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How fascinating and (scary at the same time) it is to think that before humans came to this world, there were these big creatures who roamed the entire Earth. These reptiles were herbivorous, carnivorous, and omnivorous, depending on the species.

We call these awesome creatures, dinosaurs. In this very article, we shall be discussing in brief one of these awesome dinosaur species which is known as the Jinzhousaurus.

The Jinzhousaurus dinosaur is assumed to be an inhabitant of Asia and used to roam around China. Skeleton remains, or fossil of this dinosaur species, have been discovered in the Yixian formation in western Liaoning in China.

The age of the fossil found in the Yixian formation is estimated at around 122 million years. Different characteristics of this dinosaur have been recorded.

From the fossil, we know that the dinosaur was around 23 ft (7 m) long and had 17 teeth on their lower jaw. The head was 1.7 ft (0.5 m) long and was broad.

This was just the introduction. In the upcoming section, there are interesting and funny facts about this dinosaur waiting for you. So keep reading!

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Jinzhousaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Jinzhousaurus'?

Jinzhousaurus, or Jinzhousaurus yangil, was a dinosaur that roamed around China. Jinzhousaurus can be pronounced in different ways. In UK English it is pronounced as 'jeez hou saor us', in American English it is pronounced as 'gin jo saor us', commonly pronounced the same.

What type of dinosaur was a Jinzhousaurus?

Jinzhousaurus belongs to the category of Hadrosauroidea. They used to roam across China during the Early Cretaceous period.

In which geological period did the Jinzhousaurus roam the earth?

According to remains, the Jinzhousaurus used to roam across China during the Early Cretaceous period in the Mesozoic era.

When did the Jinzhousaurus become extinct?

The fossil of the Jinzhousaurus was found in the Yixian Formation in western Liaoning, China. According to paleontology scholars, the age of the remains was expected to be 122 million years.

Where did a Jinzhousaurus live?

The Jinzhousaurus was a herbivore and used to roam on land.

What was a Jinzhousaurus' habitat?

The Jinzhousaurus inhabited the Asian continent and used to live in China. A fossil of it was found in the Yixian Formation in western Liaoning, China. It can be assumed that these dinosaurs used to live there.

Who did a Jinzhousaurus live with?

There is no information available on how they socially behaved. According to the studies on remains, they were considered as grazing herbivores, so it can be assumed that they lived in groups.

How long did a Jinzhousaurus live?

Most dinosaurs used to live for around 70-80 years. The Jinzhousaurus also had a similar lifespan.

How did they reproduce?

Dinosaurs were reptile species, and because of that, they were all oviparous in nature. No reproduction can only happen through mating. They were reptiles and would have mated like the present-day reptiles such as lizards.

Jinzhousaurus Fun Facts

What did a Jinzhousaurus look like?

The Jinzhousaurus was a member of the Ornithischian order and roamed Earth in the Early Cretaceous period. The discovery of their skeleton, actually the whole fossil took place near the Yixian Formation in western Liaoning, China.

According to the fossil, it was assumed that their length range was around 23 ft (7 m) long. They had some nice characteristics including a broad skull and a small crest-like structure at the top of the skull. The skull size of this Chinese dinosaur was around 1.7 ft (0.5 m) long.

The front of their skull or mouth part was elongated, and the nares or the nostril parts were larger. Somehow the antorbital fenestra was absent.

Inside their mouth on the lower jaw, there were around 17 teeth present. The upper jaw was not that well described. They had smaller forelimbs and larger legs.

They had small nails on both their hands and legs. The tail was quite long and was wide at front and narrow at the end.

The Jinzhousaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur that roamed around China.
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How many bones did a Jinzhousaurus have?

The average species of dinosaurs had around 200 bones in their body. They were large reptiles which roamed the Earth.

How did they communicate?

It is assumed that dinosaurs used to communicate through both body language and vocal sound. Jinzhousaurus were herbivores, so they would have got involved in fights for territory but again, who knows!

How big was a Jinzhousaurus?

The Jinzhousaurus yangi is a Chinese dinosaur, a member of the Ornithischian order. According to paleontology scholars, they had an average length range of around 23 ft (7 m). The skull itself was 1.7 ft (0.5 m) long. The skull was wide and had a small crest-like structure on it.

How fast could a Jinzhousaurus move?

The Jinzhousaurus dinosaur was a herbivorous creature who moved on two feet. There no exact information on how fast they were, but we can assume that they had a quick speed. Herbivorous creatures usually become food to the carnivorous ones so in order to save themselves, they would have adapted to be able to run at a good speed.

How much did a Jinzhousaurus weigh?

Jinzhousaurus yangi were not a huge dinosaur species. They were somewhat average to small dinosaurs who roamed across China in the Early Cretaceous period. They had a body length of around 23 ft (7 m) and a head length of 1.7 ft (0.5 m). There is no record of their weight.

What were the male and female names of the species?

There are no special names assigned to the Chinese Jinzhousaurus yangi males or females. They are commonly known by their name only.

What would you call a baby Jinzhousaurus?

Baby dinosaurs are commonly known as hatchlings. Dinosaurs are oviparous creatures who lay eggs.

What did they eat?

After studying the skeleton remains, it is considered that the Jinzhousaurus dinosaur species were herbivores. They used to roam on land and used to feed on plants and plant sources.

How aggressive were they?

There are no exact records available on them being aggressive or not, but Chinese Jinzhousaurus yangi dinosaurs are described as herbivores. As far as we can assume, herbivorous species are not that aggressive unless they are agitated.

Did you know...

To date, there are around 700 species of dinosaurs that have been discovered and named.

How did the Jinzhousaurus get its name?

The Jinzhousaurus dinosaur fossil was discovered in the Dawangzhangzi Beds of the Yixian Formation in western Liaoning in China. The name Jinzhousaurus yangi name was given after a lot of thinking.

The genus name Jinzhou is kept under the name of the place of its discovery, and the species name yangi was kept after the name of Yang Zhongjian, founder of Chinese paleontology. The species name was kept, yangi, in order to show respect to him.

What species of Jinzhousaurus are there?

The Jinzhousaurus dinosaur species fell in the order Ornithischia and roamed the Earth during the Early Cretaceous period. According to studies, it is found that they were herbivores who used to grow around 23 ft (7 m) in size.

There were no other species of Jinzhousaurus, but there were different dinosaur species that had characteristics similar to the Jinzhousaurus. Some of those are the Achelousaurus, Agilisaurus, Ankylosaurus, Arrhinoceratops, Bactrosaur1us and Cedarpelta.

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