Canadian Trivia: 174 Impossible Questions (With Answers) Only Canadians Can Answer

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The Flag of Canada in the world map

Get ready to put your knowledge to the test in this super fun and informative Canadian trivia quiz! It's perfect for a Canada Day game night with your friends and family.

From the fascinating history and culture to the iconic symbols like the national anthem and the Canadian flag, this quiz has it all. It has some interesting questions that will even stump those self-proclaimed Canadian experts!

If you're a fan of thrilling quizzes that cover various categories about Canada, then this is the ultimate quiz for you. Have a blast while learning some fascinating facts about the Great White North. Dive in and have fun!

Canadian Quiz On History

Get ready to test your knowledge of Canada's captivating past with this Canadian history quiz! Discover the fascinating facts about this vast and diverse country, explore the incredible stories of its people, the European settlers, and the pivotal role Canada played in shaping major world events.

1. Question: Who was Canada's first French-speaking prime minister?

Answer: Wilfrid Laurier.

2. Question: Which country took control over Quebec after winning the Battle of Plains?

Answer: Great Britain.

3. Questions: Who chose the name British Columbia?

Answer: Queen Victoria.

4. Question: Which was the last province to join Canada?

Answer: Newfoundland and Labrador.

5. Question: What route to Canada did people take to escape slavery in the US?

Answer: The Underground Railroad.

6. Question: When did the Great Depression take place in Canada?

Answer: 1929-1933.

7. Question: In which year did all Canadian women win the right to vote in elections?

Answer: 1922.

8. Question: Who led the rebellions in Quebec City against the colonial governments?

Answer: Louis-Joseph Papineau.

9. Question: What does Remembrance Day commemorate?

Answer: World War I ending.

10. Question: What were the early settlers of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, who spoke French, called?

Answer: Acadians.

11. Question: The Battle of Vimy Ridge, in which four divisions of the Canadian Corps fought, was part of which war?

Answer: World War I.

12. Question: Who served as the first prime minister of Canada?

Answer: Sir John Alexander Macdonald.

13. Question: When was Canada founded?

Answer: July 1, 1867.

14. Question: In which year did British Columbia join the Canadian Confederation?

Answer: 1871.

15. Question: Which ethnic group was once forced to pay a head tax to migrate to Canada?

Answer: Chinese Canadians.

16. Question: Which economic issue dominated the Canadian Federal elections in the years 1891, 1911, and 1988?

Answer: Free trade.

17. Question: Which American war helped convince the leaders of Canada and their people to unite to form a federation in the North?

Answer: The US Civil War.

18. Question: The British subjects that fled to Canada during and after the American Revolution were known as what?

Answer: United Empire Loyalists.

19. Question: The early French Traders in Canada were commonly associated with what term?

Answer: Coureurs des Bois (runner of the woods).

20. Question: Which Canadian received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957?

Answer: Lester Pearson.

21. Question: At the beginning of the '60s, what was the name of the political movement that swept all through Quebec City?

Answer: The Quiet Revolution.

22. Question: Which Canadian was the first to go into space?

Answer: Marc Garneau.

23. Question: In what year was Canada's Constitution patriated from Great Britain?

Answer: 1982.

24. Question: For their discovery of insulin, which Canadian received the Nobel Prize?

Answer: Sir Frederick Banting.

25. Question: In which year did New Brunswick become its separate colony?

Answer: 1784.

26. Question: Who designed the Canadian flag?

Answer: George Stanley.

27. Question: Who were the individuals responsible for the Canadian national anthem?

Answer: Calixa Lavallee and Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier.

28. Question: What is the per capita GDP of Canada?

Answer: Approximately $51,987.9 (as of 2021).

29. Question: How long does one need to live in Canada to become a permanent legal resident?

Answer: 1,095 days during five years.

30. Question: What was the name of the French colony in North America that later became known as Quebec?

Answer: New France.

31. Question: Where is Canada's most visited national historic site?

Answer: Fortifications of Quebec.

32. Question: What is the name of the document that outlines the rights and freedoms of Canadian citizens?

Answer: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

33. Question: What word refers to the indigenous tribe of First Nations native Canadians who lived in the boreal forests in Eastern Canada?

Answer: Woodland First Nations.

Fun Canadian trivia

Get ready to show off your Canadian expertise with this fun and challenging Canadian trivia quiz! It's time to put your knowledge of all things maple syrup and hockey to the ultimate test.

From the breathtaking landmarks that make Canada so iconic to the mouthwatering foods that'll make your taste buds dance, this section contains all you need to know to earn the title of a true Canadian expert!

34. Question: What is the popular Canadian dish consisting of macaroni and cheese called?

Answer: Kraft Dinner.

35. Question: Which iconic Canadian coffee and donut chain is known for its widespread presence across the country?

Answer: Tim Hortons.

36. Question: Which Canadian city holds the distinction of being the sunniest city in the country?

Answer: Calgary, Alberta.

37. Question: What is the name of the largest lake in Canada?

Answer: Lake Superior.

38. Question: 80% of the world's supply of what substance comes from Canada? 

Answer: Maple syrup.

39. Question: Where is the largest mall in Canada?

Answer: The West Edmonton Mall, Alberta.

40. Question: What is the name of the oldest provincial park in Ontario?

Answer: Algonquin Provincial Park.

41. Question: What is the name of the famous waterfall located on the border between Canada and the United States?

Answer: Niagara Falls.

42. Question: Which is Canada's only province with French as its official language?

Answer: Quebec.

43. Question: What is the name of the annual event in Calgary, Alberta, known for its rodeo, exhibitions, and festivities?

Answer: Calgary Stampede.

44. Question: What is the name of the mining town in south-central Quebec?

Answer: Thetford Mines.

45. Question: Who is the current Prime Minister of Canada (as of 2023)?

Answer: Justin Trudeau.

46. Question: In which Canadian province was the dish poutine invented, which features French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy?

Answer: Quebec.

47. Question: What is the name of the famous Canadian fast-food chain that is known for its signature Canadian-style French fries?

Answer: New York Fries.

48. Question: Which famous music festival takes place annually in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, celebrating Celtic culture and music?

Answer: Celtic Colours International Festival.

49. Question: What is the name of the annual fundraising event hosted by Tim Hortons that supports youth charities in Canada?

Answer: Tim Hortons Camp Day.

50. Question: Which Nova Scotia school had the nickname 'X-Men'?

Answer: St. Francis Xavier University.

51. Question: The University of Prince Edward Island is associated with which feline nickname?

Answers: Panthers.

52. Question: What command used for sled dogs comes from the French word 'Marche'?

Answers: "Mush".

53. Question: What is Canada famous for?

Answer: Maple syrup, moose, breathtaking landscapes, and extreme politeness.

54. Question: What is the name Canada thought to mean originally?

Answer: Village or settlement.

55. Question: What is the nickname of Canada?

Answer: The Great White North.

Canadian Sports Trivia

Gear up for an exciting journey through Canadian sports trivia! From the early days of lacrosse and curling to the modern era of hockey, basketball, and soccer, Canada has a rich sporting history. Get ready to show off your expertise in this epic quiz, where you'll explore iconic athletes and unforgettable sporting moments.

56. Question: Which Canadian mixed martial artist is one of the greatest fighters in MMA history?

Answer: Georges St-Pierre.

57. Question: Which city currently serves as the home to an NBA team that originated in Canada?

Answer: Memphis, home to the Memphis Grizzlies.

58. Question: Who hit a walk-off home run to hand over Blue Jays, a World Series title?

Answer: Joe Carter.

59. Question: What was the last team from Canada to bag the Stanley Cup as of the year 2020?

Answer: Montreal Canadiens.

60. Question: Which league, apart from the NHL, once selected Canadians with consecutive number-one overall draft picks?

Answer: The NBA.

61. Question: Who was the first male Black athlete from Canada to secure gold at the Winter Olympics?

Answer: Jarome Iginla.

62. Question: What is the name of the series of outdoor NHL games that are played exclusively between Canadian teams?

Answer: Heritage Classic.

63. Question: Which player is the only Canadian-born player as of 2020 to make an NBA all-star team apart from Steve Nash?

Answer: Jamaal Magloire.

64. Question: The overall international scoring records of which sport are being held by a Canadian woman?

Answer: Christine Sinclair.

65. Question: In which stroke did Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Mark Tewksbury specialize?

Answer: Backstroke.

66. Question: At which circuit in Montreal has the Canadian Prix been hosted since 1978?

Answer: The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

67. Question: In what event had the Dufour-Lapointe sisters competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics, winning a gold and silver medal each?

Answer: The Women's Moguls.

68. Question: Which athlete from Canada was the first to secure a gold medal on home turf?

Answer: Alexandre Bilodeau.

69. Question: In which Olympic games did Canada first take part?

Answer: 1900 Paris Olympics.

70. Question: One of North America's longest-lasting sports franchises, the Ottawa Rough Riders, was created in what year?

Answer: 1876.

71. Question: The athletic teams that represent the University of Ottawa are collectively known as what?

Answer: Ottawa Gee-Gees.

72. Question: Jason and the Argonauts served as the inspiration for the name of which Toronto sports team?

Answer: Toronto Argonauts.

73. Question: In 2005, what was the name of the Saskatchewan CFL team?

Answer: Saskatchewan Roughriders.

74. Question: What are the different nicknames that the University of Alberta maintains for their men's and women's teams?

Answer: Golden Bears (men), and Pandas (women).

75. Question: Which Canadian city is the birthplace of ice hockey?

Answer: Montreal.

76. Question: Saskatchewan Lily is the nickname of which Canadian female high jumper?

Answer: Ethel Catherwood.

77. Question: What is the total number of teams that are present in the NHL?

Answer: 32.

78. Question: Which Canadian city is home to the Maple Leafs, a professional ice hockey team?

Answer: Toronto.

79. Question: Who is the most decorated Canadian Olympian, having won 23 medals?

Answer: Penny Oleksiak (swimmer).

80. Question: In which year did Canada host the Winter Olympics?

Answer: 2010.

81. Question: What is the official summer sport of Canada?

Answer: Lacrosse.

82. Question: Which Canadian city is home to the Raptors, a professional basketball team?

Answer: Toronto.

83. Question: Which Canadian city is home to the CFL team called the Stampeders?

Answer: Calgary, Alberta.

84. Question: Which Canadian golfer has won multiple major championships, including the Masters' Tournament?

Answer: Mike Weir.

85. Question: Which Canadian city is home to the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Answer: Toronto, Ontario.

86. Question: In what year did the Toronto Raptors become the first Canadian team to win the NBA championship?

Answer: 2019.

87. Question: Who is the most decorated Canadian Olympian of all time, with 23 medals?

Answer: Cindy Klassen.

88. Question: Which Canadian ice hockey team has won the most Stanley Cup championships?

Answer: Montreal Canadiens (24 championships).

89. Question: What is the largest professional football league in Canada?

Answer: Canadian Football League (CFL).

90. Question: Which Canadian tennis player became the first to win a Grand Slam Singles title in 2019?

Answer: Bianca Andreescu.

91. Question: Which Canadian city hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010?

Answer: Vancouver, British Columbia.

92. Question: Which Canadian sprinter is known as the fastest man in the world, holding the world record in the 100 m dash?

Answer: Donovan Bailey.

93. Question: Which medal did Canada secure in the very first team figure skating event at the 2014 Olympics?

Answer: A silver medal.

94. Question: When did the Toronto Blue Jays win their first World Series?

Answer: 1992.

95. Question: What is the nickname that is given to the University of Toronto's athletic teams?

Answer: Toronto Varsity Blues.

96. Question: What was the first professional team with which Wayne Gretzky was associated?

Answer: Indianapolis Racers.

97. Question: When did Canada win the Olympic double gold for the first time?

Answer: 2002.

98. Question: Which athlete won the silver medal at the World Figure Skating Championships in 1988?

Answer: Elizabeth Manley.

99. Question: What is Calgary's football team known as?

Answer: Calgary Stampeders.

100. Question: Which Canadian city plays home to the Canucks?

Answer: Vancouver.

101. Question: In which sport did Erin McLeod represent Canada over 100 times?

Answer: Erin McLeod.

102. Question: With which team did Grey Cup winner Anthony Calvillo start his football career in the Football League in Canada?

Answer: Las Vegas Posse.

103. Question: Which British Columbia city played host to the 1994 Commonwealth Games?

Answer: Victoria.

104. Question: In which sport was Gaetan Boucher an Olympic gold medalist?

Answer: Long-track speed skating.

105. Question: Which SJHL hockey team won the Royal Bank Cup in 2005?

Answers: Weyburn Red Wings won in 2005.

106. Question: When was the first Canadian team in the NBA established?

Answer: 1946 (Toronto Huskies).

107. Question: What is this Canadian hockey franchise?

Answer: Toronto Maple Leafs.

Canadian Facts Quiz

Challenge yourself with Canadian facts with this captivating quiz! Get ready to uncover fascinating information about the diverse and beautiful country of Canada. From hidden gems to surprising facts, you'll be amazed and delighted. Prepare to explore breathtaking natural wonders and iconic symbols like the maple leaf.

108. Question: Which now-defunct Canadian department store had the slogan, "The lowest price is the law" at one point?

Answer: Zellers.

109. Question: Who played the role of Sara Stanley on the show 'Road To Avonlea'?

Answer: Sarah Polley.

110. Question: Canada's passenger train service is known as what?

Answer: VIA Rail.

111. Question: Which popular store in Canada stars a beaver as part of its logo?

Answer: Roots Canada.

112. Question: What do Canadians mean when they are talking about their 'Ski-Doo'?

Answer: Snowmobile.

113. Question: Which popular confectionery store is named after one of Canada's greatest war heroes?

Answer: Laura Secord.

114. Question: How many time zones exist in Canada?

Answer: Six.

115. Question: The annual ranking of Universities in Canada is put out by which magazine?

Answer: Maclean's Magazine.

116. Question: Which Canadian province does not observe Daylight Savings Time?

Answer: Saskatchewan.

117. Question: Which Canadian was involved in the co-creation of Superman?

Answer: Joseph Schuster.

118. Question: The title of the longest freshwater beach in the world can be claimed by which beach in western Canada?

Answer: Wasaga Beach.

119. Question: Which region in Canada recorded the country's lowest temperature?

Answer: Snag, Yukon.

120. Question: To which rare weather phenomenon does Canada play host?

Answer: Chinook winds.

121. Question: Who is the famous children's writer who is associated with titles such as 'The Paper Bag Princess' and 'Love You Forever'?

Answer: Robert Munsch.

122. Question: Which Canadian province was the latest addition to the Canadian Confederation?

Answer: Nunavut.

123. Question: Vancouver has been given which nickname owing to its thriving film industry?

Answer: Hollywood North.

124. Question: Which figure is the official mascot of the Quebec Winter Carnival?

Answer: Bonhomme Carnaval .

125. Question: Which country is Canada's largest trading partner?

Answer: The United States.

126. Question: In which year did Canada adopt its current flag?

Answer: 1965.

127. Question: What is the largest island in Canada?

Answer: Baffin Island.

128. Question: What is the term used to refer to the indigenous peoples of Canada?

Answer: Aboriginal.

129. Question: what does double-double in Canada mean?

Answer: It means two creams and two sugars.

130. Question: what province is the only bilingual province in Canada?

Answer: New Brunswick.

131. Question: what is Canada's national animal?

Answer: The beaver.

132. Question: what city is the only walled city in North America?

Answer: Quebec City.

133. Question: What is a Loonie?

Answer: One Canadian coin.

Canadian Geography Trivia

Get ready to test your knowledge and journey through Canada's captivating geography. Explore the diverse landscapes of Canada, from towering mountains to endless plains. Discover iconic landmarks and natural wonders that will leave you in awe. So, lace up your hiking boots, bring your sense of wonder, and uncover the beauty of Canada's geography together!

134. Question: How many provinces are in Canada?

Answer: 10.

135. Question: Which is the only territory in Canada that is governed by Inuits?

Answer: Nunavut.

136. Question: What is the name of the longest and largest river anywhere in Canada?

Answer: The Mackenzie River.

137. Question: How many oceans surround Canada?

Answer: Three.

138. Question: What is the length of the coastline of Canada, also considered to be the longest coastline in the world?

Answer: 125,567 mi (202,080 km).

139. Question: The longest covered bridge in the world is located in which region in Canada?

Answer: It is in Hartland, New Brunswick.

140. Question: Which two provinces are bordered by the popular Rocky Mountains?

Answer: The provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

141. Question: What is the name of the biggest bay in Canada?

Answer: Hudson Bay.

142. Question: In which province is the city of Flin Flon located?

Answer: Manitoba.

143. Question: Where is the Great Bear Lake located in Canada?

Answer: Northwest Territories.

144. Question: What island is located just off the coast of British Columbia?

Answer: Vancouver Island.

145. Question: What is the total number of Great Lakes in Canada?

Answer: Five.

146. Question: Which is the largest waterfall by volume in Canada?

Answer: The Niagara Falls.

147. Question: In which region is Canada's largest mall located?

Answer: Edmonton.

148. Question: Which is the longest highway in Canada?

Answer: The Trans-Canada Highway.

149. Question: What is special about Ishpatina Ridge?

Answer: It is the highest point of land in Ontario.

150. Question: Which biome does not exist within Canada?

Answer: Tropical rainforest biome.

151. Question: What is the highest mountain in Canada?

Answer: Mount Logan.

152. Question: What is the name of the group of interconnected freshwater lakes located in the northeastern part of North America?

Answer: The Great Lakes.

153. Question: What is the capital city of Canada?

Answer: Ottawa.

154. Question: What is the name of the small French archipelago located off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador?

Answer: Saint Pierre.

155. Question: Which other country shares the longest land border with Canada?

Answer: The United States.

156. Question: What is the name of the major mountain range that spans western Canada?

Answer: The Canadian Rockies.

158. Question: What is the term used to describe the imaginary line that separates the flow of water between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean in North America?

Answer: Continental Divide.

159. Question: Which province in Canada is the smallest in terms of land area?

Answer: Prince Edward Island.

160. Question: What is the name of the popular amusement park located in Toronto, Ontario?

Answer: Canada's Wonderland.

161. Question: Which inhabited Canadian island is just off of the coast of British Columbia?

Answer: Vancouver Island.

162. Question: Which major Canadian city is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario?

Answer: Toronto, Ontario.

163. Question: Which US city is located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario?

Answer: Rochester, New York.

164. Question: In which province can you find a provincial park named Blow Me Down?

Answer: The island of Newfoundland.

165. Question: Is Canada the largest country by land area in North America?

Answer: Yes.

166. Question: Which picturesque fishing village located in Nova Scotia is known for its colorful houses and vibrant waterfront?

Answer: Peggy's Cove.

167. Question: First Nations of indigenous Canadians lived in the basin of what Canadian River, which flows through the Yukon and Northwest Territories?

Answer: Mackenzie River.

168. Question: What lake can the micro-nation known as the Republic of Nirivia be found in?

Answer: Lake Superior.

169. Question: What is the longest highway in Canada?

Answer: The Trans-Canada Highway.

170. Question: What country has the third-largest proven oil reserve in the world?

Answer: Canada.

171. Question: Where is the largest wheat field in the world located?

Answer: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

172. Question: Where is the largest freshwater island in the world located?

Answer: Manitoulin Island, Canada

173. Question: Where is the largest freshwater beach in the world?

Answer: Wasaga Beach, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada.

174. Question: What is the highest waterfall in Canada?

Answer: Della Falls.

There you go! You have completed the thrilling journey through Canadian trivia that defies all expectations!

You've learned about the fascinating Canadian history, explored the captivating sports culture, and uncovered the wonders of Canadian geography. Now armed with a treasure trove of knowledge, you're equipped to impress your friends on the next trivia night or spark engaging conversations about Canada's rich heritage.

So go ahead, keep the Canadian spirit alive, and let your newfound expertise shine brightly.

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