Question: Where does Iron Man's origin story begin in the comics?

Answer: Vietnam.

21. Question: What is the name of the X-Men's plane?

Answer: The Blackbird.

22. Question: Who said, "With great power comes great responsibility"?

Answer: Ben Parker (Uncle Ben).

23. Question: Which two Marvel superheroes are associated with the abilities of telekinesis and telepathy, respectively?

Answer: Jean Grey and Professor X.

24. Question: In the Marvel Comics universe, who killed Tony Stark's parents?

Answer: The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes).

25. Question: In the origin story of Spider-Man, Peter Parker gains his superhuman abilities after being bitten by what?

Answer: A radioactive spider.

26. Question: In which major conflict did Captain America fight during his debut in Marvel Comics, serving as a symbol of patriotism and heroism?

Answer: World War II.

Superheroes Trivia From The Movies

Now's your chance to show off your knowledge of epic superhero moments. This set of questions will test how well you remember those captivating moments and unforgettable scenes that bring your favorite comic characters to the big screen.

27. Question: Who played the role of Superman in 'Superman: The Movie' (1978)?

Answer: Christopher Reeve.

28. Question: Who played the role of Blade in the 1998 film?

Answer: Wesley Snipes.

29. Question: Which character is the villain in the first 'Spider-Man' movie?

Answer: The Green Goblin.

30. Question: Which actress made a cameo in 'Wonder Woman: 1984'?

Answer: Lynda Carter.

31. Question: Which movie serves as the origin story of Batman, chronicling his journey from Bruce Wayne to becoming the Dark Knight?

Answer: 'Batman Begins'.

32. Question: How many Infinity Stones are there in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Answer: Six.

Name The Superhero Quiz

Can you identify a superhero by a symbol, a fun fact, or an alias? From caped crusaders to armored mutants, it's time to use a series of clues, descriptions, and iconic catchphrases to identify your favorite superheroes.

33. Question: Matt Murdock is whose secret identity?

Answer: Daredevil.

34. Question: Which superhero's secret identity is Peter Parker?

Answer: Spider-Man.

35. Question: Which superhero's real name is Natasha Romanoff?

Answer: Black Widow.

36. Question: Which superhero is also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira?

Answer: Wonder Woman.

37. Question: Who is the founder and leader of the X-Men?

Answer: Charles Xavier.

38. Question: Who is considered the first superhero ever?

Answer: The Phantom.

39. Question: Which superhero's real name is Wade Wilson?

Answer: Deadpool.

40. Question: Which superhero character was played by the late actor Chadwick Boseman?

Answer: Black Panther.

41. Question: Which superhero gets their power from a magic ring?

Answer: Green Lantern.

42. Question: Who is considered the first female superhero?

Answer: Fantomah.

43. Question: What is the alter ego of Raymond Palmer, a superhero with the ability to shrink his size?

Answer: The Atom.

44. Question: What is the superhero alter ego of Oliver Queen, known for his exceptional archery skills?

Answer: Green Arrow.

Easy Superhero Trivia For Kids

Spiderman swinging in the air with his Iron Spider ArmorShutterstock

For kids who are just starting to enjoy the thrills and ideas that come from comic books, this set of simple trivia questions is just great. You'll love learning about your favorite heroes and their exciting journeys, as well as their cool costumes and amazing superpowers.

45. Question: Was Captain America born with powers?

Answer: No.

46. Question: Where does Spider-Man shoot his webs from?

Answer: His wrist.

47. Question: Who is Iron Man married to in the movies?

Answer: Pepper Potts.

48. Question: Who is the leader of the Fantastic Four?

Answer: Reed Richards.

49. Question: What is Captain America's real name?

Answer: Steve Rogers.

50. Question: How many members are there in the original Avengers?

Answer: Five.

51. Question: How many doctorates does Bruce Banner have?

Answer: Seven.

52. Question: What is the name of the enchanted hammer wielded by the Marvel superhero Thor?

Answer: Mjölnir.

53. Question: What is the name of the indestructible shield wielded by Captain America?

Answer: Captain America's Shield.

54. Question: What is Batman's real identity when he is not fighting crime?

Answer: Bruce Wayne.

Super-Hard Superhero Trivia

An Iron Man action figure depicted in a vibrant action scene, bending sideways.

Super-hard superhero trivia is the ultimate test of knowledge for die-hard fans who really know so much about their favorite superheroes. These questions are deeply rooted in the history of fictional superhero characters from the Marvel and DC worlds.

55. Question: Who was the chairperson of the Avengers when West Coast was sanctioned?

Answer: Hawkeye.

56. Question: Which superhero displayed the curse of Kordax at birth?

Answer: Aquaman.

57. Question: What is the name of the mystical artifact that grants the superhero Doctor Strange his magical abilities?

Answer: The Eye of Agamotto.

58. Question: What is the alter ego of the superhero known as Green Lantern?

Answer: Hal Jordan.

59. Question: Which superheroine, also known as Ororo Munroe, is a mutant with the ability to control weather?

Answer: Storm.

60. Question: In the Marvel Comics universe, what is the name of the cosmic entity that devours entire planets and is known as the 'World Eater'?

Answer: Galactus.

61. Question: Which Marvel superhero, also known as Bucky Barnes, was turned into a brainwashed assassin?

Answer: Winter Soldier.

62. Question: Which member of the Fantastic Four has the power to turn invisible and create force fields?

Answer: The Invisible Woman.

63. Question: In the Fantastic Four origin story, the team gains their powers after being exposed to what type of radiation?

Answer: Cosmic rays.

64. Question: Who killed Thomas Wayne?

Answer: Joe Chill.

65. Question: What profession does Doctor Stephen Strange have before becoming the mystical superhero known as Doctor Strange?

Answer: Medical doctor.

66. Question: In the Marvel Comics universe, what is Tony Stark's favorite band, as mentioned in the 'Iron Man' movies?

Answer: AC/DC.

67. Question: In the Batman comics, what is the name of Bruce Wayne's mother, who is killed alongside his father?

Answer: Martha Wayne.

68. Question: In the DC Comics universe, what is the name of the isolated island inhabited by the Amazons and home to Wonder Woman?

Answer: Themyscira or Paradise Island.


How can superhero trivia benefit children?

Engaging in superhero trivia can help children develop critical thinking skills, memory retention, and a love for reading. It also promotes an interest in storytelling, character development, and the concept of heroism, which can inspire positive values and creativity.

What can children learn from facing a villain in superhero stories?

Children learn about the complexities of good and evil when discussing villains like Doctor Doom. They understand that intelligence and power can be used for beneficial and harmful purposes, emphasizing their responsibility to do good and be kind.

How does being on a superhero team help superheroes?

Being a part of a superhero team allows individual heroes to combine their unique powers and talents. This helps them solve problems and fight enemies that would be too strong to face alone. Teamwork and diversity are highlighted as key strengths.

What science and technology concepts can Iron Man's suit teach kids?

Iron Man's suit introduces kids to the world of engineering, physics, and technological innovation. It sparks curiosity about how technology can enhance human capabilities and the ethical considerations of such advancements.

Are there famous superheroes in the Green Lantern Corps? 

Yes, several famous DC superheroes have been part of the Green Lantern Corps at some point in their comic book history.

Hal Jordan, the first human Green Lantern, is perhaps the most famous example. Others are John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and Simon Baz. Even Superman and Batman have briefly served as Green Lanterns in some storylines.

Who is Mary Jane Watson, and what role does she play in Spider-Man’s life?

Mary Jane Watson is a significant character in Spider-Man's life, often serving as Peter Parker's special friend and main love interest. Her character shows how important it is to have friends and family to turn to when things get tough.

How does a character like Diana Prince inspire young girls and boys?

Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, is a symbol of strength, bravery, and compassion. Her character inspires both young girls and boys to be fearless in the pursuit of justice and to stand up for equality and peace.

You've made it through this exciting collection of trivia questions from the fictional world of superheroes. From iconic origins and incredible superpowers to loyal sidekicks and secret hideouts, you've shown that you're a real comic book fan.

It doesn't matter if you got all the answers right or learned something new about your favorite superheroes; keep in mind that the world of superheroes is always growing, with new stories and characters to discover. So keep your superhero knowledge as sharp as Wolverine's claws and your love for them as bright as the Green Lantern's light.

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