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One World Trade Center is seen as a milestone in the ongoing battle against terrorism and a clear symbol of America's resurgence as a superpower. Here are more Freedom Tower facts.

The One World Trade Center is the rebuilding of the original Twin Towers.

Even though very different in design, the One World Trade Center does have many elements that hint toward the original world trade center. The building has both commercial and national significance.

One World Trade Center is located near the Hudson River waterfront in downtown Manhattan. It's just across West Street from several well-known buildings, including the former World Trade Center complex site.

Original Building

The world trade center and its Twin Towers were a matter of pride for the United States of America. It also became a symbol of American power. Hence it was targeted by the terrorists, leading to its ultimate destruction in the 9/11 terror attacks.

Each of the Twin Towers had 110 floors. It took 14 years to build the towers, which towers used 440924524.37 lb (200000000 kg) of steel alone.

Current Building

After the destruction of the Twin Towers, a competition was organized to finalize the building, a memorial for 9/11, and the rebuilding of the Twin Towers. The One World Center, formerly called the Freedom Tower, was the one that won the competition for the reconstruction of the world trade center.

One World Trade Center was carefully designed to pay tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks and to represent that America stands for freedom.

Speaking of Freedom Tower facts, while the 9/11 memorial symbolizes 'the void' created by the attacks, the 'Freedom Tower' tower represents 'the positive.'

Its building was done in a very sustainable manner. Even the design reflects the same, including ultra-clear glass for maximum natural light and smart interior lighting that automatically dims on sunny days. The building also utilizes wind power and steam heating.

Architecture, Design & Estimated Cost

It is designed by one of the most phenomenal architects in the world. Additionally, its cost is $3.9 billion, making it the most expensive skyscraper built in the US.

David Childs was the architect of One World Trade Center. His firm, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), was the designer of the Burj Khalifa and the Willis Tower.

The height of One World Trade Center is 1368.1 ft (417 m) is the same as the original Twin Towers. The antenna spire adds 406.9 ft (124 m), giving it a total height of 1776 ft (541.3 m). It references the year when the United States Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.

The design incorporates a 9/11 memorial consisting of two reflecting pools set within the Twin Towers' footprints and a museum commemorating the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Owners & Tenants

The tallest building, One World Trade Center, is owned by multiple firms and has several tenants.

One World Trade Center, also known as the Freedom Tower, is principally owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. 

The One World Trade Center building's first lease was a joint project between the Authority and Beijing-based Vanstone Industrial. It was officially announced on March 28, 2009. Its tenants include Condé Nast, Servcorp, Infosys Technologies, etc.

One World Trade Center was originally planned to have a two-year construction period with planned completion in 2010. However, due to numerous problems during construction that led to delays, litigation, and a general economic downturn, the building became a decade-long project and is now scheduled to open in 2014.

Other Miscellaneous Facts

The One World Trade Center is a marvelous construction with a unique design and powerful message. 

Initially, the skyscraper was named Freedom Tower, but the Port Authority decided to change the name to One World Trade Center as 'Freedom Tower' was a too emotionally charged name.

It is open to the general public. The charges for adult general admission are $32, for seniors $30, and children $26. About 8,000 people work in the building, mainly for media and tech companies.

On the 106th and final floor of One World Trade Center, World Observatory offers a 360-degree view from 1,250 ft (381 m) above New York City.

Visitors can see for 50 mi (80.4 km) in all directions and experience the world as it appears from such a height from the World Observatory.

The office space in One World Trade Center showrooms is a unique part of the history of Lower Manhattan.

The office floors in One World Trade Center have panoramic views of New York City and the Hudson River.

The Lower Manhattan skyline will soon gain a glass parapet that has been in the works for years. The parapet will be added to One World Trade Center and will protect people from falling off of the building.

1WTC mechanical floors, from the 70th to the 77th floor, have been completed and are being prepared for finishing work.

One World Trade Center is being constructed with a steel skeleton frame. Because new, stronger types of steel structure models are available, the current New York Skyline can be made more delicate and lighter than before.

OWTC is the main attraction in New York for many visitors every day, along with every construction worker sincerely working at great heights with ceiling tiles in his hands.

The prominent building of New York currently has a fence and netting right down the street to see structural changes in Vesey street.  

Fulton Street has an interesting station because it connects three different lines. And this station was built mainly to serve the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, which is currently under construction.

Apple is now selling gold-certified iPhones and iPads in the new One World Trade Center building. As defined by the National Sanitation Foundation, the gold standard for gold certification gives gold products around 98 % pure gold content.

The public lobby of OWTC will feature public seating, live trees, and free Wi-FI, thanks to AT&T. The three gold Apple devices are already on display in the Apple store located within the public lobby of 1WTC.


Q: How strong is the Freedom Tower?

A: The New York Freedom Tower contains more than 88184905 lb (40000000 kg) structural steel. Additionally, it contains 1323000 cubic ft (37463.18 cubic m) of concrete, enough to pave more than 200 mi (321.86 km) of NYC sidewalks.

It is constructed with high-strength concrete, which can withstand seven times more pressure than standard concrete. It has multiple fireproofing, and the building can easily survive any other plane crash.

Q: What is unique about the Freedom Tower?

A: The Freedom Tower is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and has an area of 40,000 sq ft (3716.12 sq m) which is nearly identical to the footprints of the original Twin Towers. Its design also, in many ways, pays tribute to the victims and survivors of the 9/11 attack.

Q: What does the Freedom Tower represent?

A: It has a planned height of 1,776 ft (541.3 m), a reminder of the American Declaration of Independence signed in 1776. It also represents America's resistance against terrorism, with a spire lit at night designed to match the Statue of Liberty's torch.

Q: Is Freedom Tower taller than Twin Towers?

A: The building by itself is 1,268 ft (386.48 m) which is the same as the original Twin Towers. However, with the spire, it rises to be the sixth-tallest building in the world.

Q: When was the Freedom Tower built?

A: The Freedom Tower construction was started on April 27, 2006, and was completed by July 2013.

Q: How many floors does the Freedom Tower have?

A: The freedom Tower has 94 functional floors.

Q: How long did it take to build the Freedom Tower?

A: The symbolic cornerstone for the construction of the building was laid on July 4, 2004, but the construction began only on April 27, 2006, and was completed by July 2013. The building was then opened in 2004.

Q: Who made the Freedom Tower?

A; David Childs was the architect of One World Trade Center. His firm, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), was the designer of the Burj Khalifa and the Willis Tower.

Q: What is the Freedom Tower elevator hack?

A: Freedom Tower has 73 total elevators, one of the highest totals of any building. Some of which can reach a top speed of 22.68 mph (36.5 kph).

An often rumored hack of the elevators is that pressing the close door button and the desired floor button will take the passengers to that floor directly, overriding all the other floors.

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