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One of the many famous Revueltosaurus facts is they are very similar to the reptiles of today's age, although they are slightly bigger in size.
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During the late Triassic period, a bunch of dinosaurs roamed South America and northern Arizona. One dinosaur among those species is the Revueltosaurus which is a genus of suchian pseudosuchian.

These are the early dinosaur genus and there are currently three species of these Triassic dinosaurs. The original Revueltosaurus skeleton was thought to be a monospecific genus of a different dinosaur species, that is ornithischian dinosaurs. Ornithischians share a lot of similarities with this Triassic dinosaur.

These Triassic ornithischians was given their name by Adrian P Hunt in 1989. They got their generic name due to the locality where they once lived.

Studies on Revueltosaurus teeth have been phenomenal and are the reason we know so much about these giant theropods. One of the very known and famous facts about this genus is all of their specimens are collected from the same place.

Researchers such as R. Hunti studies their skull and features to a great extent. Research on dinosaur teeth of this species is one of the most exciting topics.

Their teeth have led to the revelation that they were herbivores or perhaps omnivorous.

Nonetheless, other teeth are also found in different areas such as blue hills and east-central Arizona. Although this genus species is very similar to Ornithischia, other body features such as asymmetric swelling or their mammalian cingulum are not present in this dinosaur from the late Triassic period.

When we map down their origin, the studies can go as back as far as the Late Cretaceous period. It is not wrong to say that evolution offered great favor to this dinosaur family, in terms of body structure and teeth alignment.

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Revueltosaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Revueltosaurus'?

Revueltosaurus height did not provide this dinosaur with a good advantage but their teeth were definitely a plus point. They had around 32 teeth and many of them have been discovered. It's very easy to pronounce this dinosaur, according to forest national park. An easy guide to its pronunciation is 'REVUEL-to-SAURUS'.

What type of dinosaur was a Revueltosaurus?

The Revueltosaurus is an extinct genus and they are also known as revuelto lizard. They are a genus of suchian pseudosuchian from North America years ago. Studies on the Revueltosaurus skull reveal that they are a type of theropods, although they are also very similar to other ornithischians according to Hunti.

In which geological period did the Revueltosaurus roam the earth?

Miillion years ago in the late Triassic period, the Revueltosaurus roamed the earth. The following dinosaur got its name from R Hunti in 2002, and it was known as a basal ornithischian.

This name speaks about the contributions of Adrian P Hunt on the studies of this dinosaur and honors him for his research.

The discovery of the tooth crown and various other teeth across different states of America showed that this dinosaur is not an ornithischian. Nonetheless, the late Triassic period is known to be the period when Revueltosaurus roamed the earth.

When did the Revueltosaurus become extinct?

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the planet. Their massive size, deadly claws, and teeth were the remarkable reason why they existed for so long on the planet.

Nonetheless, natural calamities are the reason why dinosaurs no longer exist and today only their remains are present. Around 66 million years ago, an asteroid collision further disturbed the earth's environment and resulted in volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and a relatively warmer temperature.

This is the reason why almost all the dinosaur genus don't exist anymore. Natural disasters are the reason why these dinosaurs from the Late Triassic are not present anymore.

Where did a Revueltosaurus live?

These ornithischians were spread over a range of areas and they mostly lived in the United States. Areas such as New Mexico, Arizona, and North Carolina along with South America and North America are known to be their habitat from the Late Carnian to Middle Norian stage or late Triassic.

Three species of this genus exists and their teeth and other skeleton remains are present in the Forest National Park.

What was a Revueltosaurus' habitat?

This dinosaur from the late Triassic period was from North America. They were like modern-day reptiles and also looked similar to them in various aspects.

Evolution is the prime reason why we can see glace and other bodily features in the reptiles of the current age such as chameleons, big lizards, or komodo dragons. A habitat with dense vegetation, near water bodies would have been the ideal habitat for these dinosaurs.

Who did a Revueltosaurus live with?

It's not known if these dinosaurs preferred living in a group or alone. Although tracing their behavior with current-day reptiles, we can say that they might have lived alone and not in groups during the late Triassic period.

Other related species such as ornithosuchus, erpetosuchus, and postosuchus also had similar behavior as that of the Revueltosaurus. Current day reptiles such as the komodo dragon and monitor lizard are the descendants of this dinosaur.

How long did a Revueltosaurus live?

The correct age or lifespan for the following species is not known. Nonetheless, it can be said that they had a lifespan of around 10-12 years, but they lived for at least 10 years.

How did they reproduce?

Reproduction in this species of dinosaurs was the same as that of the reptiles today. They reproduced by laying eggs and the newborn was born with no eyes.

It was vulnerable, meaning parental care was needed. A female produced a clutch size of four to five eggs and their parental behavior was also very similar to that of komodo dragons.

Revueltosaurus Fun Facts

What did a Revueltosaurus look like?

They had a big body and their structure was very similar to that of the komodo dragon, although the Revueltosaurus size was huge. They had almost 32 teeth and they walked on four legs.

Although they were herbivores, some features such as their teeth and nails could have been used to hunt down smaller reptiles. Their body size and weight meant they were more likely prey, than a hunter. Revueltosaurus had big large eyes, their iris was known to be black, they had a big skull and a moderate length tail.

Their underparts are known to be pale in color like most reptiles. They had hard brown to green scales all over their body.

They were very big in size but were harmless until disturbed.

How many bones did a Revueltosaurus have?

The number of bones is not known, although they had around 32 teeth. Their complete skeleton is also not recovered.

How did they communicate?

Communication among such genera of dinosaurs can be hard to figure out. Nonetheless, tactile communication played a major role in communication among this species. Tactile communication could have been done through touch such as nudging, licking, or biting, or simply bumping other members from this genus. This the same method used by modern-day lizards to communicate with one another.

How big was a Revueltosaurus?

The Revueltosaurus weight was 2 tons (1814.37 kg) and their size was 3.3 ft (1 m). They were very big in size and almost two times bigger than an average healthy alligator. While drawing its comparison with a gharial, they were almost two to three times bigger than them as well.

How fast could a Revueltosaurus move?

According to Forest National Park, we can assume that they were as fast as modern-day crocodiles.

How much did a Revueltosaurus weigh?

A Revueltosaurus weighed around 2 ton (1814.37 kg).

What were the male and female names of the species?

Both the male and female have the same name.

What would you call a baby Revueltosaurus?

We can refer to babies of dinosaurs and babies of reptiles the same way, either a hatchling or nestling.

What did they eat?

They ate plants, fruits, or seeds.

How aggressive were they?

No, they are not considered to be aggressive. It is likely that they were hunted by other dinosaurs.

Did you know...

According to studies, records of these dinosaurs are predominantly from areas such as North America and Europe. Although, their traces can be found in South America.

What does the name Revueltosaurus mean?

It means 'revuelto lizard'.

Did the Revueltosaurus have any predators?

No known predators of this dinosaur are known at the moment. Although, they were prey to large size dinosaurs.

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Second image by National Park Service

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