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Fun Datanglong Facts For Kids

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The Tetanurae genus Datanglong is an extinct carcharodontosaurian theropod genus. It lived from what is now southern China even during the Early Cretaceous period.

The bones of a huge theropod unknown to science were discovered in 2011 by workers of the Geological Survey Research Institute of China. In the village of Nazao, 12.5 mi (20 km) southwest of the town of Datang, near Nanning in Guangxi. Zhou Fusheng, Hunag Zhen, Mo Jinyou, Li Guangning, and Cao Chenyun named and described this dinosaur as Datanglong guangxiensis in the year 2014. The name of the genus actually comes from the Chinese term 'long', which means 'dragon', while the first part of the name is borrowed from its locations of Datang Walley in Southern China. The term relates to the region of Guangxi in China, Asia.

Datanglong was first described as a Carcharodontosaurus, a big theropod dinosaur that really was particularly widespread throughout the early Cretaceous period. The traits on the Datanglong holotype are more similar to those of coelurosaurs (like the basal Tetanurae and the features of pneumatized cavities present in the ileum). It might be a megaraptoran theropod based on the hip configuration, given that the characteristics that were used to designate Datanglong as a Carcharodontosaurus are indeed seen in Megaraptora members.

Fun Datanglong Facts For Kids

What did they prey on?

Lizards, eggs, turtles

What did they eat?


Average litter size?


How much did they weigh?


How long were they?

23-26 ft (7-7.9 m)

How tall were they?

23-24 ft (7-7.3m)

What did they look like?


Skin Type


What were their main threats?

Natural calamity

Where were they found?



Southeastern China









Scientific Name

Datanglong guangxiensis

How scary were they?


How loud were they?


How intelligent were they?


Datanglong Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Datanglong'?

The pronunciation is 'Dah-tang-long'!

What type of dinosaur was a Datanglong?

It is a type of theropod dinosaur that comes from China, Asia.

In which geological period did the Datanglong roam the Earth?

They existed during the period Early Cretaceous.

When did the Datanglong become extinct?

They used to exist 125 million years ago.

Where did Datanglong live?

They were found in China and Asia.

What was the Datanglong's habitat?

They used to have a terrestrial habitat.

Who did the Datanglong live with?

There is not enough information about this.

How long did a Datanglong live?

No concrete data is available on the lifespan of this carnivore.

How did they reproduce?

They used to reproduce by laying eggs.

Datanglong Fun Facts

What did the Datanglong look like?

They were 25-26 ft (7.6-7.9 m) tall. It comes from an extinct genus and is part of the large theropod family. These reptiles existed years ago and had large size structures and features.

The remains of Datanglong were first found in Guangxi, Southern China.
*We've been unable to source an image of Datanglong and have used an image of Styracosaurus instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of Datanglong, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at [email protected].

How many bones did a Datanglong have?

The information is still said to be unknown.

How did they communicate?

Specific information is not available regarding this.

How big was the Datanglong?

Datanglong ranged in size from medium to giant, 23-26 ft (7-7.9 m) long. However, they were not as big as the Gobititan.

How fast could a Datanglong move?

Unfortunately, we do not have much information regarding this.

How much did a Datanglong weigh?

Again, while they were thought to be quite heavy, specific weight is very difficult to estimate.

What were the male and female names of the species?

There are no distinct names for the male and female of this species.

What would you call a baby Datanglong?

A baby Datanglong would probably be called a juvenile.

How aggressive were they?

Being a carnivore, they should have been aggressive.

Did You Know…

 So yet, just one specimen has been discovered at Datanglong. GMG 00001, the specimen, included vertebrae as well as hip bones. The bones were discovered in a Xinlong Formation stratum that was formed during the Early Cretaceous.

*We've been unable to source an image of Datanglong and have used an image of Lesothosaurus instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of Datanglong, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at [email protected]

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