31 Egg Facts Every Omelette Lover Should Know And Learn From!

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31 Egg Facts Every Omelette Lover Should Know And Learn From!

Eggs come in a variety of forms and sizes, but can you eat them all?

An omelette makes an excellent breakfast. So, how many types of eggs have you tried?

Chicken eggs are the most popular ones on the market. But some love duck eggs and others might be crazy about quail eggs. Have you ever wondered, how and when human beings discovered that they could eat eggs?

According to some historians, the habit of eating eggs is a million years old. Before civilization, humans are believed to have consumed raw eggs. Some do even now, but cooked eggs are the healthiest, safest, and of course yummiest.

Eggs are much older than chickens. The dinosaurs laid eggs. The first fish to crawl out of the sea laid eggs.

Ostriches lay eggs that weigh around 4.4 lb (2 kg). This means that one egg from an ostrich can serve around 8-10 people.

Did you know that the average American egg production was nearly 9.41 billion in the month of January 2019? This number has been increasing year on year as the consumption of eggs rises across the world. Several countries, like China, India, and Brazil, produce billions of eggs.

Cholesterol found in an egg was earlier believed to be bad for your health. But it was later found that egg does not really elevate your blood cholesterol levels like other processed food items with trans-fat do.

With zero carbs, an egg makes the perfect protein booster for anyone who is working on weight loss. Read on to find out more fun and intriguing facts about eggs!

Once you finish reading these mind-blowing facts about eggs, why not discover more about eggs: where do eggs come from and how much does an egg weigh.

Fish And Amphibian Eggs

Caviar has become a delicacy that most people enjoy. Did you know that you can also eat the eggs of some frogs?

People who have tasted it say that it tastes a lot like chicken eggs, but it is the texture that distinguishes them. Here are a few interesting facts about the nutritional value and other aspects of fish and amphibian eggs.

Fish eggs, especially those from salmon, can reduce the risk of heart disease, help people with chronic arthritis pain, and even mitigate symptoms of depression.

Fish roe, or eggs, are not eggs laid by fish but the ones that become hard and are harvested directly from the fish. Fish roe can be collected from various species of fish.

But caviar is what is harvested from sturgeon fish. Considering the exclusivity of this fish and the delicate method of extraction, caviar dishes are usually expensive. But if you are an egg lover, this would be a treat you would not regret.

When a restaurant serves exotic sushi garnished with colorful fish roe, the colored eggs are perhaps the first things that catch your eye. But most of these eggs are tan or brown. The color you see is merely food coloring added for aesthetics.

When it comes to laying eggs, fish are among those organisms that produce the largest number of eggs at one time. The common carp can lay up to 300,000 eggs at a time, and the total roe count could easily reach a billion.

Fish roe is particularly popular as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins like Vitamin D.

Dietary cholesterol levels are high in fish eggs. This is one reason why you should consume it in moderation. Frog eggs are consumed as raw eggs or cooked. If you ever visit Taiwan, remember to try the frog egg drink, available in several night markets.

Several hens prefer to have less nesting space while laying eggs. Understanding the particular requirements of hens during the nesting period will result in better quality eggs and less stress for the hens.

Colors Of Egg

The egg shell color of the common chicken could be anything from brown to white. The breed of the chicken and its age are among the factors that influence the color of the egg.

Some breeds, like the Rhode Island Reds, lay brown eggs. But chickens lay eggs of a paler shell color as they get older.

The color varies based on the age of the laying hen. Variations could be seen in the color of the eggshells as well as in the color of the yolk. When it comes to shell color, genetics has a role to play.

This does not necessarily influence the nutritional value of the egg. So, if you thought that brown eggs were going to be healthier than white eggs, think again!

The variations in the color of egg yolks depend on the color of items in the hen’s diet. Again, the color difference here does not affect the quality of protein composition or the nutritional value of the egg yolk.

Marigold petals and other special ingredients are added to commercial chicken feed these days. This results in a distinct orange yolk color. Placed in nesting boxes or fed as regular food, these petals are known to be good for the health of your backyard chickens.

Turkey eggs are different shades of white with freckles. They are known to be slightly bigger and therefore contain slightly higher portions of the same nutrients as regular eggs that chickens lay.

Cloudy egg whites do not mean that the egg is spoiled. It rather tells you about the eggs' age. Freshly picked eggs might have cloudy whites, mainly due to the carbon dioxide still present in the yolk instead of being let out through the shell.

Shell Of Egg

Each hen produces a different pigment that, in turn, influences the color of the egg shell. The color directly does not have an impact on the taste or the nutritional value of the egg. But the composition of the shell does affect whether that particular egg variety is better for your health than others.

The blue hues in the eggshell are because of an ingredient called biliverdin. Araucana, Dongxiang, and other breeds are known for their distinct, blue-green colored eggs.

In brown ones, the color is due to protoporphyrin IX. The heme in the chicken’s blood is responsible for this pigment and hence the color. This is common in breeds like Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Reds.

Free-range chickens are those raised with access to outdoor roaming spaces. The color of the shell might not be different in these cases, but the composition differs. Free-range eggs are known for their higher vitamin D content.

The strength and texture of the shells indicate various aspects of the health of the hen. Odd colors could be due to stress, but weaker shells could indicate respiratory illnesses. More food or less food does not always influence the shell’s quality, nutritional value, or taste. The composition of the diet offered to the chicken determines the actual quality.

Shape Of Egg

Most of the time, an egg would be a rough oval. This could differ slightly even in the same batch. But odd shapes are not to be completely ignored. If the shape is irregular once in a while, there is nothing wrong with the hen.

Recurring irregularities in shape could be due to genetics. But if you know that the hen does not have inherited conditions, you should monitor its health. Too much calcium or very little copper in the hen’s body could result in the wrinkly appearance of the shells.

One other egg fact to know is that the egg shell’s strength indicates the health of the chicken. Weak shells in the eggs mean that they are from hens that were possibly down with a viral infection.

When you boil eggs, the liquid inside shifts depending on the position. This determines the shape of the whites, and this has nothing to do with the freshness.

What are the most popular egg dishes in the world?

Eating raw eggs is often not recommended, mainly because it slightly increases the chances of salmonella infection. The best thing would be to choose a good egg recipe and eat your eggs well cooked. White eggs or brown eggs, here are some of the popular dishes to try from around the world:

Egg curry made in the Indian style is a treat for anyone who is looking to experiment with flavors. Italian deviled eggs, where a flavored paste of the egg yolk is stuffed, is one of the most popular dishes to try. American Eggs Benedict is one of the most delicious breakfast recipes you can try.

Japanese tamogoyaki is one of the must-try recipes for anyone who loves omelettes. The fluffy texture of this one is simply irresistible. Filipino Kwek Kwek is a street food that will make you think differently about eggs. The distinct color and the flavorful sauce add to the interesting textures of the fried egg in this dish.

Before trying these amazing egg dishes, separate your fresh eggs from the older eggs by immersing them in water. The ones that float are old. If it sinks to the bottom readily, it is a fresh egg, and you can store it for days. The ones that are almost at the surface should be consumed first.

Placing the eggs facing down in the egg cartons either at room temperature for consumption within days or in a cold section of the fridge for long-term storage would be the right way to do it.

Larger air cells indicate that it is a mature egg close to the hatching stage. This would not be the ideal option for consumption. The natural presence of small air pockets is well-known, but with normal cell activity, these increase in size and get bigger as the egg matures.

Now that you know these amazing egg facts, shop for the best eggs and eat them confidently. All it takes is to pick from reliable sources, knowing that the hens have been receiving a healthy diet throughout.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for egg facts then why not take a look at two Mammals that lay eggs or animals that hatch from eggs.

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