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The Luachuanraptor was a theropod from the Late Cretaceous age.

The Luachuanraptor was a moderately sized dromaeosaurid that left a mark on the pages of ancient history. Remnants of the species on which the genus is based include the partial skeleton of an immature individual retrieved from the Late Cretaceous Qiupa Formation of Luanchuan area, Western Henan, China.

After a detailed study and analysis, J-C Lu, Q.‭ ‬Ji, J.-M.‭ ‬Zhang, L.‭ ‬Xu, and some other colleagues rendered identification to the holotype specimen 41HIII-0100 in 2007.

Well-preserved remains of four teeth and bits and pieces of postcranial remains such as four cervical vertebrae, 17 caudal vertebrae, six dorsal vertebrae, four chevrons, and other parts were discovered from the dig site. Recently, a phylogenetic analysis conducted by Hartman and his colleagues revealed a close connection of the Luanchuanraptor with the Velociraptorine subfamily.

The relation of the species with Adasaurus as its sister taxon is also being studied by paleontologists.

There are many such interesting facts about this dinosaur that is yet to be discovered by you. Are you curious about fun facts related to Luanchuanraptor? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Scroll down to read ahead and share them with your friends!

Luanchuanraptor Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Luanchuanraptor'?

Finding it difficult to teach your kids the pronunciation of the generic name? Simply break it up into 'Loo-an-chu-an-rap-tore'.

What type of dinosaur was a Luanchuanraptor?

The Luanchuanraptor has been classified as a dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur. In fact, it is believed to be the first Asian dromaeosaurid to be found beyond the boundaries of northeastern china, particularly the Gobi Desert. The fossils were unearthed from the Qiupa Formation in Luanchuan, Henan Province, Central China.

In which geological period did the Luanchuanraptor roam the earth?

Dinosaurs existed a long time back, even before the first man was born. The Luanchuanraptor in particular dwelled on this planet some 101-66 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous era.

When did the Luanchuanraptor become extinct?

This theropod dinosaur species was extirpated from the earth about 100 million years ago.

Where did a Luanchuanraptor live?

Fossils recovered from the Late Cretaceous Qiupa Formation of Luanchuan area, Western Henan, China discloses that these theropod dinosaurs inhabited the parts of East Asia.

What was a Luanchuanraptor's habitat?

The population of the Luanchuanraptor was enclosed within terrestrial habitats.

Who did a Luanchuanraptor live with?

The social tendencies of the Luanchuanraptor couldn't be identified. They might have dwelled in groups, pairs, or preferred to stay aloof.

How long did a Luanchuanraptor live?

The average life span of the species hasn't yet been unraveled by the paleontologists so estimates cannot be provided about the life expectancy of the Luanchuanraptor.

How did they reproduce?

L. henanensis were involved in oviparous reproduction where after successful copulation, females laid eggs. Like all other theropod dinosaurs, the females served the gestation as well as incubation period after which the offspring were born.

However, detailed information about the courtship rituals, breeding habits, extension of incubation and gestation periods, and parental roles is not available due to the lack of evidence.

Luanchuanraptor Fun Facts

What did a Luanchuanraptor look like?

It can be considered that like all dinosaurs grouped under the Theropoda clade, the Luanchuanraptor possessed limbs with three toes and hollow bones. Although dromaeosaurids normally possess feather-like filaments, it is not known for sure if the species had scales or feathers on its body.

The teeth of the Luanchuanraptor were serrated, recurved, and flattened.

It had large claws on the feet shaped like a sickle. The unearthed specimen belonged to that of a non-adult which means that it didn't achieve its full size and could most probably have grown larger.

Luanchuanraptor facts are all about the first Asian dromaeosaurid outside northeastern China.

How many bones did a Luanchuanraptor have?

Although some postcranial remains and remnants of teeth were excavated from the Late Cretaceous Qiupa Formation of Luanchuan area, Western Henan, China, the entire skeletal framework of L. henanensis couldn't be reconstructed. Only the fossilized specimen of the partial skeleton was available for study.

The partial skeleton includes four cervical vertebrae, 17 caudal vertebrae, six dorsal vertebrae, four chevrons, four teeth, left frontal, right humerus, right ilium, left scapulocoracoid, left pubis, and a few other bits and pieces. However, the total number of bones couldn't be determined.

How did they communicate?

In general, dinosaurs expressed themselves by emitting innumerable sounds, calls, and gestures. It can be assumed that the communication pattern of the Luanchuanraptor was akin to that of the other dinosaurs. For instance, bellowing sounds were common with dinosaurs.

How big was a Luanchuanraptor?

The Luanchuanraptor possessed an approximate length of 3.6-5.9 ft (1.1-1.8 m). It is quite similar in size to other small-sized theropods like the Velociraptor measuring 6.8 ft (2 m) long or the Dromaeosaurus measuring 6.6 ft (2 m) in length.

Nevertheless, the dinosaur is quite large when compared with the Juravenator that stood at a length of only 27.5-29.5 in (70-75 cm).

How fast could a Luanchuanraptor move?

The accurate movement speed of this theropod dinosaur couldn't be ascertained owing to deficient research data. However, as a member of the Theropoda clade, these dinosaurs were actively mobile and swift in their movements.

How much did a Luanchuanraptor weigh?

The moderately sized dromaeosaurid had a weight of about 4.9-5.5 lb (2.2-2.5 kg). Since the species was moderate in size, it wasn't too bulky.

What were the male and female names of the species?

Since neither males nor females have sex-specific attributions, you can refer to them as male or female Luanchuanraptor.

What would you call a baby Luanchuanraptor?

Dinosaur babies are generally regarded as young or sometimes hatchlings.

What did they eat?

The Luanchuanraptor indulged in a carnivorous diet. The serrated teeth of the dinosaur prove that the species preferred feasting on meat but the information is lacking about the animals they preyed on. Most probably, these dinosaurs hunted down small mammals.

How aggressive were they?

Most theropods like the Tyrannosaurus were popularly known for their aggressive nature. It can be inferred that since L. henanensis also belongs to the Theropoda clade and exhibited carnivorous tendencies, it was violent to some degrees but the extent of its aggression cannot be clarified.

Hence, it cannot be proved whether the species was particularly aggressive while hunting down its prey or if its projected hostility towards its own clan. Moreover, it can't be mentioned if it displayed territorialism.

Did you know...

Are you aware that the fossils of the L. henanensis have been preserved and displayed in a museum in Henan Province of China? You can behold the partial skeleton at the Henan Geological Museum. Don't forget to take your kids along!

Is Luanchuanraptor theropod?

The Luanchuanraptor is considered to be the first Asian dromaeosaurid that was dug out from the depths of Qiupa Formation in Luanchuan, Henan Province. It has been further categorized under the Theropoda clade as it displayed characteristics common to the theropods.

What does Luanchuanraptor mean?

The name Luanchuanraptor is the amalgamation of 'Luanchuan' and 'raptor'. While the first word clearly refers to the Luanchuan County from where the remains were discovered, the term 'raptor' has been derived from the Latin language implying 'thief' or 'seizer'.

The generic name, therefore, translates to 'Luanchuan thief'. The specific name is a clear indication of the Henan Province in China.

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