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Baotianmansaurus facts are interesting.

The Baotianmansaurus was one of the Late Cretaceous sauropod dinosaurs of Central Asia. The single type species of the dinosaur is named Baotianmansaurus henanensis.

The Baotianmansaurus fossils have been discovered from the Late Cretaceous rocks and sediments of the Gaogou formation. Only one specimen of the genus has been discovered.

The species name is derived from the Henan province of east-central China.

This Late Cretaceous sauropod dinosaur was named by J.‭ ‬Li, X.‭ ‬Zhang, W.‭ ‬Hu, J. Lu, C.‭ ‬Zhang, ‬L.‭ ‬Yang, and Q. Ji in 2009 and it was described in 2009 for the first time in the zoological journal Zhang Et Al. It is a genus of sauropod dinosaurs, with similarities to the Chinese Dongyangosaurus and Opisthocoelicaudia.

The classification was published in Mannion et al, Poropat et al, and  Gonzalez Riga et al. To know more interesting facts about the dinosaurs, keep on reading our fascinating fact article.

Baotianmansaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Baotianmansaurus'?

The name Baotianmansaurus is pronounced as Bow-shan-man-sore-us.

What type of dinosaur was a Baotianmansaurus?

The Baotianmansaurus was initially described as one of the basal titanosauriforms and later they were classified as a titanosaurid.

In which geological period did the Baotianmansaurus roam the Earth?

It is believed that the sauropod dinosaur existed from the Turonian age up to the Maastrichtian age of the Late Cretaceous, but the period of their existence is unknown.

When did the Baotianmansaurus become extinct?

The Baotianmansaurus fossils date back to the Maastrichtian age of the Late cretaceous period unfortunately, the period when these dinosaurs became extinct is unknown.

Where did Baotianmansaurus live?

The fossils of the specimen were excavated from the upper Cretaceous sediment of the Gaogou formation of Nanyang City in Henan province. Subsequently, it is believed that the species of the Baotianmansaurus genus evolved from the Henan province of China. It is not known if they were very territorial.

What was the Baotianmansaurus' habitat?

The Baotianmansaurus fossils were excavated from the Gaogou formation of China, they lived in the lush vegetation habitat of the East Asian region.

Who did the Baotianmansaurus live with?

The fossils of a single specimen of the Baotianmansaurus have been discovered. Since there is no indication of bone beds, whether they lived in groups or alone could not be concluded.

How long did a Baotianmansaurus live?

The Baotianmansaurus is a sauropod dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous. They evolved in the Turonian age and lived up to the Maastrichtian age but there is no information regarding the time span they lived.

How did they reproduce?

The Baotianmansaurus reproduced by laying eggs. Apart from that, there is no additional information regarding the reproductive characteristics of the Baotianmansaurus.

Baotianmansaurus Fun Facts

What did the Baotianmansaurus look like?

The physical description of the Baotianmansaurus is uncertain due to the lack of remains. However, paleontologists have chalked out some unusual features of the dinosaur that helps us to understand the dinosaur better.

Being a titanosaur, an unusual feature is noticed in Baotianmansaurus. The neural spine of the third dorsal bifid and the ribs are nonpneumatic. The caudal vertebrae of the animal are convex at the ends rather than being concave with a short centrum.

Baotianmansaurus is a sauropod dinosaur.

How many bones did a Baotianmansaurus have?

There is not a lot known about the Baotianmansaurus bone structure due to the scarcity of fossils. The dinosaur is known from a few postcranial elements found in the Gaogou formation like vertebrae, ribs, and partial scapula fragments.

How did they communicate?

Similar to other dinosaurs, a Baotianmansaurus also communicated using vocalizations.

How big was the Baotianmansaurus?

The length and height of the Baotianmansaurus could not be determined by paleontologists as there are a lack of fossils for this dinosaur.

How fast could a Baotianmansaurus move?

The speed of the dinosaur has not been estimated.

How much did a Baotianmansaurus weigh?

The weight of the Baotianmansaurus is unknown.

What were the male and female names of the species?

The male and female species of the Baotianmansaurus do not have any particular names. Both sexes were known as Baotianmansaurus.

What would you call a baby Baotianmansaurus?

A baby Baotianmansaurus is referred to as a hatchling or nestling.

How aggressive were they?

The Baotianmansaurus was herbivorous in nature, they were far less aggressive than the flesh-eating predators of the contemporary age.

Did You Know…

The Baotianmansaurus is named after the Baotianman National Nature Reserve of China.

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