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The family Vulcanodontidae of the Early Jurassic primarily consists of basal sauropod dinosaurs. Tazoudasaurus existed during the Early Jurassic of Morocco. This sauropod dinosaur has distinguished features such as its teeth.

It has only one type species Tazoudasaurus naimi. The fossils of this sauropod were discovered from the High Atlas Mountain of Morocco and were described in 2004. Although this dinosaur belonged to the clade of a sauropod, its size was comparatively small to sauropods of the Late Jurassic period.

The name of the genus is based on a region of Morocco called Tazouda. And, the name of the species means 'slender' as Tazoudasaurus naimi bears a flexible neck with extended vertebrae.

Tazoudasaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Tazoudasaurus'?

Tazoudasaurus was initially described by Ronan Allain in 2004. The name given to the genus is based on one of the Morrocan regions called Tazouda and is pronounced as 'Ta-zoo-dah-sore-us'.

What type of dinosaur was a Tazoudasaurus?

Tazoudasaurus is the name of the genus of the basal sauropod dinosaur that existed during the Early Jurassic of Morocco. This is a herbivore species belonging to the Vulcanodontidae family.

In which geological period did the Tazoudasaurus roam the Earth?

Tazoudasaurus naimi as per its fossils has been inferred to have roamed the Earth during the Early Jurassic of Morocco.

When did the Tazoudasaurus become Extinct?

The exact year of the extinction of Tazoudasaurus naimi from Earth is not documented.

Where did the Tazoudasaurus live?

The fossils of this species were unearthed from the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco situated in North Africa.

What was the Tazoudasaurus's habitat?

The High Atlas region is relatively sedimentary and the fossils have been excavated from the region making it evident that the Tazoudasaurus once inhabited this sedimentary habitat.

Who did the live with Tazoudasaurus?

The social structure of the Tazoudasaurus is not explained.

How long did a Tazoudasaurus live?

The average lifespan of the Tazoudasaurus is not known.

How did they reproduce?

Tazoudasaurus laid eggs from which the offspring were born. Regardless, due to a lack of information on the mating process or behavior, the gestation period is not listed.

Tazoudasaurus Fun Facts

What did the Tazoudasaurus look like?

The features of this sauropod are more distinguished and complete than any other sauropods from the Early Jurassic period.

Tazoudasaurus is considered a basal sauropod dinosaur. Despite belonging to the sauropod clade, the size of this dinosaur is small as its approximate length is 36 ft (11 m).

Tazoudasaurus naimi is acknowledged for its primitive features such as a mandible with spatulate. This dinosaur had V-shaped marks of teeth wear which implies tooth occlusion. The neck is long and flexible but lacks true pleurocoels.

How many bones did a Tazoudasaurus have?

An incomplete adult skeleton and an incomplete juvenile skeleton were uncovered. Therefore, due to incomplete information, the total number of bones present in Tazoudasaurus is not listed.

How did they communicate?

The information about their communication skills is not listed.

How big was the Tazoudasaurus ?

Tazaoudasaurus were small sauropods and the approximate length was 36 ft (11 m).

How fast could a Tazoudasaurus move?

The speed of Tazoudasaurus is not listed.

How much did a Tazoudasaurus weigh?

The weight of the Tazaoudasaurus is not listed.

What were the male and female names of the species?

There is no data regarding the name of the male and female species.

What would you call a Tazoudasaurus baby?

Tazoudasaurus babies are hatched out of eggs and can be referred to as hatchlings.

How aggressive were they?

The temperament of the Tazoudasaurus is not documented yet.

Did You Know…

The fossils of Tazoudasaurus of the Early Jurassic period were discovered next to the fossil of Berberosaurus, which happens to be a massive theropod dinosaur.

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