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The Koshisaurus fossils that belonged to the Early Cretaceous time period, were supposedly ones that belong to young dinosaurs of the genus, making adult dinosaur fossils a rarity.

The Koshisaurus was a monospecific genus of the Chordata phylum. This classification as a monospecific genus indicates that the Koshisaurus was the only species that existed in their genus.

The basal hadrosauroid whose fossils indicated that it resided in Katsuyama located in Central Japan, was distinguished by its maxillary teeth. However, other dinosaurs found in Central Japan like Xuwulong and Altirhinus were superior and more advanced than the Koshisaurus.

The Koshisaurus fossils were discovered in Japan making it the sixth species of dinosaurs found there. They lived in the same geological period as the Baryonyx, Saurischia, and several sauropods.

Koshisaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Koshisaurus'?

Koshisaurus is pronounced as 'Koh-shi-soh-rus'.

What type of dinosaur was a Koshisaurus?

The Koshisaurus's classification was made as a basal hadrosauroid.

In which geological period did the Koshisaurus roam the Earth?

The Koshisaurus dinosaurs inhabited the Earth during the Early Cretaceous period.

When did the Koshisaurus become Extinct?

The Koshisaurus genus had become Extinct along with several other dinosaur species about sixty-six billion years ago.

Where did a Koshisaurus live?

The fossils of the Koshisaurus of the Early Cretaceous were excavated in places such as Katsuyama city in the Fukui Prefecture in Japan.

What was a Koshisaurus's habitat?

The Koshisaurus was a herbivore that thrived in the terrestrial habitats of Katsuyama. Moreover, the dinosaur fossil location in Japan indicates that the area surrounding their habitat included sandstones and shales.

Who did a Koshisaurus live with?

There is not much information available with respect to the social behavioral patterns of the Koshisaurus.

How long did a Koshisaurus live?

There is very limited information about the life cycle of the Koshisaurus and about the life span of hadrosauroids in general.

How did they reproduce?

 The Koshisaurus was oviparous in nature. They laid eggs which were transferred through mobile and direct dispersal.

Koshisaurus Fun Facts

What did a Koshisaurus look like?

The antorbital fossa that a Koshidaurus possessed makes it extremely different from the physical features of general hadrosauroids. The unique characteristics that a Koshisaurus possessed extended to their duck-billed features like certain other hadrosauroids and spike thumbs like the Iguanodon.

The Koshisaurus belonged to the Chordata phylum, and there is very limited information about their size and physical appearance.
We've been unable to source an image of Koshisaurus and have used an image of an ornithopod instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of Koshisaurus, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at

How many bones did a Koshisaurus have?

There is no clear record of the number of bones that a Koshisaurus had due to incomplete fossil remains. However, the skeletal structure inside a Koshisaurus mouth was especially unique.

This is because the teeth, specifically the maxillary teeth that a Koshisaurus had consisted of an antorbital fossa. An antorbital fossa, in simpler words, represents a void or a kind of opening that is present in front of the skull.

How did they communicate?

Hadrosauroids in general were considered to be dominating among the dinosaurs that existed during their period. However, their method of communicating, including that of the Koshisaurus has not been identified by paleontologists.

How big was a Koshisaurus?

It is considered that the fossils that had been discovered from the Cretaceous era, based on which the research on Koshisaurus had evolved, were supposedly the remains of juvenile dinosaurs. Therefore, it was difficult to accurately ascertain the size of a Koshisaurus from an unmatured fossil.

How fast could a Koshisaurus move?

The speed of a Koshisaurus has not yet been determined.

How much did a Koshisaurus weigh?

The weight of an average hadrosauroid was established to be around 7.7-8.8 ton (7,000-8,000 kg). However, the weight of a Koshisaurus has not yet been specified by paleontologists.

What were the male and female names of the species?

Male and female Koshisaurus dinosaurs were not assigned different names specifically.

What would you call a baby Koshisaurus?

A Koshisaurus offspring, that would be laid as an egg and later hatch out from it, did not have a different term assigned as its name.

What did they eat?

The Koshisaurus was a herbivore. However, it is still a mystery where these dinosaurs chose to feed on tree vegetation or if they preferred ground-level plants and growth.

How aggressive were they?

Koshisaurus was a type of basal hadrosauroid, which suggests that they were the dominant genus among the dinosaurs existing during their times. However, there is no evidence suggesting if they were aggressive or passive in their interaction with other creatures.

Did You Know...

  • The Koshisaurus derived its name from a regional name found in Japan, especially in the Fukui Prefecture during the Cretaceous time period. The regional word that inspired the name Koshisaurus was 'Koshinokuni'.
  • The Fukuiraptor could have been a predator that lived in the same geological period and might have attacked the Koshisaurus while hunting.

*We've been unable to source an image of Koshisaurus and have used an image of an ornithopod instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of Koshisaurus, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at

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