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Originally Published on May 10, 2022
High school facts include education statistics of the U.S. Department Of Education.

High school is perhaps the most crucial stage in one's life.

It is the time that prepares the students for their future endeavors and makes them ready to face all the challenges of their higher education. Students begin to understand the subjects that they really like and gradually start developing an interest in them, thereby planning for their future education.

High school not only provides education to the students but also transforms them in every aspect of life. It is an inclusive place, where everybody is treated with equal opportunity.

As education is not only limited to books and subject matters, a plethora of extracurricular activities are offered to the students in high schools, which are performed by them at this point.

Laboratory classes of different subjects, physical activities, group discussions, school outings, interschool competitions, and numerous projects and campaigns expose students to the outer world, which makes them dynamic and focused in their work.

In addition to the studies and activities, high school comes with a zestful environment, which buzzes with merriment and teenage tantrums. All of these lead to the complete development of the students and make them ready for their higher studies as well as the hectic corporate world.

Read on to learn more fun facts about high school!

Importance Of High School

High school is the most important phase of education which also teaches inclusivity, and all students are given equal opportunities. It is a stage of gradual transition when students leave their protected cocoons of secondary schools and slowly enter adulthood.

This adolescent stage comes with an emotional ride, wherein the teenagers struggle with both their present education and the stress of their future.

Completing a high school diploma ensures that students are career-ready and are on the right track to take up their choice of subject for graduating with a college degree. For most students, it is the high school education during which they realize their potential and their inclination towards a particular subject that they want to pursue in the future.

A high school certificate also helps the students to find a job and start earning at a very early stage. This is most important for the students who want to pursue a career in their preferred college or university, but cannot join immediately after high school due to lack of funds.

The diploma certificate of high school provides them with numerous opportunities in various business sectors where they can grow and get ample experience before they hit their college.

From the US news on education statistics, we get to know that the Graduation Effect Economic Model Of Alliance For Excellent Education has provided the data that 90% of the students' successful high school graduation rates would result in an increase of about $3.1 billion in the annual earnings of the entire country.

The US Department of Education's official website shows that bout 14,260 new job posts can be filled every year by the students graduating from high school, thereby leading to a $664 million increase in local, federal, and state tax revenueS.

A high school graduate earns about $664 million, more than half the population with no high school degree and high school dropouts.

The extensive education received by the high school students makes them less likely to engage in any kind of criminal activities or in the need of social services when compared to the high school dropouts.

With the job security and great knowledge that the high school graduates have, they enjoy a longer life expectancy with good health.

Apart from engaging themselves in the corporate world, students who complete their high school graduation also participate in elections and exercise their voting rights.

Data from the National Center For Education from the 2012 Presidential election shows that 24% of the youth who have graduated from high schools and about 37% with a degree from college cast their votes, while only 4% of the voters are those who have left their high school graduation in between.

Also, the national security of America benefits from the high school graduates, as this is the minimum criteria to serve in the military according to the National Center For Education and the U.S. Department Of Education. Therefore, the country's security also stands with the educational progress of the youth.

Most of the nation's economy stands on the skills of qualified employees, who are mostly selected just after they graduate from high school.

Benefits Of High School

The education statistics highlight the fact that high school graduation is a must in order to get employed in a good job sector. It also allows serving the nation by joining the military and other forces. Besides these, there are countless benefits of high school graduation.

The most noteworthy benefit of high school education is poverty reduction. The root of poverty is essentially a lack of knowledge, which comes from a lack of education. It is common knowledge that access to education can break the cycle of poverty and contribute to the development of a better country with a bright future ahead.

People with more education are noticed to work out and follow a healthy diet, than the non-high schoolers, who are mostly addicts or lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Better education makes us think better, with being more decisive and calculative of our moves.

Higher education diversifies our career prospects with access to a mélange of opportunities lying in front of us. One can develop an interest in a particular subject and opt for a college or university degree, or, can expose themselves to the corporate world and gain an ample amount of knowledge as well as experience.

A high school degree simply lets us pursue our passion.

Exposure to new people in high school expands the mind, which eventually results in creativity and helps us come up with new ideas. Connection is really the key.

Enduring a tough high school year and finally graduating with flying colors really gives us a sense of accomplishment, which boosts our confidence, helps us grow stronger, and makes us ready to face the outer world.

The development of the personal skill set of a student comes with the education received from high schools. So many assignments, a variety of courses, discussions, as well as numerous co-curricular activities result in the development of excellent skill sets that translate into the corporate world.

According to the National Center For Education, productivity is noticed more in high school students, because they are served with more on their plate and know the secret of time management. They are experienced in dealing with the pressure of last-minute assignment submission or getting caught after a class bunk, or a challenging viva.

All these incidents make them a pro in handling situations in life and passing smoothly through them.

High school students are seen to have better communication skills, excellent critical thinking abilities, and a greater sense of discipline. According to the US News, high school dropouts commit more than 75% of the crimes in the U.S.

Apart from the economic growth of the country as well as the benefits of early employment, there are environmental benefits as well that are associated with high school students. As climate change is a major concern these days, many educated high school students are coming up with newer ideas of benefiting the environment through small moves.

These ideas are introduced in the workspace by them and also in social media, thereby leading to the education of the public worldwide.

More education eventually benefits society. It creates a higher sense of trust and unity within the community, resulting in a better society. Through education, a sense of equality and empowerment grows. This is turn, promotes good citizenship and creates awareness about the ongoing political issues in the country.

History Of High School Education

A high school education comes with a rich history.

America was a pioneer in the education of the public with secondary education in the mid to late 19th century. Prior to this, numerous private institutes offered education to the privileged class of people.

As trade and business practices flourished, more and more people belonging to the working class were given English tutorials in order to meet the business needs.

In the year 1821, one of the very first public high schools was opened in Boston. A college preparatory curriculum was offered to boys in these academies, which were popularly called English High Schools.

An 1827 law made public schools more common in Massachusetts. These public schools were provided to students without any cost.

Till 1826, no high school offered education to girls. Only privileged boys had access to education in private high schools. In 1826, Boston first established a high school for girls, which unfortunately closed within two years due to major political issues.

Much later in 1852, girls had the opportunity to get educated in Boston Girls High and Normal School.

In the years 1861 to 1865, during the Civil War, the public high school movement gained massive momentum with the establishment of more than 6000 high schools in America annually.

In 1892, the National Education Association came up with the 'Committee Of Ten', which included ten influential educators from renowned colleges and universities, to settle a standard curriculum that should be followed in the schools.

The first admission for the diploma course in school was initiated by the University Of Michigan in 1871.

The foundation of the oldest regional accrediting agency, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges took place in the year 1885.

High school year prepares a student for future endeavors and makes them college-ready.

Examples Of Best High Schools

With an increased high school graduation rate, the number of high schools has increased over time in the U.S., thus allowing students to select from a wide array of schools. According to data received on high school graduation rates, the number of high schools is more than 24,000 in the States.

Some of the examples of the best high schools are given below.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science And Technology in Northern Virginia comes with stringent entry requirements including a high academic achievement by the students. The rich curriculum of the school emphasizes teaching STEM subjects, critical inquiry, and problem-solving.

Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston, Texas is a community-centered magnet school, which provides the curriculum of pre-AP courses, AP courses, and honors electives.

Liberal Arts and Science Academy in Austin, Texas, an advanced academic high school, provides every student collaborative signature courses along with groups research, and projects in science and humanities.

Gilbert Classical Academy provides an integrated rigorous curriculum to every student. In this school, it is compulsory for high school students to complete 80 hours of community service.

Design And Architecture Senior High School in Miami, Florida offers courses to high school students in visual communications, entertainment, fine art, and architecture.

University High School Of Tucson is a college preparatory school and has excelled in Science and Mathematics along with the option of an array of foreign languages.

Stanton College Preparatory School of Jacksonville offers every student to take up honors, IB, and AP classes.

International Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan provides a mélange of rigorous curriculum along with career-oriented learning.

One of the top-rated public schools, the Downingtown STEM Academy in Downingtown provides challenging academic work.

Staten Island Technical High School in New York received the Specialized High School status that serves the needs of the amazing students of NYC.

A classical liberal arts curriculum is provided by the Brooklyn Latin School Of New York where students get a strong hold of the STEM subjects, along with exposure to various languages and extracurricular activities in school.

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